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28th > August > 2015 Archive

BitTorrent kills bug that turns networks into a website-slaying weapon

Reflective technique would let attacker amplify traffic and flood targets

Google makes it official: Chrome will freeze Flash ads on sight from Sept 1

If your ads aren't on web giant's network, they better be HTML5 – or they're dead to Chrome

Rosetta probe spots Comet 67P being buzzed by boulder

Was it a random neighbourhood space rock? Or something breaking off the comet?

Indian State shuts off mobile internet to stop rumours fuelling riots

Activist calls for calm on WhatsApp amid protests for minority rights

The enterprise hardware market is growing. You read that right. Growing

Servers up six points. Switches up, slightly. Routers up. Really. Cloud? Not a killer, it seems

Rackspace looks to have bypassed vCloud Director upgrade

Signs with cashed-up upstart AirVM for Virtzilla-powered cloud management

Malvertising maniac messes MSN, serves corrupted creative

Yahoo! appetiser, HuffPo for mains, and MSN for desert.

Google robo-car suffers brain freeze after seeing hipster cyclist

Devs try for frantic in-car fix as cyclist stands still

What time is it Oxford Dictionaries? How about almost ‘beer o’clock’

We Vultures will all drink to the latest online vocab update

New low for humanity: ONE BEELLION lost souls log on to Facebook in one day

Free content ad network reveals Siri-slaying shopbot named 'M'

Spooks, plod and security industry join to chase bank hacker

Perp known as 'DD4BC' has some serious heat on his or her tail, with worse to come

Met Police to slash hundreds of IT jobs, hands £216m outsourcing gig to Steria

'Majority' of 440 techies transferring to Steria to be axed

Another chance to win a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive

Caption CompetitionIt's a web-based competition with a spider in it

Honor 7 – heir apparent to the mid-range Android crown

ReviewHuawei's nicely honed handset with nowt left out

Wow, Barcelona really has a problem with tech disruptors. Watch out Airbnb

Another pillar of the 'sharing economy' in the city's crosshairs

BACS Bank Holiday BALLS UP borks 275,000 payments

Update IIIEmployees left cashless. Planning to go away this weekend? Not anymore

Mass redundancy marathon nearly over at HP

Brit heads to roll over the finish line... mostly in Enterprise Services

Violin's breakeven within reach, but revenues still falling

There’s only so much lipstick you can put on this pig

Computacenter CEO: Currency headwind? Yep, that hurt alright

But Brit sub strikes back to steady top line, and RDC sale beefs up profits

Manchester skeptics annexed in hostile digital power grab takeover by mysterious 'Sophie' reveals flaws in site organisation rules

Google watchers react furiously to ad flinger’s competition case defence

You can't just point at Amazon and eBay!

Channel surfers and the irresistible rise of Content Delivery Networks

When load balancing just won't cut it

Administrator tries to squeeze blood out of Stone Computers' parent

ExclusivePre-pack agreed for Stone Topco but rival bid expected

Storage boosters: Six mSATA format SSDs on test

Product Round-upBack-to-school hand-me-down upgrade time

Win10 Insider build 10532: Avoid if you run Chrome 64-bit

A few tweaks, but what is MS doing about top feature requests and bug reports?

BOFH: An architect and his own entirely avoidable downfall

Episode 12Office remodellings get lost in time. Like... tears. In rain

Vodafone: Dammit Britain, your emergency services need 4G!

Incidentally, we provide a pretty comprehensive data network

NCA arrests six Lizard Squad users after gaming firms, retailers targeted

Officers also visiting 50 addresses for a quiet word

Spaniard claims WWII WAR HERO pigeon code crack. Explain please

Come on, give it up and let Speckled Jim rest in peace

Germany to fork out BEELLLIONS for farmers' broadband

Companies getting assistance with infrastructure

Startup BlueData in the green after pocketing millions from Intel et al

Here comes 'Hadoop-as-a-Service'

India, Myanmar lead the way as mobile bandwidth consumption mushrooms

Number of mobile subs hits 7.2 billion (well, 4.9 billion really)

Drum roll, please .... Results are in for the collective noun for security vulns

It's a fix! A security fix!

Associated Press sues FBI for impersonating its site to install spyware

Meanwhile, the EFF learns: in Russia, government malware pwns you!

Baltimore lawyers vow to review 2,000 FBI Stingray snoop cases

Why yes, we do bill by the hour... why do you ask?

Company in shambles, marriages ruined. My work here is done, says Ashley Madison CEO

Noel Biderman quits hacked biz

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