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23rd > September > 2015 Archive

Oz Bitcoin traders cry 'conspiracy' over bank bans

Senator backs crypto-currency fans' calls for inquiry

POLAR DINOSAURS prowled ARCTIC NIGHT, cast doubt on COLD BLOOD theory

Vegetarian lizard waded through snow

Hackers upload bot code to Imgur in 8Chan attack

Image board slings fix at JavaScript hole.

SolidFire not a shiny object chaser

Flash array company is far from flashy; solid even

South Australia gears-up for driverless cars

High hopes for rust-belt revival

OOPS: Red-faced IDC reissues backup market data

EMC shrunk rather than collapsed

Roll-your-own public safety broadband network too pricey for Australia

Productivity Commission angers emergency services: 'Just get a Telstra plan'

Google's new squeeze: Brotli compression open-sourced

Chocolate Factory turns Pied Piper to Deflate expectations

Malvertisers slam Forbes, Realtor with world's worst exploit kits

Attackers back after month-long major web conquest

Robber loses heist case after 'evil twin' defence, gets 60 years

He, or possibly his diabolical sibling, acted as his own attorney. Or did he?

Nintendo joins Khronos vid API standards body

Pledges allegiance to the Vulkan

Morgan Stanley staffer cops guilty plea over data breach

Data leaked because Marsh was hacked, says lawyer

XCodeGhost iOS infection toll rises from 39 to a WHOPPING 4,000 apps

Initial analysis way off, researchers find

Chinese ad firm pwns Android users, creates hijackable global botnet

Horrid marketing outfit roots user phones, exposes devices to malware hell creates £500K fund to help universities teach cyber skills

Switch off Countdown and protect yourselves, and us

Baidu, Google, Microsoft and Qualcomm join to invest in CloudFlare

Happy to take the money, but what's in it for the Big Boys?

Policing the data hinterlands beyond the corporate firewall

CommentData loss prevention doesn't work – you need data transfer visibility

Speaking in Tech: Where would you hide an SEC probe?

PodcastAt least Volkswagen isn't trying to hide their DoJ grilling

Mobile phones are the greatest poverty-reducing tech EVER

Worstall on WednesdayAnd possibly Africa's only real source of economic growth

SimpliVity saddles up the lawyers, sues rival Springpath

Tomorrow we ride for hyper-converged patent infringement justice

More BlackBerry layoffs: 200 Venice devs binned amid Android shift

Into the deep freeze you go, BB10

If you absolutely must do a ‘private cloud’ thing, here's how

Mythical (yet important) conversations with The Finance Guy

Ofcom approves Qualcomm’s spectrum sale to Vodafone, Three

Flogging L-band to someone who might use it is A Good Thing

Homeland Security in CYBER POPE 'net chatter-check bulk up

Fanbois fit for FBI fixation if they fail to forgive as Feds find who's fingering Francis

You call THAT safe? Top EU legal bod says data sent to US is anything but

ECJ could upset the whole dang apple cart

NIST's quantum boffins have TELEPORTED stuff over a HUNDRED KILOMETRES

No news on people beaming around via excitable Scots

Strong dollar blamed for expected tech spend fall across all verticals

Major industries expected to splash $2.69trn in 2015, down 3.5% wants a cloud wizard at £1,000 a DAY. That's more than the prime minister's salary

You shall not pass … on this opportunity, surely

Ex-BT boffin Cochrane blasts telco's 'wholly inadequate' broadband vision

C'mon folks. Look to Asia's tigers, not Euro 'lame ducks'

Thanks for the memory: XPoint put under the analyst microscope

80-page report gets under the skin of memristor-slaying 3D XPoint tech

XcodeGhost attack tapped into dev distaste for Apple's Gatekeeper

Slow, unwieldy downloads, $99 dev ID fee also contribute to App Store appocalypse

IT security spending to hit $75.4bn in 2015 despite currency issues, says Gartner

Testing, IAM and sandboxing hot … endpoint protection ain't

Nope, there's no money in on-prem software licensing...

Except, THERE IS. Look no further than the latest numbers from Bytes Group

Gartner backpedals on device market growth prediction

Pass the blankets, baby: It's cold outside

NOxious Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal: Chief falls on sword

German motor giant was (not) taking the piss

It's MY ball! Stone Computers' pre-pack sale placed on ice

ExclusiveVoting rights fight stalls deal, spat breaks out with loan note creditors

Crayon slurps US-based SAM minnow Anglepoint

Fly my pretties, now cross sell, cross sell, cross sell

Nine of the world’s fastest GPU supercomputers

Big and beefy heterogeneous HPC systems

More email misery and pillory for Hillary as FBI starts quizzery

You can flush the messages, but you need to wipe too

ESET slurps up UK-based crypto firm DESlock+

Somerset heritage means combined firm will come down hard on data scrumping

iOS 9 security blooper lets you BYPASS PINs, eye up photos, contacts

VidSimple sequence opens up iPhones, iPads even if they have a passcode set

Would you trust Intel, Vodafone, Siemens et al with Internet of Things security? You'll have to

Gang set up foundation to blame when IoT goes titsup

SIX MILLION fingerprints of US govt workers nicked in cyber-heist

Did we say 1.1 million? It's more than that, says OPM

Revealed: Why Amazon, Netflix, Tinder, Airbnb and co plunged offline

And the dodgy database at the heart of the crash is suffering again right now

Privacy, net neutrality, security, encryption ... Europe tells Obama, US Congress to back off

Letter from 50 MEPs stresses EU will decide own laws, thanks

Happy birthday to you, the ruling was true, no charge for this headline, 'coz the copyright's screwed

Warner – boo hoo

Cyber peace deal still possible despite China's US cyber-spying denials

Cyber Xi Jinping cyber claims he's cyber ready to cyber play cyber ball

Russian Tor network-wrecking effort takes bizarre turn

Chosen contractor backs out – and it's clearly not about the money

Aussie spy agency gets first bug bounty credit

Remote code exec reported in HP Autonomy.

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