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21st > September > 2015 Archive

Oz court slaps down Dept of Immigration over 2014 data bungle

Cover-ups, unfair processes, just another day in the bureaucracy

Techie finds 1.5 million US medical records exposed on Amazon's AWS

Systema Software investigates what went wrong

Undergrad cluster wrangling warriors: Vid chats with the teams

HPC BlogSmooth sailing and near READ ME disaster averted

Astro-boffins plan 3D plot of the universe

Spooky signals called Fast Radio Bursts could tell us where the stuff is

Pentagon on manual mission to build nation-wide security database

Scorecard to list hackable ICBMs, office fridges

Microsoft Edges bets on browser-only Skype

Plug-ins checking out for chatty types

China launches 'pollution-free' rocket

I'll green you on the dark side of the Moon

New Tizen version drops, World+Dog yawns

TVs and mobes can do without Android (but won't)

iCloud phishing attack hooks 39 iOS apps and WeChat

Repacked malicious Xcode framework flogged on Chinese watering hole dev sites

FireEye: The face of hacking is changing – and it's getting uglier

Sabre-rattling is moving on from the traditional miscreants, say infosec bods

MoJ admits to splashing out on 2.3 MILLION Oracle licences

That's at least 33 licences for every civil servant

LTO-7 has it taped, but when will 'bigger/faster' thinking hit the buffers?

The problem – we don’t just use them for back-up

HP’s controversial sales scheme isn't dead, it's just resting. There – it moved!

Come on, Meg, sing 'we love the channel' again

Hello? HELLO? Major Skype outage hits folk WORLDWIDE

Vid chat service KOd, hapless Brits bear brunt of borkage

Elephant-sized Infinidat array gets calf that starts small, grows BIG

F2000 is the up-to 330TB, seven-nines, baby 18U array that never forgets

Hutchison will float O2 … as soon as the Three merger is done

Brands to stay as they are! Yeah, that's what they all say

Microsoft starts to fix Start Menu in new Windows 10 preview

Yippee, now you can have 2,048 entries – but why is there a limit?

My parents don't know I'm in SEO. They think I play piano in a brothel

CommentGoogle manipulation dreams of being as respectable as ads

CHEAT! Volkswagen chief 'deeply sorry' over diesel emission test dodge

Car maker's stock price plummets after confession

Apple cleans up iOS App Store after first big malware attack

XcodeGhost dispels comforting notion that iOS is safe from malware

Police Scotland fingered for breaching RIPA code 'multiple' times

IOCCO: ‘Inappropriate for us to name the two police forces’ now

Get that OFF dot-com, hysterical France screeches at Google

Chocolate Factory's appeal rejected as 'right to be forgotten' battle escalates

Alibaba experiences ‘I love China’ company rep breakdown … 22 times

With slow quarterly revenue growth, take any support you can get

Are Seagate and NetApp in denial or in de hot seat?

CommentStifel reckons the naysayers haven't got a clue what they're talking about

Ouch! Microsoft sues recycling firm over 70K stolen Office licenses

Should have been pulped. Weren’t

DRIVERLESS cars: Apple ups the ante with meeting in California

Crash of the Titans unlikely – there's actually a DRIVER in there

Story to write next chapter for Civica Group

Get off your horse and outsource those services, says new deputy CEO Wayne

Eight things people forget when buying infrastructure

Dialog Semiconductor gobbles Atmel for $4.6bn, with 'synergies' on the way

Presence in mobile phone and IoT markets boosted

NetApp gets a new CTO – after saying it wouldn't get a new CTO

George Kurian stepping upstairs means bye-bye Jay Kidd, hello Mark Bregman


Holy Zuck: ITU says interwebulator usage 'slowed sharply'

Qualcomm’s first charger with Quick Charge 3.0 breaks cover

Problem of multiple incompatible chargers to be solved with... another charger

Parrish has vanished: NetApp chief marketeer leaves the parish

Effective immediately

Wanted alive: $1m for an iOS 9 bug to hijack, er, jailbreak iThings

Exploit-broker sets bounty for iPhone, iPad OS zero-day

Cesspool 4chan sold … to former owner of Japanese cesspool 2ch

Hurray for hate free speech

Symantec fires staff caught up in rogue Google SSL cert snafu

When your business is built on making secret numbers, don't make it look too easy

India to cripple its tech sector with proposed encryption crackdown

Companies must hand over crypto systems for scrutiny

Oh, IT'S ON. IT. IS. ON: Google, Netflix et al square up to telcos in net neutrality showdown

Internet Association joins bloated FCC legal battle

It's 2015 and a text file can hack your Apple Watch. IS THIS THE FUTURE YOU WANTED?

It's not the future we wanted

Megaupload extradition: Rotund web baron Kim Dotcom appears in court

At last – and he's got a special ergonomic chair!

AVG to flog your web browsing, search history from mid-October

Your secrets sold to advertisers

VMware SMASH! Bad ESXi 6.0 bork-bug getting 'aggressive' fix

Problem causing random loss of connectivity, crashes

Shock: Smartphone app to protect kids online does quite the opposite

What's Korean for 'Won't someone think of the children?'

NBN fibre-to-the-node launched: Now the long sprint begins

60,000 homes per month by January 2016, company says

Our cookies save you from TERRORISTS, Facebook thunders to Belgian judge

Facebook's just like the NSA, regulator says

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