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9th > August > 2015 Archive

Perhaps middle-aged blokes SHOULDN'T try 34-hour-long road trips

Worstall @ the WeekendNot if it's just to dodge some taxes, anyway ...

Germans in ‘brains off, just follow orders' hospital data centre gaff

On-CallWow, Mainwaring was right, they are ‘unthinking automatons’

'Cops KNOW WHO I AM and I don't believe their hearts were truly in the shootout'

QuoTWPlus: 'Apple Music f**king sucks'

Beware, skateboarders! Hackers can switch your 'leccy plank into reverse at warp speed

DEF CON 23Boosted to wheel out firmware patch

Huge hack attack: UK data cops to probe Carphone Warehouse breach

2.4 million customers at risk after personal info stolen

A close shave: How to destroy your hard drives without burning down the data centre

DEF CON 23Thermite, kinetic shock and power surges tested

Beaming boffins feel the rhythm as neutrinos oscillate over 500 miles

Mystery particles rarely interact with matter

Tesla tech top dog downs slug, hikes bug bounty to $10k

DEF CON 23Classy way to thank team who hacked his car

Australia: your real comms minister is George Brandis

Malcolm Turnbull rolled again

Ubiquiti stung US$46.7 million in e-mail spoofing fraud

Hi! here. Really is me! Please send cash from Hong Kong to here!

Windows 10 climbs to 3.55 per cent market share, Win 8.1 dips

And would you believe that Windows XP market share went UP last week?

Tesla still burning cash: each car loses $4,000

Bread-heads scratch heads over 'leccy car maker's future

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