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Ad watchdog terminates Vodafone's cherry-picked 'unbeatable connecting calls' claims

Three challenges rival operator over sketchy UK geography

Victims of US gov't mega-breach still haven't been notified

Affected workers to receive aid starting 'later this month'

Groin-melting Fujitsu LifeBook batteries recalled in conflag alert

Rip out these batts now – unless you like staring down at the charred remains of your lap

Judge flips class-action switch on Uber drivers' lawsuit against cab biz

All 160,000 can stand in claim over tips, says beak

Leak-shamed Intel finally bares nifty Skylake details to world+dog

Now will you please stop spaffing our slides everywhere?

Big Blue bops modular menace

CoreBot infant could grow to painful teenager

Wanna call Barnaby Joyce a w**ker / gerbil on radio? FINE, says ACMA

How do you LOSE a complaint against Kyle Sandilands? HOW?

Drone deals DEATH – to deadly starfish

Great Barrier Reef boffins poisoning Crown of Thorns by remote control

Wikimedia sweeps shill accounts after stunt doubles, waterparks scammed

UpdateSockpuppet purge flushes 400 accounts

Croc country cops' mobile facial matching a festival party pop

Running from the law? Better stay in the bush.

Self-driving cars? Boring. We want self driving, lizard dodging golf carts

At last, humanity's real problems tackled

SOHOpeless: Belkin router redirection zero-day

DNS response fondling confounds security

If VMware is a sun, here are the storage worlds we've spotted orbiting it

VMworld 2015The force is strong in this one, Darth

Choc Factory sends website app pluggers to page two mobile cesspit

But it's 2015 and nobody cares about Web apps

Tegile looking at some really flashy fabric

Ultra-fast server host attachment links are coming

Wanna fight Google’s alleged European evildoing? Then join us, says US legal firm

There's GOLD in them thar antitrust cases, apparently

Small wonder, little competition: Asus Chromebook Flip

ReviewWorld's first 10-inch touchscreen convertible Googletop

OH DEAR, WHSmith: Sensitive customer data spaffed to world+dog

UpdatedMagazine form emails EVERYONE on mailing list

BIS shuns Steria HR and payroll shared services centre

ExclusiveYeah, actually, you know those costs, they’re not 'viable' now

Earth wobbles on axis as Google rebrands

LogowatchParadigms shifted in drive to world domination

Ericsson software upgrade targets great indoors, makes networks faster

Three sausages does unlicenced aggregation

Speaking in Tech: Live from (not) The Last VMworld

PodcastLike 'Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii', only with more VMware announcements

ICO probes NHS clinic's data blunder that exposed HIV+ status of 800 patients

56 Dean Street drops perhaps the worst DP clanger of all time

West's only rare earth mine closes. Yet Chinese monopoly fears are baseless

Worstall on WednesdayStrong-arm attempt? Whatever

Viral virus bunfight: Dr Web tested rivals like Kaspersky Lab

But they didn't deliberately try and trip up rivals with false positives

Xiaomi aims to knock Apple off its branch with move into computers

Latent luxury Linux laptop targets financially fit fruity firm's finest

Jeff Bezos trousers $8m Florida rocket sweetener package

Cash lures Blue Origin to Sunshine State

The 100GB PHONE! Well, it has shades of Chrome, so not quite

Not using that bit of data, then dump it into online storage

Look over here! SAP unveils big data HANA update

Please buy our in-memory databases, says German ERP peddler

NHS to go paperless by 2020. No, really, it will, says gros fromage

Dead tree goalposts are noiselessly, virtually moved once again

French hacker besmuts road sign right under Les Plods' noses

Vid+updateMéchant matey denies Dominique Strauss Kahn protest

Trio of 'nauts thunder towards International Space Station

Soyuz soars heavenwards from Baikonur Cosmodrome

Mate S: Huawei 'beats' Apple to force-touch phone launch

IFA2015Knuckle gestures and mini scales also on the way... just not yet

Return of the Pocket PC: Acer shows off Jade Primo PC Phone

IFA 2015Cause if you get it wrong, you'll get it right next time (next time)

Euro telly bods say 'non' to spectrum sharing with mobiles

If the LTE gang gets its way DTT is toast, says report

Chinese mobe market suffers pre-pwned Android pandemic

Amazingly, it might not even be the Chinese government causing it

Turkey cites crypto software find in terror charges against TV crew

They use the same programs, so they must be helping the PKK, claims clueless gov

Damn well knew it! Seagate has helium drives in its labs

Spinner's analyst day revelation

It's MediaTek v Qualcomm in the motherboard of all battles

Rumours and leaks for 2016's hottest processors

Nexenta, SanDisk hop into bed, one thing leads to another – now they've got a 512TB flash brat

It's game over, spinning disks

Popcorn time at Popcorn Time: More vid slurpers hauled into court

Sixteen Does fingered for piracy in Portland

Tree hugger? Your wooden harem is much bigger than thought

Quite literally trillions of trunks for cuddling

Sorry, Californians, you can't have this: Asus to build WATER COOLED notebook

Oh no, steam leak! Ayymm Mellltingggg

Sony's 4King with us now: Xperia Z5 mobe has UltraHD screen, cam

IFA2015High-res audio too, but will users care?

Australia the idiot in the global village, says Geoff Huston

Net luminary unloads on data retention

HP's TippingPoint security bods on the block, suits shuffled to make way for 3D printers

Tipping point for TippingPoint

Windows admin added to Puppet Enterprise

DSC, WSUS modules give the Win admin *nix-like automation, apparently

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