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14th > August > 2015 Archive

SEC: Ukrainian hackers' investment fraud ring raked in millions in 'unprecedented' hack

AnalysisInsider trading scam said to be largest of its kind

Samsung phablet phrenzy brings mobile payments into the age of WIRELESS TAPE

Bigger, edgier S6, new GalaxyNote 5 can talk to swipe card readers

Gazan medico team 3D-prints world-leading stethoscope for 30c

Surgeons, hackers, on mission to provide near-free medical tech to developing world

Australian court slaps down Hollywood's speculative invoices

Sure you can mail possible pirates, after paying a bond larger than your possible profits

Sony PC owners to get Windows 10 upgrade as early Christmas present

DON'T UPGRADE NOW, Sony warns Vaio users, and settle in for a long wait

175 MILLION websites still powered by Windows Server 2003

Alibaba, cloud offshoot Aliyun, Natwest and ANZ bank running the orphaned OS

Facebook hands hackers $100k for breaking browsers

Internet Defense Prize™ handed out, bugs broken. Hello Oracle?

China laments 'wild guesses and malicious slurs' on state hacking

President Xi Jinping is on his way to Washington and diplomats are sniping

Flying Spaghetti Monster spotted off Angolan coast

All hail the monster and his tasty aquatic noodly appendages

Google's Euro-cloud in lengthy disk degradation drama

Compute Engine wasn't at its best overnight and its disks are waking grumpy

Riddle solved: Do bears crap in the woods? No – they're stressing out over drones instead

VidHovering bots drive grizzlies to distraction

Use QuickTime … and become part of the collective

Malformed .MOV files can murder your movies


Astro-boffins routed by pitiless grass-slaying droids in FCC's arena of pain

DataGravity puts a little weight behind protecting your information

Want to tag your own sensitive info? No problem now

Budget UHD TVs arrive – but were the 4Kasts worth listening to?

Breaking FadHaters begone! You can now buy 'em with your bangers and mash

How many pre-loaded Win 10 PCs did disties have 7 days after release?

Hint: The answer's in three figures. And it ain't very high

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+: 4K-positive fun for ... vloggers?!

First LookKorean mobe maker goes large, ups periscope

Skills crisis? Not for long: More and more UK kids gain STEM quals

Push off with all your 'jumping fruity girls' pics, this is the real good news

Hey, Apple, we’re watching Faulty Tellies. Gonna tell us why?

Oh, it’s all gone quiet over there

Quadsys Five charged with fraud over data-slurping allegations

Firm's MD and owner implicated in hack at channel rival

Take redundancy if you want, Capita IS for turning now, after all

700 staffers on O2 call centre gig grab voluntary redundo, offices closing

Reddit caves to Russian fungus censorship demands

Child protection laws mean there's not mushroom for drug debates

EU clears UK to give £50m to SABRE space launcher engine

Kindly Commish lets UK spend its money as it wants ... on a space launcher

Salesforce plugs silly website XSS hole, hopes nobody spotted it

Web development 101: Thou shalt stop thy users from inputting JavaScript

BOFH: Why, I LOVE work courses. Please tell me more, o wise one!

Episode 11Leadership styles ... I like Hugo Boss suits and people waving at me?

iMaker Hon Hai/Foxconn earnings stall as fanbois hold fire

Q2 growth slows largely due to dependence on Apple

Costa Rican authorities detain drug-smuggling pigeon

Wings come off cunning prison dope delivery plan

PALE, MALE AND STALE: Apple reveals it has just ONE black exec

And she's not even a techie. Oh dear, Cupertino

Ofcom coverage map: 7/10 – must try harder next time

AnalysisNo blackspot spotting tools, or comparative element

Imation ejects its removable disk biz, hands it to Sphere 3D

Steal of a deal, but it's not quite plain sailing for the vendor

Commish grants Google two more weeks to work on EU antitrust defence

But rivals won’t get a chance to have their say in an oral hearing

Kaspersky Lab denies tricking AV rivals into nuking harmless files

Russian biz allegedly tried to hoodwink competitors with legit Windows executables

Ex-SAP director: I bribed govt officials to seal the deals on software

Payoff led to $14.5m contract signoff

US appeals court: Yes, Samsung ... sigh … you still have to pay Apple

Not even going to hear it this time, just pay them the $550m already

Boffins spot a SECOND JUPITER – the gas giant's baby sister

PicRevelation could unlock secrets to our Solar System's formation

Verisign sues Google's new love-interest .XYZ for a second time

Dot-com owner applies screws to young upstart

You've been Drudged! Malware-squirting ads appear on websites with 100+ million visitors

eBay, Drudge Report, etc inadvertantly carry evil adverts

Would YOU make 400 people homeless for an extra $16m? Decision time in Silicon Valley

PollLand owner to decide: $39m and his pals – or $55m

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