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7th > September > 2015 Archive

Files on Seagate wireless disks can be poisoned, purloined – thanks to hidden login

Download everything, seed with malware, move on

Microsoft's 'successful' Nokia slurp kills off Lumia photo apps

Storyteller, Beamer and Refocus binned, images in cloud to blow away on 30 Oct

Malcolm Turnbull's run Australia's NBN for two years. How's he done?

UpdatedOn track, but no sign if the broadband project can hit top speed

Sexy sock puppets seduce security suckers

Eager types 'endorse' LinkedIn infosec probers wearing models' photos as avatars

ARM signs with Big Blue for cloudy IoT services

'Chip-to-cloud' analytics

Coder pleads guilty to writing Gozi banking trojan

Network nixed by naughty Latvian

Is 'MetaPod': a) a Pokemon; b) servers running OpenStack?

LogowatchWheezy Cisco replaces 'respiratory disease' with 'a useless person'

Ship-swallowing GREEN BIO-STORM spotted FROM SPAAACE

Slimy creature invades Baltic Sea

Angler plonks August's Flash feeding frenzy into its boat

If you're not patching Flash you're even stupider than those who still rely on it

Debian upgrades Wheezy and Jessie with a combined 372 updates

Patch deluge awaits Penguinistas after weekend emissions

Strong dollar will deal death to US firms' overseas growth

2015 will be 'pretty awful', according to analyst firm Forrester

Reg readers show Blitz spirit at Computer Museum lecture

Reg LecturesVid: How Brit boffins of yesteryear are our future

Attention sysadmins! Here’s how to dodge bullets in a post-Ashley Madison world

You've no time to get lazy

Capita hoovers up 1 in every 5 pounds of outsourced IT spending

'Popular' firm tightens its grip on public cash firehose

Voluminous Versailles vagina viciously violated – again

Vandals mount second graffiti attack on controversial sculpture

Stealth service – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Game TheoryKojima-heavy title was worth the wait... right?

Gang charged with $1 MEEELLION MacBook Air heist

US prosecutors claim fruity machines sold in unmarked brown boxes

You shouldn't be paying for mobile ads (please buy our software)

Ad-blocking company selflessly campaigns for the blocking of ads

Grinning BBC boss blows raspberry at, eyes up buffet

New TED-style 'ideas initiative' part of not-an-expansion-at-all

Layabout, sun-blushed techies have pick of IT job market, says survey

Demand is so great that many would-be workers took summer off

Class action launched against Facebook over biometric slurpage

Forced faceprint feel-up is illegal in Illinois, intimates irate inhabitant

Seagate promises to HAMR us all with spinning rust next year

CommentHAE: HDD Acronym Excess. We have SMR, TDMR, BPM...

SPACE WHISKY: Astro malt pongs of 'rubber and smoked fish'

ISS-matured liquor also has hint of 'antiseptic lozenges'

Ofcom issues stern warning over fake caller number ID scam

Chances are it's not Aunt Sally phoning you to talk about your mother's maiden name

Sunk by 'patent troll': Iron Speed director asks 'anyone want to buy us?'

Legal woes (and cracked licence keys) cause dev favourites to throw in the towel

Are you avoiding tax, big tech firm? Not any more you won't, growl MEPs

Plus: Commission ruling on Irish Apple case expected in coming weeks

IDC says server-based storage sales are soaring – and Dell's pwning the market

IBM, NetApp and HP all rubbing shoulders to claim joint second

Huge SUPERHENGE erection found near Blighty's Stonehenge

Famed stone circle actually just a rockery in the temple garden

Amazon, GoDaddy get sueball for hosting Ashley Madison data

Cheating plaintiffs seeking megabucks in restitution from stolen-data-slinging services

Tech tycoon TV star Doug Richard charged with child sex offences

Ex-Dragons' Den dragon will appear before the beak on October 5

British killer robot takes out two Britons in Syria strike

First UK citizens to be killed on purpose by the RAF

Dog walkers, the San Andreas fault ... and the storage industry

CommentHot lava welling up in the San Andreas fault between servers and storage

EU digi bloke: Come ON Europe, you're not TRYING ENOUGH

Ansip worried about slow digital uptake, online platforms' gatekeeper status

ICANN descends into farce as bigwigs try to cling to power

AnalysisWe agree with you, we just want you to change everything

Oracle plugs socket numbers on DIY Standard Edition

Web scale comes at a price. Larry's price

We asked a maker of PCIe storage switches to prove the tech is more interesting than soggy cardboard

Q&AWhy not just use 10GE?

Google Adblock shock a load of cock – users mock post hoc

Adblock denies Google has found a way to block Adblock

‘Dumb pipe’ Twitter should sell up and quit, says tech banking chap

World ponders how it managed to get to here from there

DSSD says Violin's right: SSD format is WRONG for flash memory

AnalysisUpstart makes bold statement, dumps kit in our laps with puppy-dog eyes

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