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27th > September > 2015 Archive

Dear do-gooders, you can't get rid of child labour just by banning it

Worstall @ the WeekendSuch things don't disappear simply by making them illegal

Spirit of the Ghost: Taking a Rolls-Royce Wraith around France

Vulture at the WheelThere and back again in seriously British hi-tech luxury

Will IT support please come to the ward immediately. Weeeee have a tricky problem

On-CallDoctors and nurses take the piss

Bletchley Park remembers 'forgotten genius' Gordon Welchman

Head of Hut Six 'a disastrous example to others' – GCHQ

Astroboffins snap BREATHTAKING, WISPY Veil Nebula supernova debris

VidStar was once 20 times more massive than 'Ol Sol

ICANN chair plays chicken with internet control-halt-shift

Implies org would rather stay under gov power than accept key recommendation

NOxious VW emissions scandal: Car maker warned of cheatware YEARS AGO – reports

Engineers, supplier flagged up concerns in 2011 and 2007

Zuck, Gates and Bono in ludicrous internet access for world+dog by 2020 bid

UN pledge seemingly ignores UN broadband slowdown report

German regulator sets VW deadline

Plan in place by October 7 or get the NOxious cars off the road

Has SeaMeWe-3 been cut again?

No notice, but sources say Oz 'net users will see slowdown

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