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FBI dumps on IoT security

PSA: Get Internet of Things things away from the Internet or bad things will happen

How green is your ROCKET FUEL?

NASA proclaims eco-friendly Hydrazine replacements ready for orbital duties

Deluded Aussie geeks hail Turnbull's elevation to prime minister

You still won't get a fibre-to-the-premises NBN back, but startup-land can smile

Don't bother buying computers for schools, says OECD report

More access to technology has ZERO impact on 15 year-olds' maths, science scores

Intel, Nokia, Ericsson square off against Chinese IoT threat

Proposed NB-LTE narrowband comms standard leaves Huawei on the outer

Microsoft throws crypto foes an untouchable elliptic curveball

Redmond's new, free, crypto library dubbed FourQ leaves P-256 swinging and missing

It's not broadband if it's not 10 Mbps, says Ovum

Prognosticator probes punters, slags slow services

ESA tries UPLOADING PATCH to Philae lander to fix radios

You no longer have the right to complain about your WSUS server on Patch Tuesday

Sony sends muso stratowards on vintage TV set

Kelvin Jones croons from the upper atmosphere in a retro stylee

IPv6 is great, says Facebook. For us. And for you a bit, too

Zuck squad discovers what the rest of the world is already ignoring

Vodafone turns self in to cops over journo phone records hack

Oz regulators and authorities promise complete co-operation in privacy probe

Murder suspect alert? Nah: Scammers fling cop-style malware

Boys in Blue? More like the Lads from Lagos

Hey, Oracle, what's in that VirtualBox security update? *crickets*

Debian team bit miffed about secretive vuln fixes in hypervisor software

CODING PEEP SHOW offers chance to hire devs as they program

Watch live vids of developers going at it and pay up for exclusive private sessions

This new new chip will self-destruct in less than 10 seconds

DARPA-funded Gorilla Glass thingy will go pop rather than answer unwanted questions

Journos to be spared replacement by robots, BBC claims

Telephone salespeople certainly ready for their berths on the 'B' Ark, though

VMware VSAN … and the great missed opportunity

CommentCloud firm part of storage landscape, but where’s the money?

Hey, glassholes: Google patents movement-sensing, shape-shifting specs

You’ll still need a separate device to sense movement

EE: Yes, our broadband service is a total clusterf**k – but we promise to improve

Customers deserve better, telco admits

EU’s privacy high priest: Plans big on hyperbole, less clear on specifics

European data protection watchdog wants new ethics board

Jeremy Corbyn: My part in his glorious socialist triumph

¡Bong!The anti-austerity rebel with Juche dripping from his beard

Unique astronaut job perk: Create a SHOOTING STAR by having a dump

NASA celebrates halfway milestone on longhaul space-life study

Hazelcast and C24 waste no time, emit Hypercast after conjoining

Market listens for the tell-tale pitter-patter of tiny little PREON files

Three VoLTEs to victory as it jumps into UK 4G voice offering

Who’s laughing now, Vodafone? That 800MHz spectrum was worth it

Brocade's renamed Vyatta: Return of the SDN Controller

Firm hopes to wrap enterprise in the OpenDaylight embrace

Who wants a European Broadband Award? Anyone? *tumbleweed*

If 2020 Digital Agenda targets are being met, then the operators are extremely modest

BAN the ROBOT WHORES, says robot whore expert: 'These AREN'T BARBIES'

Campaign against the latest mythical robotic menace

HP going public on more job cuts, say expectant analysts

Enterprise Services in firing line? Execs to detail biz financials post split

Workforce DECIMATION: QLogic fires up its pink slip printer

Slightly more than one in ten bods could be for the chop in upcoming layoffs

Human Rights Watch demands to know who's been snooping on it

Handy guide to complaining about illegal surveillance launched

AMD appoints Belenkiy as new EMEA channel boss

Faulkner steps down to care for sick husband

Mining for insight in the economy of things? Check your toolkit

Cars, conference rooms and tractors would like to play too, please

Cloudian's Samurai S3-clad object storage warriors

Marching to commoditised scale-up/scale-out object storage glory

Infosec bods Flexera snap up Secunia's cybersecurity knowhow

IT teams able to deploy patches without damaging underlying systems, apparently

SAP pitches Cloud Foundry real-time customer service

It's a lot of Hybris and open-source PaaS middleware for HANA fans

Qualcomm goes freestyle: Snapdragon 820 will support unlicensed spectrum

Plus it'll also do LTE support for 4x4 MIMO

Compromised Cisco routers spotted bimbling about in the wild

Diseased boxen lassoed in four countries as malicious actors find their way into systems

Fed-up sysadmins beg Microsoft to improve pisspoor Windows 10 update notes

What the hell do you want us to install now?

Angry devs hit out at JetBrains over shift to subscription pricing

Signs of flexibility as company says changes are 'not final'

'To read this page, please turn off your ad blocker...'

Google and the Washington Post lead the charge against the ad blocker blitz

Accenture barges way into cloud market, buys Cloud Sherpas

It's a game changer, a paradigm shift, we've reached 'tipping point,' says chief BS officer

PRIME SPACE: Bezos in Cape Canaveral SPACE PODULE debut

No he's not just pleased to see you, that IS a rocket in his pocket

Thought Heartbleed was dead? Nope – hundreds of thousands of things still vulnerable to attack

IoT crawler reveals map of at-risk devices and computers

Masses of Brit IT bods embroiled in leak riddle

Many partially doxed but who’s been pwned? Not us, says Kaspersky Lab

Apple working on 3D mapping at secret Swedish hideaway

"Advanced mapping technology." So not Apple Maps then?

Twitter sued for 'reading' private direct messages

Link redirects are equivalent to eavesdropping, says lawsuit

HP Enterprise will axe 25,000 to 30,000 staff

On top of 55,000 or so people already thrown out the door from troubled IT goliath

Tech turned on its head: 'Dislike' button in Facebook, pay Snapchat $1 to defuse self-destructing sexy selfies

Will wonders never cease in Silicon Valley?

How a massive campaign of booby-trapped web ads went undetected for too long

Malwarebytes illuminates Angler Exploit Kit strikes

Let's Encrypt certificate authority signs first cert

Campaign to encrypt all the web chalks up another success

US court kills FBI gag order slapped on ISP... 11 years later

Bloke still can't tell you what it was the Feds wanted. So we will

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