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24th > September > 2015 Archive

Oz telco security laws might miss 2015 deadline

Musical chairs in Canberra stalls legislative agenda

Labor floats 'startup loans' for youngsters

What could possibly go wrong?

$100 million Inspur-ation for Cisco's China strategy

Joint venture to help lift Borg out of doldrums

Grounded: Can big data do for agri-business what it's not doing for retail?

Agriculture proving fertile ground for analytical startups

ONOS moves out of lab with Drake release

More security, more SDN

Sysadmins, here's your weekly Cisco bug-splat

IOS DoS and authentication bypass vulns patched

Xiaomi plans 'mini-mi' mobile network

Chinese mobe vendor to Cupertino: 'You snooze, you lose'

Brit infosec bod finds Kaseya 'master admin' remote code exec holes

Trio of trouble sent to the Zero Day Initiative.

Boffins show off brain-link's light bulb moment

I can SEE what you're thinking … well, not quite

Mysterious cosmic dustball fires up Milky Way's black hole

Supermassive Sagittarius is firing off X-rays

FOUR STUNNING NEW FEATURES Cook should put in the iPHONE 7

Also: Grauniad selected to join El Reg in elite group of news organisations

Google makes admen pay for fake YouTube views, claims research

But ad-flinger has spent more than most to stop such clicks

Holy litigation, Batman! Custom Batmobile cars nixed by copyright

Nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nana – LAWSUIT!

PETA monkey selfie lawsuit threatens wildlife photography, warns snapper at heart of row

'We've humiliated the bloke – now let's grab his money'

The BBC's Space: A short history of 21st Century indoor relief

Special ReportDigital: the magic middle-class makework word

Bloodthirsty data parasites hungrily eye up healthcare sector

Ne'er-do-wells seek to amputate data stores and feast on the rich pickings within

Facebook's security now sexier, with killer curves

Big tech love of open crypto standards could be 'unstoppable', CERN man says

Will the Iris (Hatzenbichler-Durchschlag) flower at FalconStor?

New marketing director bringing some DataCore expertise

Sino the times, as Microsoft makes Baidu default search engine in China

Yusuf Mehdi: We’re still ‘deeply committed’ to Bing. Mmmmm

IBM: Hey, puny humans. Come stick your digits in Watson's AI brain

Big Blue spaffs out a load of APIs and dev tools

Ofcom triples licence fees for mobile operators to £200m

Move reflect importance of this ‘finite resource’, says regulator

Reg readers: We want to integrate you into our Continuous Lifecycle

Reg EventsLet us turn your automation or containerization into an agile devops show

Hey Scandos, missed that parcel? Here’s some ransomware instead

Variant of CryptoLocker makes an unwelcome appearance

Radian inflicts shingles on poor, unsuspecting Flash drives

Realises rewriting blocks of data on disk and flash is (basically) the same

Boffins make brain-to-brain direct communication breakthrough

So long as you just want to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’, it's fine

We saw the future: Apart from the bath apps it looks like the past

100% Design ElectricalsIn the future, no-one can tell you how much things cost

Anthropology boffins solve 9,000-year-old headless body cold case

Oldest instance of human decapitation found – but a bit late to catch the killers

Let’s hear it for data scientists! Making our lives more and more frictionless

And helping online floggers shift tat. If you want the rainbow …

Asia-focussed Chinese PLA hacking crew surfaces

Named individual implicated in coordinating neighbourhood spying

UK in Frenchy cyber love-in to ward off 'information bomb'

Qu'est-ce que la bombe informatique?

MemSQL makes it easier to hook up to Apache Spark

Spark Streamliner coming at you via GitHub

Official: North America COMPLETELY OUT of new IPv4 addresses

Now's the time to move to over to IPv6, ARIN boss tells El Reg

Penny wise and pound foolish: Server hoarders are energy wasters

Sysadmin blogHow long has this been going on?

Global productivity explodes as Facebook's service takes a dive

Graph API fingered for outage

Apple slings bug-fixed iOS 9.0.1 at fanbois, PIN bypass hole still open

Slide to update … for real this time

NASA rover coders at Intel's Wind River biz axed – sources

ExclusiveSenior VxWorks engineers laid off this week, we're told

Sprint fined $1.2m for bungling 911 calls

Watchdog puts US telco on the expensive naughty step

Microsoft puts a bullet in blundering D-Link's leaked key that made malware VIPs on PCs

Private code-signing cert revoked at last

Is domain overlord ICANN the FIFA of the internet? We'll know this weekend

Special reportFuture master-of-the-web heading down dangerous path

Controversial: The future is data integrity, not confidentiality

President of Estonia makes interesting point at IT powwow

Oz propaganda lists 'alternative music, environmentalism' as TERROR THREATS

It's as if the black-hat hackageddon doesn't worry ANYONE

So how do Google's super-smart security folk protect their data?

You'll be surprised

PEAK FONDLESLAB: Fewer people will use tablets next year – claim

Analysts predict install base to drop for first time ever

Data retention: Still a shambles ahead of October rollout

Funding a mystery, discussion falls under ban-hammer

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