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13th > August > 2015 Archive

Microsoft: Surface hub will ship from January 1, 2016

Fondle-giant to lumber out of Oregon at last

New Docker crypto locker is a blocker for Docker image mockers

Verison 1.8 adds container signing to prevent man-in-middle attacks

Pure as the driven IPO: Upstart tells SEC it's go for stock market debut

All-flash array biz finishes its homework for initial public offering

Twitter EMBIGGENS users' inboxes to THOUSANDS of CHARACTERS

Also, every single public tweet is now searchable

Police use RIFLE AND TASER to relieve man of iPhone case

Remember that stupid gun-shaped case? Canadian Police thought it was the real thing

Malvertising set to wreak one BEELLION dollars in damage this year

On the upside, the ROI is amazing if you've an appetite for risky investments

Rupert Murdoch rips up his own fondleslab foundry

News Corporation snuffs educational tablet biz in another MySpace moment

Samsung says micro-sats could blanket the world with Internet

Thousands of throwaways for the other five billion

Cisco network kit warning: Watch out for malware in the firmware

Someone's reverse-engineered ROMMON to craft an admin-level attack

Dropbox adds USB two factor authentication for paranoid Chrome users

Advanced phishers leave with still baited hooks.

John McAfee launches cert authority but it's got a POODLE problem

BlackCert working on internet-of-thing security bling

Huge explosion kills 44+ in China, blasts nearby supercomputer offline

VidRescue efforts continue after warehouse packed with dangerous goods detonates

Aussies turn to comic cat videos for comfort

UK LOL compilation show beats all others, bar the news

Sex app Tinder in public meltdown – because a journo dared suggest it was, well, a sex app

People ... using the internet ... to sleep with each other? Egad

Exploding Power Bars: EE couldn't even get the CE safety mark right

ExclusiveUnless CE stands for Cockup Extremely

Chill, Philae: Shadow may protect comet lander from Sun roasting

VideoRosetta approaches perihelion, boffins blend excitement and nervousness

Gartner square-slicers name Cisco and Nutanix integrated boxen bosses

The Borg's got fingers in so many integration pies it's frightening

Monster Scalextric Formula 1 circuit to go under the hammer

Proceeds from track by former F1 star Martin Brundle to benefit charity

Two weeks of Windows 10: Just how is Microsoft doing?

Apart from the upgrade fails, bugs, and missing features, great

Full duplex! Bristol boffins demo Tx and Rx on the same frequency AT THE SAME TIME

It's all down to silicon chippery crunching the waves

It's not just antivirus downloads that have export control screening

Yet blocking common tech is 'crazy' says infosec bod

Drone racing sells robot soul to Mammon with launch of racing league

Overpaid creative team has coined the Ronseal name of 'Drone Racing League'

Lenovo CEO: We will axe 3,200 workers as our profits shrink to nowt

Pre-tax income dives 80 per cent as fewer people find cash for PCs

Misconfigured Big Data apps are leaking data like sieves

Bank and health info included in more than a petabyte of files left lying around

Apple's AirDrop abused by 'cyber-flashing' London train perv

Bluetooth-a-like tech helps weirdo send unwanted dick pic to alarmed passenger

Cheers, Bill Gates. Who wouldn't want drinking water made from POO?

Turd transmutation device also makes 'leccy and ash

Stardock’s Start10 brings the familiarity of 7 to Windows 10

Bonus: It hides the Cortana search box

Data centre disk use is spinning down – Wikibon report

Knowledge-sharing community lends its weight to flash domination thesis

Assange™ is 'upset' that he WON'T be prosecuted for rape, giggles lawyer

Hiding from your problems does make them go away after all. Who knew?

Citrix mounts Acropolis, offers support for Nutanix citizenry

No need to beware of geeks bearing gifts, this time

ZUCK OFF: Facebook nixes internship after student embarrasses firm

Classy company culls Harvard undergrad's offer

More UK broadband for bumpkins, but have-nots still ain’t happy

'An essential tool for all biz', says Countryside Alliance

NSA: Here’s $300,000, people. Go build us a safer Internet of Things

Maybe we could think about security when designing stuff

Watch out, Tokyo! Samsung readies a 15 terabyte SSD

No sign of Mothra at the Flash Memory Summit, however

Intel workforce diversity report throws up a bunch of 'unknowns'

Chipzilla continues its efforts to diversify its mostly pale, male staff

HTC shedding 15 per cent of workforce in 'strategic realignment'

Share price plummets, so off you go guys, sorry

Dell, Google dangle Chromebooks over IT bosses sick of Windows

PicAlthough they can still run Windows, ish

Alibaba shares down as growth slows to a continental creep

Chinese tat bazaar suffers domestic economic woes following record IPO

DNS root zone drama: Follow live the most important dullest ceremony you'll ever see

The Oscars it ain't but the key signing ceremony is vital

Apple tries to patent facial recognition

Cupertino wants in on another area everyone loves and trusts – auto-photo-tagging

Google flubs patch for Stagefright security bug in 950 million Androids

Update flawed, new one needed for countless gadgets

Have an iPhone? Mac? Just about anything else Apple flogs? Patch now

Massive update addresses iOS, OS X, and Safari security holes

Pure and simple: Why Gartner's and IPOing storage biz's numbers didn't line up

People make mistakes

Larry Page was held back by Google execs from flooding world with new dot-word domains

Moneybags CEO wanted to own rights to scores of gTLDs

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