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25th > September > 2015 Archive

Smartphone passcodes protected by the Fifth Amendment – US court

Fingerprint mobe locks, however … not so much

Cookies MONSTER your security, even with encryption

HTTPS is secure, but cookies are rubbish, warns CERT

Project Zero bod says antivirus black market is growing

Also: keep an eye out for upcoming Kaspersky patches

'RipSec' goes to Hollywood: how the iCloud celeb hack happened

TV starlet offers iCloud access, photoshopped nudes, to bait voyeur hackers

Cisco tool IDs malware in the firmware

Your SYNs, forgiven

Yahoo! Gits! Web! Security! Scanner!

Want to scan a million pages? Here's how

US military personnel investigated for splashing $96,576 on strippers

Oh yeah, and there’s that $952k at casinos

XcodeGhost-infected apps open gates to malware hijacking

Easy-access private keys makes man-in-the-middle diddle.

Blighty's Bloodhound 1,000mph rocket car unveiled ahead of record attempt

Andy Green and Richard Noble using their 30 years of research for good

'eBay' of targeted attacks infiltrated by ex- Shin Bet intel men

Crims sold information on attack vectors, potential staff to blackmail.

How can we manage this internet thing? The Euro gov needs YOU

Help us make up our minds with yet another consultation

NHS Health Apps Library full of data-spaffing apps, claims studies

NHS Choices: Er, they’re all clinically safe, just not formally ‘endorsed’

Gold bugs, concrete bog roll holders and frolic-friendly furniture: What IS it with designers?

100% DesignThe weird and wonderful gather at Olympia

'Self-deleting' Mexican ATM malware let sneaky miscreants slurp cash

Software nasty can be planted, operate and wipe itself all without detection

KARMA POLICE: GCHQ spooks spied on every web user ever

Leaked docs show how out-of-control spy agency went full Stasi on innocent surfers

Glasgow fanbois keep the faith at iPhone 6S benefaction

Cheering and rigidly ordered queueing witnessed at Jesus phone eucharist

BOFH: I'm not doing this for the benefit of your health, you know

Episode 15Has no one noted how incredibly dangerous the windows are around here?

OnePlus 2: Disappointing Second Album syndrome strikes again

ReviewA little too ‘Shenzhen Generic’ for its own good

If you got Netflix for Miss Marple, you're out of luck (and a bit odd)

Breaking FadHow I started to stop streaming and love physical media again

BlackBerry emits Android mobe as biz goes down the Priv

Plus: BB10 security updates on the way

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

We had fun tittering at this week's captions, but now we're looking for a devine response

SAUCY INCEST and brutal VIOLENCE boosts UK space sector

Game of Thrones-screening 'downstream space' firm Sky posts stellar results

Bribing public officials up to $900 is OK-ish, says South Korean court

Less best Korea in half-hearted 'crackdown' to clean up nation's corruption problem

US watchdog POKES STICK at Google's Android over rival-blocking allegations

FTC meets with company officials – report

Break from the future: Hold the new stuff and fix the web first

Hiatus is not a dirty word. Crevice is a dirty word, but hiatus isn't

Buyout-happy Accenture hits $30bn in sales – as profits slide 10 per cent

US outsourcing whale posts bumper results while still digesting the minnows

Obama brain trust sidesteps mandatory hackers' backdoor idea

Accessible encryption given boot for being too hard, rather than for being morally suspect

Tits and ads: Malware-riddled banners stiff X-rated websites

Outdated IE vulnerable, apparently, I wouldn’t know, I never look at those things

What's in the water coolers at Falconstor? Now it's being paired with Kaminario's K2 box

Hello, modern-day Lazarus

We want flying space cars and robo-butlers, and Pure Storage wants $450m in IPO cash

What's more likely to happen?

Did you bet the farm on Amazon's cloud? Time to wean yourself off

CommentDual-provider strategies are the future

Look out, Silicon Valley – Don Basile is back to kick ass and chew gum

And he's all out of gum

Blighty's GCHQ stashes away 50+ billion records a day on people. Just let that sink in

SIGINT and DIGINT revealed

US, China manage to keep a straight face while promising to not hack each other's corps

Me? Breaking into businesses and stealing trade secrets? No!

US eco watchdog's shock warning: Fresh engine pollution cheatware tests coming

EPA finally lurches into action as VW sez soz – again

Here, near the shore of Santa Monica, we see ICANN in its natural habitat – doing nothing

Bods agreeing on little at crucial meeting

iPhone 6S, 6S Plus: Apple SHAFTS eager fans with STRAPPING VIBRATOR

TeardownNew mobe is heavier with smaller battery

Hilton hotels in credit-card-stealing malware infection scare

Run for the tills!

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