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27th > August > 2015 Archive

Password 'XXXXairocon' pops Wi-Fi routers from ASUS, ZTE and others

More gateways join SOHOpeless shame file

The most tragic thing about the Ashley Madison hack? It was really 1% actual women

Tiny percentage of ladies checked messages, it seems

The Raspberry Pi is succeeding in ways its makers almost imagined

Kids don't want to code. They want to solve problems us oldies can't perceive

D-Wave: 'Whether or not it's quantum, it's faster'

Quantum computer maker prepares new benchmark it says explains ... something

Verizon wants to smartify old cars

Hackers queue up, Humming

Why is the smart home insecure? Because almost nobody cares

The miserable life of the security veep

VMware appoints development chief as new CTO

Veteran Ray O'Farrell to run Virtzilla's CTO office and development efforts

Google Cloud in nine-hour storage SNAFU

URLs for files in Google's cloud have been going nowhere

FireEye intern VXer pleads guilty for Darkode droid RAT ruse

Dreams of half a million infections

Cisco's RAT-catchers spot sysadmin-targeted phish

Tricks admin tool into sucking down the malware

Malware menaces poison ads as Google, Yahoo! look away

FeatureBooming attack vector offers mass malware distribution, stealthy targeting

Amazon mobile strategy pivots with swipes at in-app buys, own hardware

New app store for Android and reported hardware firings suggest new direction

French woman gets €800 a month for electromagnetic-field 'disability'

Liberté, égalité, électrosensibilité

Hardened Linux stalwarts Grsecurity pull the pin after legal fight

Multi-billion company accused of ripping off name and code, still doing security wrong

ClearSky: Keeping your premises free of unwanted clouds

InterviewAllowing you to forklift your silos the hell out of Dodge

Ins0mnia bug means malicious iOS apps WILL NEVER DIE

Vuln allows deathless malware to continue spying even after shut down

Security for those who know they can't win the security war

Because nothing beats jail time. Or a spanner

If anyone’s going to benchmark the IoT, it’s us, says TPC

Let us all rise, and standardise

Space paparazzo captures bipolar butterfly

It's complicated. Hubble snap reveals the Twin Jet Nebula's interactions

Acer honourary chairman Shih would 'welcome' takeover bid

Anyone fancy being 'last man standing in the PC industry'? Anyone?

Capita IS good for former O2 staff. Oh yes it IS!

Staff willingly jumping, not being pushed, claims CEO of mobile biz

Windows 10 blamed (partly) for stalled PC sales recovery

Channel has two years to wait until 'modest' turnaround, says IDC

Roll up, roll up, as LG launches stealthy Bluetooth keyboard

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag, and smuggle them on holiday

Legal eagles accuse Labour of data law breach over party purge

Questions over consent to throw personal info in a database

Nano – meet her: AMD's Radeon R9 4K graphics card for non-totally bonkers gamers, people

PicsPerfect size for mini-ITX mobos and small cases

Win10 PCs still stuck on slow boat from China, warehouses empty

Late release of code to OEMs delays shipments... if anyone cares

Scrapheap challenge: How Amazon and Google are dumbing down the gogglebox

Breaking FadIt's time to get some guarantees for smart TV

Fugitive UK hacker turned ISIS recruiter killed in Syria

Former TeaMp0isoN member downed by drone strike outside Raqqa

DDN: Quicker storage access passes HPC buck to CPU makers

CommentBypassing POSIX releases the brake pedal on the server-storage IO equation

Facebook profiles? They're not 'personal data' Mr Putin

Personalised ad network tries to avoid Russian data localisation rules

First pics of flagship Lumias for 18 months released … or maybe not

After such a wait, it seems they’re mid-range and plastic

Intel keeps droning on, as PC sales continue to tumble

Plans later, but for now here’s $60m, Yuneec

Take two mobes into the shower? I didn't before, but I do now

First LookDual-SIM iPhone device is actually another, smaller phone in disguise

HP's 3PAR trifecta soups up entry-level, AFAs and software

Hot new Gen-5 products leaves older Gen-4 10000 series out in the cold

Obi: These ARE the 'droids you're looking for

Former Apple CEO John Sculley presents us with a new hope

VMware' s VSAN to support flashDIMMs and NVMe

Adding stretch clusters and faster replication to VSAN

Google: Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am – stuck in the middle of EU

Euro probe row: People love our adverts, ad giant yells

Apple watch breathes down Fitbit's neck

Two thirds of flogged smart wearables were Apple Watches

Vote now: Who can solve a problem like Ashley Madison?

PollHelp wanted ... too late

Apple will reveal new iPhone on Sept 9 – this is what it may look like

PicsHint: It looks like a bleedin' iPhone

German spies sold out citizens to the NSA in exchange for super-snoop-ware XKeyscore

And promised not to spy on any Americans

Still using ColdFusion? Really? Well, you'll want to install this patch

Adobe patches data-slurping flaw in web app builder

Google tells iOS 9 app devs: Switch off HTTPS if you want that sweet sweet ad money from us

Apple's encrypt-everything rule gets in the way of plain HTTP

Tegile's new faster fatter flash box flings self at big data analytics

Using SanDisk JBOF to lower cost a lot and raise density a little

Travel back to the 19-Z80s this weekend

Reg scores pictorial preview as PC pioneer Microbee re-opens its doors down under

Primary Data's DataSphere storage silo-masking software revealed

One virtualised data sphere for virtualised servers

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