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17th > September > 2015 Archive

AT&T grabs dictionary, turns to 'unlimited', scribbles it out, writes: '22GB a month'

You chuckle, but wait until you see what Comcast is doing

Banks team to paint shared target on Target

Class action lawsuit coming retailer's way as breach bill soars past US$200 million

Google ponders purified Pakistani YouTube

Blasphemy ban looks to be on the way out

Schneider patches yet ANOTHER dumb vuln

Smart buildings, dumb vulns, does it ever change?

Lessig to NZ court: Dotcom charges would fail in the US

Presidential hopeful weighs into extradition case

Synology systematically soups up filer software

NAS box software gets general boost – including Apple Watch support

Bible apps are EVIL says John McAfee as he phishes legal sysadmins in real time

BYOD? Nothing but spyware, says presidential hopeful

AWS cuts cloud storage price to UNDER a cent per gig a month

Glacier now charging just $0.007 for frozen storage

Obama's IT reforms saved about one per cent of spending

Report finds small, squandered, savings from cloud moves and bit barn consolidation

Avere's SwiftStack S3 hack tack

Just another slow backend booster

Germany loosens liability laws to promote WiFi hotspots

Cafes and beer halls won't be liable for their users' actions any more

Email reply-all cat-nado drenches Cisco inboxes with pics, memes

Sysadmins black hole staff mailing list after yet another message deluge

SAP CEO McDermott loses AN EYE, almost his life in horror plunge

'I’m still alive, and that’s not a given after such a bad accident'

SOHO solar scope spies 3000th 'sungrazer' comet

Actually, Thai spotter extraordinaire Worachate Boonplod takes the honour

Windows RT gets new Start menu – but no Cortana or Win 10 apps

And, erm, the update is actually worse than the old one

All in all, it's just another hit in the stalls: Roger Waters The Wall

PreviewComfortably numb in the cinema

Malware links Russians to 7-year global cyberspy campaign

These Dukes of Hazzard don’t drive a 1969 Dodge Charger. As far as we know

German data retention law prompts Euro Commission backlash

But not for the reason you think: 'We won't sue Merkel & Co, honest' says Commish

Microsoft puts arm round Salesforce, pair skip gaily into the cloud

Lightening CRM comes to Skype, OneNote, Office Graph and Delve

Four CEOs in four years at Intrinsic Tech. How's that working out?

Well? OK? Not very well? You be the judge

Why the 'Dancing Baby' copyright case is just hi-tech victim shaming

AnalysisWant to be a Silicon Valley serf? Keep handing over those rights, rubes

Infosec lady flings sueball at Microsoft over 'gender discrimination'

Female techies receive less pay and fewer promotions, says class action claim

UK terror law probe stresses 'safeguards' amid MI5 plot claims

Chief spy: Tech firms have ‘responsibility’ to share info

Sharp's new TV has over 7,000 lines of pixels – but there's NOTHING TO WATCH

8K vids years away as £85,000 telly goes on sale

Invicta IT to vendors: 'Put us in the bucket... of ones to watch'

Firm grabs Insight senior account heads, eyes up sales glory

SPACED OUT: NASA's manned Orion podule pushed back to 2023

Red planet? Don't hold your breath, people

Architect of UK’s hated scheme quits NHS, flees from Britain

Tim Kelsey grabs the reins at Oz's Telstra Health next July

Activist investor Elliott twists Citrix's arm until it hires new channel veep

Cough, yell ball-gripping bods at investment biz

EMC releases yet ANOTHER rack-scale server SAN

Biz claims no overlap at all with its bazillions of similar boxen

Long-memoried boffins re-invent 1950s ferroelectric tech

New technique removes need to rewrite after every read

Uber rivals Lyft and Didi adopt 'enemy's enemy is my friend' policy

China and US at forefront of taxi war

Tremble, Vodafone! The UN ain't happy about your phone-hacking

You’ve ‘no respect’, says powerless, unknown official

Mangstor gets a nice chunk of go-to-market B-round money

$10m to spread NVMe fabric array story far and wide

Storage silo unification from file sharer ownCloud

InterviewLife is full of companies that do (too) many things in a shoddy way

American Airlines: TITSUP computers ground US flights

Total Inability To Shift Upset Passengers

Amazon reveals $50 Android-ish Fire tablet it will axe in two years

If at first you don't succeed, why worry? You've got billions of dollars to blow

Google accuses SEO biz Local Lighthouse of false claims, robo-calls

No one can guarantee a spot on the first page of results, says ad goliath

UK lords aim probe into Silicon Valley oligarchs

Are you getting a locked-in feeling?

SCREW YOU, FEDS! Dozen or more US libraries line up to run Tor exit nodes

Publicity over relay takedown drives demand

Patch Bugzilla! Anyone can access your private bugs – including your security vulns

Buggy bug bag bug will spill software secrets

Smartmobe app claimed it will improve your eyesight. Now its maker is coughing up $150k

Watchdog fines biz after ridiculous claims

Britain's FBI wants 'Five Eyes' cosy hookups with infosec outfits

CloudsecEl Reg blows lid on NCA's 'colocation' dream with IT security bods

Hey you! Better 'fess up to submarine cable cockups, FCC demands

Regulator puts out new rules to bring internet in line with telephone world

Bitcoin is an official commodity, says US gummint

Rogue traders told to do their paperwork if they want to sell BTC options

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