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6th > August > 2015 Archive

Intel emits Skylake CPUs for gamers, overclockers (Psst, you'll need new RAM and a new mobo)

First ho-hum pair of sixth-gen chips require half a new PC

Telcos' revenge is coming as SDN brings a way to build smart pipes

Wanna watch the Olympics in 8K with no jitter? Hand over your credit card, kid

White hat finds vulnerability in white box switches

Black Hat 2015You put the badware in the firmware and you shake it all about

Researchers look sideways to crack SIM card AES-128 encryption

Black Hat 2015Gone in ten minutes, with a little help from some exotic hardware

LibreOffice 5.0 debuts, complete with fewer German code comments

Lighter, brighter, more compatible with foreign file formats and kinder to batteries

Chinese gang shoots down aerospace security with MSFT flaws

Black Hat 2015'Panda Emissary' group has an appetite for defence projects

Fancy 10 Gbps home broadband? Broadcom's built the guts of it

SoC is compatible with cable's DOCSIS and emerging EPON fibre standards

Alcatel-Lucent pays $10 million to Costa Rica's ICE over old bribery scandal

A step closer to settlement

Wordpress issues second urgent patch in two weeks

Run your own WP instances? You know what to do

Junior defence staffer on trial for 'posting secret dossier to 4chan'

Oz graduate was allegedly able to take document home on CD

AIDS? Ebola? Nah – ELECTRO SMOG is our 'biggest problem', says Noel Edmonds

... he says via electromagnetic wave broadcast. Yes, really

Techies told to GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY by Microsoft, Netflix

And have some extra time off for, and after, the multiplying

Hacking Team brewed potent iOS poison for non-jailbroken iThings

Masque attack weaponised

Global cybercrime fraud boss ran secret pro-Moscow intel sorties

Black Hat 2015Australia first on fraud menu for secretive Zeus kings.

Red Hat updates OpenStack suite

Come get a Kilo's worth of high-availability support and auto-deployment goodies

Cause of Parliamentary downtime on Microsoft Office 364½ revealed

13-hour outage due to one part of Microsoft not talking to another, apparently

We can give servers more memory, claims Diablo. Well, sort of

Flash substitute for DRAM yet to provoke an emotional response

Testing Motorola's Moto G third-gen mobe: Is it still king of the hill?

ReviewJockeying for position in the mid-range mobe market

EMC and VMware doing the old in-out shows the board is on the job

CommentLet's not get too excited about buyout rumours

ISC ’15 Student Cluster Competition: Euro kids answered the calls to arms

HPC BlogHuman blood conducts electricity just fine

Pale backside of lovely Luna flits past in imagery from 1 million miles out

The view from Ell-One

HAM IN SPAAAAAACE! ISS astronaut contacted by Gloucestershire bloke in garden shed

Sadly, wife hates hobby ‘with a passion’

Former GDS chief Mike Bracken joins Crystal Methodist's old firm

‘Delighted to take on this exciting role with the Co-operative’

FBI may pillory Hillary with email spillery grillery

Clinton's private email earns prez candidate the attention of the Feds

Samsung Electronics coughs up £55m for cancer-stricken workers

Dosh will be used for research, compensation

HP hikes up specs on hyperconverged offering

CPU and RAM boost will take the fight to Nutanix and SimpliVity

Court KOs irate Apple iMessenger woman's bid for class-action face off

Fruity firm wins suit over message system

Microsoft vacates moral high ground for the data slurpers' cesspit

OpinionThe ‘Consumerisation of IT’ – but without all the cool Consumer stuff

Popping the Tesla S bonnet – to reveal SIX NEW FLAWS

More issues with computer on wheels

Samsung looks into spam ads appearing on Brits' smart TVs

Samsung? Pah. More like Spam-sung, amirite?

Avnet TS bemoans slow PC sales and currency for Q4 shrinkage

But hey, cost cutting boosted our bottom line. Doubles all round!

Blighty a 'smartphone society' amid rise of 4G middle class

Although, 12 per cent of population just don't want web access

How many Win 10 PCs were in distribution the week before launch?

Zero. Squat. Diddly. And here's the three reasons why

EMC II, VMware and the future: Unpicking the house that Joe built

CommentFederation fissiparousness to form co-ordinated divisions

Lenovo topples Apple from PC summit by declining less slowly

Desktop, traditional notebooks and tabs all drop in bloodbath Q2

Android faces SECOND patching crisis, on the same scale as Stagefright

‘Certifi-gate’ vuln could allow unrestricted device access

ROBO-TENTACLE with mind of its own wields deadly electrical power – turns on Tesla car

VidShutdown your brain for a sec and enjoy

Hacker-friendly Chrysler hauled into court for class-action showdown

Black Hat 2015Should have fixed this remote-control vulnerability last year, peeps

Oh no ZigBee, as another front opens on home networking insecurity

Black Hat 2015If that lights a bulb above your head ... you've already been hacked

Microsoft lures iOS devs with open-source app tools for Windows 10

Because for some folks it's Objective-C or nothing

Cher tells HTC: If I could turn back time ... if I could find a way (to not lose $250m in a quarter)

Wang prepares to stiff staff

Copyright troll wants to ban 'copyright troll' from its copyright troll lawsuit

Also wants 'pornographer' removed from case centered on pornography

Pray harder for AMD

Nvidia shifts nearly $1bn in GPUs, eyes up cars and data centers, shrugs off profit dive

Pentagon email hacked, Russia already blamed

Message system for Joint Chiefs of Staff has been down for 11 days and counting

How the Arab Spring blew the lid off the commercial spyware

Black Hat 2015And how the US government is screwing the pooch with Wassenaar

Ransacked US OPM wins Pwnie Award for 'Most EPIC Fail'

Black Hat 2015Kicking a government when it's down

Virtually no one is using Apple Music even though it is utterly free

All that marketing, all those billions in the bank, and Spotify has Cupertino crushed

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