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25th > August > 2015 Archive

Court rules FTC can prosecute companies over lax online security

Wyndham hotel chain loses appeal case

BT commences trials of copper-to-the-home broadband tech

Fibre to a special cabinet somewhere reasonably close to the home

Qualcomm flashes Snapdragon 820's bits again – this time it's DSP

Welcome to the 'low power island'

Body-worn cameras a 'Pandora's Box' says ex Vic Police chief Nixon

Cameras sow 'lack of trust' within public.

What's Russia smoking? Kremlin bans Wikipedia for dopey article

UpdatedAnd now the whack-a-mole begins as Russian activists switch on their VPNs

VMware quietly sneaks out NSX 6.2 update and/or bug-blast

Buy more hardware and cross NSX off your list of big VMworld announcements

AshMad search outfit Trustify to El Reg: 'Trust us, we're the good guys'

UpdatedAnd we just thought you were busy chasing ambulances

Microsoft issues first SharePoint 2016 preview

Cloud. Hybrid. Compliance. Collaboration. Search. Any device. Touch. HTML5. BINGO!

Cortana Android beta goes public

It's supposed to be automatic, but actually you have to press a button

FBI probed SciFi author Ray Bradbury for plot to glum-down America

Ten-year investigation into whether commies used SciFi to put nation into bad mood

If new NetApp CEO George Kurian has a plan it's under his hat

Hints at converged FlexPod, OnTap-as-a-service and NVMe support at Australian event

Prognosticator, for one, welcomes our new robot work colleagues

Kill all humans? Take our jobs? No, they just want to work with us

Carders fleece $4.2 million from Victoria's MyKi transport agency

Online flea markets a hotbed for cheap travel

IBM tries to dodge $1bn sueball for deal won with 'ethical transgressions'

Big Blue argues Australian case over botched payroll project should not proceed

Should all Europeans be able to watch Estonian football? Consultation launched

Vote Brexit and keep your telly free of Bulgarian Top 40

Swiss watch: Cuckoo-clock cops threaten Win 10 whup-ass can pop

Silicon Valley 'eats away at our freedom every day'

GSMA appoints Mats Granryd as new director general

Tele2 CEO position filled by non-exec director of noted pie vendor

Net neutrality: How to spot an arts graduate in a tech debate

AnalysisSorry lawyers, but the Packet Pixie doesn't really exist Size matters, and we like it SMALL but MORE

Bigger targets for smaller businesses in latest meaningless pledge

C For Hell: Data centre meltdown for irate customers as C4L GOES TITSUP

Updated17-hour-long outage clouds cloud provider

'Hans free' mobe gag crowned Fringe's funniest

'What a punderful feeling', enthuses laureate Darren Walsh

Visitors no longer welcomed to Scotland's 'Penis Island'

Bute Council belatedly corrects missing Gaelic accent cock-up

SMEs in the firing line as fake invoice scams skyrocket

Fraudsters make hay while sun shines and accounts staff go on holiday

Web Summit looks at new homes ... this time with sun and decent Wi-Fi

Huge vat of geek-friendly Factor 50 sun cream on order

ExaGrid growing in parallel, adds global GRID back-up to appliance software

Storing in an undeduplicated form means a faster restore

Hortonworks bags US-gov inspired Big Data tech

Onyara's NiFi gambit goes to Hadoop spinner

Vodafone UK rocks the bloat with demands for vanilla Android

You want plain, colourless Lollipops, have them, says Motorola

3D-printed robot hand grabs Dyson award for UK

Robotics graduate within touching distance of £30,000 prize

The container-cloud myth: We're not in Legoland anymore

Why interconnectivity in the cloud is tougher than just stacking bricks

Mobile device screens recorded using the Certifi-gate vulnerability

Shouldn’t even be possible on thingies not jailbroke

BYOD? More like CYOD as companies still set the parameters

The agony of the appearance of superficial choice

Qualcomm sells L-Band spectrum to Vodafone, Three for massive profit

Sod this chips lark, we’ll just flog blocks of air

Boffins unwrap honeybee black box recorder project

Flight of the RFID tag

Using SQL techniques in NoSQL is OK, right? WRONG

Don't try and cut corners, or you'll end up in a twisty, tangly mess

Wileyfox smartphones: SD card, no bloatware, Cyanogen, big battery – yes to all!

OK Register readers, shout in unison: ‘Sign us up’

NASA's Dawn gets intimate with Ceres

'Closest-yet views' of dwarf planet, obscure agricultural gods on standby

Still 3D printing with one material? We can use TEN, say MIT eggheads

VideoPrinter/scanner costs less than $10,000 too

Taiwan Supreme Court rules former TSMC exec leaked chip secrets to Samsung

Ex-R&D boss banned from working for Korean firm

Tens of thousands of Popcorn Time movie streamers menaced by anti-piracy fleet

Pro-copyright group has as many as 75,000 in its crosshairs

Fiery old geysers FOUND ON MOON: Volcanic past explained

Still don’t believe we went there?

What Ashley Madison did and did NOT delete if you paid $19 – and why it may cost it $5m+

Owner ALM now sued in California as well as Canada

Ex-HP top aide in the clink for racking up $1m on company credit cards

It's hard to cover your tracks when you wear $8,000 outfits

NetApp dissolves global centre of virtualisation excellence

Australian facility's job was done, says the big blue staple

Prof Hawking cracks riddle of black holes – which may be portals to other universes

Top boffin reckons he's made a Quantum Leap of science

Spanking Spam King: Sanford Wallace faces jail for Facebook flood

Junk mail tycoon now looking at hard time

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