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4th > September > 2015 Archive

Stingray stung: FBI told 'get a warrant'

DoJ bends a little with new cell-site simulator policy

Oz public service reminds staff: don't use work e-mails on 'affair' sites

Dying to chat to a 'Fembot'? Not on our network, dude

Windows 10 grabbed about five per cent market share in August

Unless this really is the year of the Linux desktop ...

ACCC hopes to SLASH rural backhaul prices

Cities get a trim, rural links to take a haircut

NBN vaults Australia into global top-10 … DDoS attack sources

Or not, if you look at the numbers

Equinix edged around Wedge, fell back into proprietary embrace

Ye olde networking giants still deliver for this big bit-shipper

Borg bashes destabilising DoS bug in UCS kit

No workaround, so it's 'patch or chuck it in the bin'

Amazon slurps Elemental

AWS Cloud to spin up video formatting services

Spaniard trousers €60,000 bank error, proceeds directly to jail

Does not pass go, despite commendable misappropriation attempt

Boffins build magnetic field cloak 'wormhole', could help MRI scanners

Cool cloak no sci-fi joke

Red Hat unleashes EL 7.2 beta on a waiting world

Better containers, storage, security and admin, apparently

Pioneer slaps 80s LASERS on cars for driverless push

Price drop needed for expensive kit

Is SanDisk becoming an acquisition target as the market consolidates?

‘We don't comment on rumour or speculation’. But we do

Soyuz docks with ISS, delivers trio of fresh 'nauts

Orbiting outpost packed with parked capsules

Wangling my way into the 4K gaming club with a water-cooled whopper

FeatureCatching a glimpse of uncanny valley

Larry Ellison's yacht isn't threatened by NoSQL – yet

But he might have to buy a NoSQL dinghy to tie to the back of it

Drifting phases and noise in phase-change memory

Big Blue research gnomes of Zurich crack a problem

Fruity Firefox: Mozilla caves to Apple, unveils iOS-friendly browser

New Zealand will get first crack at browser's fruity capabilities

Bored Brazilian skiddie claims DDoS against Essex Police

'I will do 19 years' attacker says in garbled English – perhaps accidentally right

Drones need their own version of Asimov's laws of robotics – MEPs

EU aviation agency seeks public opinion on planned UAV laws

China's TCL strokes Android with its 17.3" fondleslab WHOPPER

IFA 2015And Alcatel's OneTouch Xess goes even further with Google's 'desktop' OS

BOFH: Power corrupts, uninterrupted power corrupts absolutely

Episode 13The best things in life are free, or at least come when there's no charge

They’re FAT. They’re ROUND. They’re worth almost a POUND. Smart waaatch, smart waaatch

IFA 2015Samsung, world+dog unveil more wrist jobs

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

Caption compMore amusement from the message menagerie

Want your kids to learn coding? Train the darn teachers first

UK gov’s financial pledges yet to filter down

Hacker chancer looking for $500,000 after offering Clinton emails for auction

If he even has them. Hard to substantiate anything here

Cognitive computing: What can and can’t we do, and should lipreading be banned?

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do

A Dyson car? Don't rule it out. We're suckers for innovation, says CEO

Also refuses to rule out perpetual motion machine, breakable perfect crypto

Cash-happy BlackBerry slurps one-time rival Good for $425m

Mobe-maker formerly known as RIM finds bundle of notes behind the sofa

The S, Huawei’s new best Mate: Compact and premium – but not cheap

Hands OnPrimo slab of quality Sino flagship phablet lands

Unconfirmed PayPal 0day auth flaw lingers after XSS gets fixed

Brace of bugs unveiled in payment facilitator's security structure

Reg reader shares AshMad blackmail email about which he gives 'zero f***s'

Send Bitcoin or we tell your Facebook mates you were shag-searching

Reg readers select infosec A-Team to save Ashley Madison

Good news for the bad boy; bad news for the good girl...

Daredevil Brit lifts off in 54-prop quinquaquadcopter

'Just a bit of fun', says flying Heath Robinson

FTC gives FBI the finger over govt backdoor encryption demands

Commissioner joins CTO in its 'don't be stupid' rationale

Hackers spent at least a year spying on Mozilla to discover Firefox security holes – and exploit them

Bugzilla infiltrated, private vulns slurped since at least 2014

Spotify updates hated privacy policy ... with exact same policy

We're sorry, says CEO, that we didn't better explain how we're slurping all your info

Game, set and DEATHMATCH: Drone TERROR ORDEAL at US Open tennis tournament

Robot runs amuck, teacher cuffed

Oracle's bright new Sonoma SPARCs hint at own-tech cloud

CommentThere's only one likely customer for Oracle's hyperscale silicon: Oracle

Mind-blowing secrets of NSA's security exploit stockpile revealed at last

PDFIncredible document has to be seen to be believed

Oracle laying off its Java evangelists? Er, no comment, says Oracle

Soon-to-be-redundant chap in pink slip slip on Facebook

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