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21st > August > 2015 Archive

PEAK TECHNOLOGY? Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Apple stocks hit the deck

Billions wiped off the charts – and Twitter falls below its stock-market debut

NSW Police claim new online prowess after drug busts

Dope sold on social media and classified ads sites

And it begins: Ashley Madison bonk-seekers urged to lawyer up

Class-action lawsuit launched, 50 people already respond, only one would give his name

iOS storing enterprise credentials in directory anyone can read

Patch now. Just do it (but 70 percent of you won't)

OLPC heir reveals modular laptop design

'Infinity' allows kids to swap out components, even the screen

Unholy Hong Kong hackers hit evangelicals with IE 0day

Fast moving blackhats backdoor church-goers.

Blue Termite hacker group eating Japanese business from within

You know the drill: Flash flaw, Windows hole, custom malware ... ka-ching!

Geeks on quest for world's most pointless YouTube video

Terrible audio? Vertical filming? No hits? You're on a WINNER!

Microsoft will explain only 'significant' Windows 10 updates

+CommentMicrosoft is offering the choice between terrible or woeful security

Forget Big Data hype, says Gartner as it cans its hype cycle

Even the nerdy kids understand it now, so it's time to move on to cooler stuff like 'smart dust'

Australian online shoppers and Netflix to be fully taxed in 2017

Goods and Services tax exemptions to be removed

NASA reveals Cassini probe's last glimpse of Saturn's icy moon Dione

Ringed planet grants sunlight for souvenir shots.

Oi, Google! Remove links to that removed story, yells forceful ICO

You’ve got 35 days to comply, or else

G-Cloud framework's latest booster has Allott to give

'Come on people, the cloud is great. Hello? Hello? Hello?'

Ashley Madison wide open to UK privacy lawsuits, claim lawyers

Means going to court though, in public. Mmmm?

All aboard the Skylake: How Intel stopped worrying and learned to love overclocking

Review6th gen CPU and swanky Asus mobo on test

HDS fills in the available blank space in VSP range

G800 pops up, unusually toting more SSDs than the top-end box

PINs easily pinched with iPhone-attached thermal imaging kit

Heinous heat-seeking handset hails from hateful hackery

Tech Data: screw you Wall St, we're a high flying distie

Sales trounce money mens' forcasts, and don't even start on operating profit

Imation now fully under activist investor's control

Clinton Group thanks former board members before booting them over the side

FAO EVERYBODY: From the Legal Outreach Team at Bong Ventures LLC

¡Bong!Jim Jones was never misrepresented in this way

NASA dismisses asteroid apocalypse threat

Statement smacks of a cover-up, as Bruce Willis disappears

Embracing the life-changing qualities of USB power packs and battery extenders

Worthwhile gadgets to close out the summer

Spotify now officially even worse than the NSA

It wants to know who you know, where you are and what you like

Collective noun search for security vulns moves into beta testing

Cyber, nest or hatstand? VOTE now for your favourite

Euro X-ray 'scope snaps Milky Way's 'tumultuous heart'

It's all go at the lively centre of the galaxy, XMM-Newton reveals

Rock reboot and the Welsh windy wonder: Centre for Alternative Technology

Geek's Guide to BritainBiomass and the pit

TalkTalk not talking much as systems take a tumble

We can't talk at the moment as, um, everything is down – try calling back later

Salesforce back in the red, reviews future black ink orders

But hey, at least overall profit ratio is up to 0.1 per cent of sales

LA explosion knocks LogMeIn's British customers offline

Fragility of the cloud exposed by unexpected high-rise detonation

Security fears arise over body-worn plodcam footage

'But is it secure?' experts ask, as forces prepare to sign contracts worth millions

Mobile 'fault' forces BA flight into unscheduled Russian landing

Airline denies rumours of catastrophically exploding BlackBerry

China using cyberspies in border disputes with India and neighbours

Something extremely unpleasant is gushing out of the Watermain

Brussels taxi union to disrupt the disruptors over Uber service

But Belgian deputy PM tells them to suck it up and improve their own service

Get whimsical and win a Western Digital Black 6TB hard drive

Caption competitionNo monkeying about with this one, you guys

Spotify climbs down on new terms and conditions

Founder says the whole thing was just a BIIIIIIIIIIG misunderstanding. Right

Second Ashley Madison dump prompts more inside-job speculation

Red-faced affair enabler says innocent customers were just exercising legal rights

HP storage results borked by bleeding currency rates

Revenues rose but infernal currency rates turned it into a fall

Steady she goes at Brocade

Fibre Channel comes good again for storage biz, and it's all the customers' fault

Citrix really needs to get its act together, and soon

Sysadmin BlogBlood-sucking asset stripper may yet be fatal

Win8 inventory glut? Yep, it's all Microsoft's fault, says HP

Exec: 'Need to flush through existing stock before Win10 really take hold'

Microsoft sues InterDigital for 'monopoly power' over mobile patents

Redmond raises stakes as ITC verdict looms in decade-long battle

US military says it will discipline Ashley Madison users

Conduct unbecoming of a gentleman/woman

Dating gets even more dangerous after PlentyOfFish suffers tainted ads

Browser vulnerabilities and unpatched Flash flaws set the stage

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