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8th > September > 2015 Archive

Ashley Madison made dumb security mistakes, researcher says

Life is short. Have an affair. Write insecure software

Broadband powered by home gateways? Whose bright idea was THIS?

Broadband Forum eating the fruit of the idiot tree

Hacker drops zero-day, opens FireEye fire sale

Claims bugs fell on deaf ears

NASA wants to send HEDGEHOGS to Mars

Video'Test pilot' survives vomit comet

Lawrence Lessig's White House tilt hits crowdfunding goal

One meeellion bucks pledged for doomed presidential campaign to end all campaigns

Gloves on as Googler deposits foul zero-day on Kaspersky lawn

Global patch makes for laborious long weekend

Boffins feud over Indian PM's Silicon Valley visit

Privacy questions see middle digit raised ahead of Narendra Modi's 'Digital India' push

TCP is a wire-centric protocol being forced to cut the cord, painfully

Interview: Juho Snellman of telco software shop Teclo talks TCP optimisation

URRGH! Evil app WATCHES YOU WATCHING PORN, snaps your grimace

Stick-up gurn pic snap stickup app flap

US gov to Apple: COUGH UP iMessages or FEEL our FEDERAL FROWN

Could 'cuffs on Cupertino crash your crypto keys?

3l33t haxxors don't need no botnet, they just pinch passwords

Crooks can thrive by 'living off the land' rather than forging elaborate schemes

Breaking up EMC is a dumb idea, says VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger

InterviewOne for all and all for one (in all sorts of ways) is Virtzilla's cunning plan

Oracle and low prices? You read it right – and it's rust-free flash, too

All-flash FS1 hits a new low. On price, that is

Laminate this: Inside Argos' ongoing online (r)evolution

APIs not EAI maketh a business digital

Supermicro's super Nexenta HGST superduper AFA

NexentaStor flies with flash wings from HGST and fuselage from Supermicro

Fujitsu sidesteps data scientists with a move toward tuned machine learning

Comment'Why Cheesoid exist?'

Max Schrem's Facebook safe harbour case to be seen by Bot

EU-US data agreement also incoming – EU citizens to get right to sue their hearts out

Drunk Japanese warrior cuffed after NINJA STRIKE on shop robot

Machine uprising postponed following FLAWLESS VICTORY for mankind

Et voilà: Violated Versailles vagina might stay violated

Anti-Semitic graffiti could remain as part of the work – take that vandals!

Right, opt out everybody! Hated paused again

Is it time to put down this terminally ill scheme?

Big Data investment? Tick, says MXC Capital

Channel merchant banker find £4.8m for Sagacity... no, it's not a town for old folk

Interoute slips ring on cloudy hosting rival Easynet

Server space seller snaffles MSP to boost fighting weight ahead of possible float

Wileyfox Swift: Brit startup budget 'droid is the mutt's nuts

ReviewBlows Sony and Motorola out of water

Just WHO is hiring a 'Cloud Transformation Director' for £162,000? Actually YOU are

Hey taxpayers - you want a transformed cloud, right?

Court battle date set for £300m BT Cornwall termination dispute

Row over council decision to end contract goes pasty point of no return

Dell CEO: Very few will survive the PC bloodbath

In a mature market, ‘better to be the big guy than little guy’, says Lenovo Euro pres

Russian regulator bans PornHub for its ‘illegal pornography’

However, after an extensive assessment, Register staff deem site OK

Presenting Mangstor's NVMe superfast flash storage pocket rocket

CommentIn investment terms, it's the most bang the industry could get for $4m

Partially blind albino porn pirate nabbed for £300k bedroom streaming site

Lived with mum, 'did not exhibit lavish lifestyle'

Quadsys Five fraud case transferred to Crown Court

Banbury magistrates hearing adjourned after holidaying defendant fails to turn up

Still can't get a woop, woop! Twitter battered on matter of politi-natter scatter button

Groups step up scrap over gaffe-escape mechanism

Stick your finger in another Pi: Titchy-puter now has touchscreen

Credit-card PC can hook up with 7-inch pokeable display

ARM wants you to jump into mbed with it – IoT open-source OS in beta

Pre-launch open-ish code appears online

Windows 10 to grow up, turn extra enterprise-y beginning this month

New features for businesses to roll out to Windows Insiders soon

United Nations pledges to get everyone online… by 2030

Don't get too excited though

Is John McAfee running for US president? 'My campaign manager told me not to comment'

UpdatedPlayboy millionaire files paperwork for White House bid

Verizon: we're going to start bringing you 5G NEXT YEAR (sort of)

Telco mum on public launch, but says field trials will start in 2016

Microsoft: Thanks, Google, we'll have your media codec for Edge

VP9 support coming for Windows 10's standards-happy new browser

It's still 2015, and your Windows PC can still be pwned by a webpage

PATCH NOW – 56 security holes, and at least two are already under attack

Oh snap! Yap app WhatsApp chaps zap .BAT trap in hack flap

Thinking cap on after security gap tapped

Australian justice minister calls the Feds to finger Twitter-spoofer

Man faces two years inside for impersonating minister of the crown 'with intent to deceive'

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