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13th > September > 2015 Archive

As we all know, snark always comes before a fall. Mea culpa

Worstall @ the WeekendOne snarked and, inevitably, fell

Pro tip: Servers belong in dry server rooms, not wet cloakrooms

On-CallAnd what are those unused back-up tapes doing under that three-legged table?

'I promise you I will win', says completely sane presidential candidate John McAfee

QuoTWPlus: Amazon burns through Fire stock. Forevs

How did jihadists hack into top UK ministerial emails if no security breach took place?

Answers on a postcard from Syria, please

PRIMITIVE TOOLS found near MICROSOFT headquarters

Urggh-urrgh, it difficult achieve result of any subtlety with um Vbasic

Vodafone 'fesses up to hack of journalist's phone, denies 'improper behaviour'

Oz wing of mobe operator blames rogue employee

NEW BAN sees Australia HIDE value of networking kit imports

Who requested this? And why? Vulture South has some informed theories

OpenWrt gets update in face of FCC's anti-flashing push

Wi-Fi flashware tips a glass to calm the chaos

Australian opposition wants laws to protect private smut

Revenge pr0n should be criminalised, say ALP MPs

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