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20th > August > 2015 Archive

Samsung goes to US Supreme Court to wriggle out of paying Apple millions of dollars

South Koreans really do not want to pay out those damages

Holes found in Pocket Firefox add-on

Patched server holes could making for painful reading

The Ashley Madison files – are people really this stupid?

Comment2Lots of users appear to have used work addresses

Camera-carrying DOLPHIN SPY caught off Gaza

Claims weaponised mammal deployed to spy on Palestinian navy

Microsoft turns on Windows 10 file backup to Azure

Think of it as archival-grade OneDrive with policies and you've got the idea

Net scum respect their elders so long as it leads to p0wnage

Shiny new Angler exploit kit and mothballed macroviruses top attack charts

Curiosity rolls over onto Martian WET PATCH, takes satisfied selfie

That felt soooo good, say mission boffins, as rover's drill finally gets hard again

Using complicated electrical devices to curry favour with brats – the new black?

Maybe a ‘well done’ after GCSE results would suffice?

Activist pens pirate's map to 'liberating' academic journals

See? Information really does want to be free

YouTube bloggers told to slap 'advert' stickers on their vid posts

No, you're not allowed to covertly plug stuff just because they pay you

Intel's Compute Sticks stick it to Windows To Go, Chromecast

Quick reviewTiny PCs are sysadmin and thin client friendly, to a point

Redfish aims to reel in data centre tin shifters hook, line and sinker

One API to rule them all ... or at least let them all talk to each other

Datameer draws dollops of hype-free Hadoopy dosh

Singapore's ST Telemedia led the way ... handy for the Far East expansion

Watch out Sonos! Here's the second coming of Yamaha MusicCast

PicsAll singing, all dancing audio system ticking all the right boxes

Pure Storage's 'disingenuous' financial figures still out there

CommentBut these are Gartner numbers, not ours, so there

NetApp falls into loss-making territory as yearly revenues drop 10 per cent

Kurian’s first quarter is a dog, a big sweaty dog

Whitehall IT running costs creep up again to £4.6bn

So much for Moore's Law: Costs of keeping lights on go up in Whitehall

Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank becomes TV reality

Boxer's trailer for audacious Alan Partridge concept wows interwebs

Amazon putting London’s hipster startups in the loft

Tech giant moves into the vapor cloud to provide tech support

Enjoy vaping while you still can, warns Public Health England

AnalysisPharma-friendly EU clampdown threatens suppliers with banhammer

People bored of mobes, say magic quadrant wizards

Sales slowing as many markets, including China, reach saturation point

Could our fear of fracking be appeased with CO2 sequestration?

Those related eco-problems? They're not a thing, apparently

Tintri adds tincture of all-flash array to its range

Crafts a converged infrastructure offering for channel

Antiques in spaaaaace! Retired space shuttles cannibalised for parts

NASA's financial issues mean museum pieces are being ripped apart for ISS spares

Lenovo goes Bass fishing, catches new channel boss

Former Toshiba and CMS exec - man called Andy - bags role, PC maker confirms

Kaminario gets triple vision with 3D 3-layer flash

Next-generation AFA goes for uber cheap cost/GB

Yet another Android app security bug: This time 'everything is affected'

Google says flap over user-interface spoofing is overstated

Gas giant cores actually built from shedloads of gravel

'Pebble-accretion' theory points to rapid formation of Saturn and Jupiter

Computer Science GCSE male dominated, but geekettes are ready to rise

Put down your ironing and get to the keyboard!

Microsoft kicks off 'Windows as a service' with new Insider build

Compressed memory, and look, now you can change the colors!

Biz that OK'd Edward Snowden for security clearance is fined $30m for obvious reasons

You had one job, US Investigations Services…

Now Ashley Madison hackers reveal 'CEO's emails and source code'

UpdatedMeanwhile, IBM, Cisco and HP lead the IT pack on adultery website, it seems

Leaked images claim to show BlackBerry's first Android phone

Have the Canadians admitted defeat at last?

One more thing: Swatch trademarks dead Steve Jobs' catchphrase

Wir zeigen Ihnen, "noch eine Sache", Arschloch

Ex-Prez Bush, Cheney sued for email, phone spying during Olympics

Former mayor of Salt Lake City personally heads class-action lawsuit over winter games

HP is getting so good now at negative growth, it should patent it

Five quarters in a row are down – and an extra 2,000 or so staff to go by end of year

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