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Australian telcos won't get red tape relief says Brandis

Carriers get website blocking, data retention and the same red tape reduction as other industries

Lights out for Ada Initiative – women's group closing shop

Management decides to wind down advocacy group after four years

John McAfee cuffed by Tennessee cops, faces drug-driving, gun rap

PicGaffe-ey McAfee in slap-happy mugshot

Microsoft changes 'Outlook Web Access' to 'Outlook on the web'

The branding gurus are really earning their wages down Redmond way

DMTF signs off Redfish server management spec v 1.0

Control freakery intended for cloud-scale ops is heir to IPMI

Terracotta: The Chinese VPN that hides Beijing's hackers with pwned biz

BlackHatRSA report fingers globe-spanning, server-slamming hack network

Indian DEITY lifts national pr0n ban

Kiddiesmut still well and truly banned, ordinary onanism-inducers online again

Cop shops mock cop for cop stop flop: He'll cop it for copping it up - top cop

Mockup cockup leads to lockup

Xen hardens up with zero-footprint guest introspection code

Anti-virus software can now peer into VMs running on open source hypervisor

Fork off! FFmpeg project leader quits, says he's had enough with these forking AV libraries

Won't have Niedermayer to kick around anymore

Remember Impero, the school software biz that went ape over a vuln? Someone's got revenge

VideoIn a very British way – leaflets! OVER 9,000 of them

Researchers make SHODAN of the skies to probe internet-of-things

That's no drone. That's an aerial security scanning project!

Sinclair stretches to new major GSMA role

Acting director general keeps seat warm until full-time replacement arrives issues internal 'ditch Oracle NOW' edict to end pricey addiction

ExclusiveBean counters' big-number blues

Clueless do-gooders make Africa's conflict mineral mines even more dangerous

Worstall on WednesdayDodd-Frank stupidity writ large

Speaking in Tech: Did Philadelphia Eagles’ fans murder HitchBOT?

PodcastWaiting for EMC’s spinning in (and not out) of VMware

German prosecutor given Das Boot over Netzpolitik treason charge

Website claims huge donation boost after society backlash

Systemax bleeds $28m while its shares bounce off the floor

It's all OK – if you exclude currency issues, store closures, shrinking sales...

I could spoof Globalstar satellite messages, boasts infosec bod

Black Hat 2015'We've never been hacked so everything's fine' says hacked firm

Toshiba invites Seagate to the gun show after raising its SSD game

Gen 3 drive is faster – much faster – than gen 2

General Electric: Come here, cloud, and get in my IoT belly

Industrial giant ‘continues to grow its investment in software’

McAfee tells El Reg: 'My shootout with the police was highly exaggerated'

'I surrendered when I ran out of ammo' - Who exaggerated it?

EE recalls Power Bar phone chargers after explosion burns woman

Suspends swapping service due to fire safety risk

Windows 10 wipes your child safety settings if you upgrade from 7 or 8

MS should be ‘ashamed of itself’ says El Reg reader

That's not an Ofcom email about your radio licence – it's a TROJAN

Ham operators hit by spoof message with dodgy payload

Vision? Execution? Sadly, omission and confusion rule Gartner's virty quadrant

CommentStorage, compute and V-word: Together forever

Too much vino? LG brings Wine Smart oldster-mobe to Europe

Hey guys, the Millennium called and wants its flip phone back

Tintri’s funding reaches $260m, but is it ready to take on EMC?

The market is big enough for both of them – for now

I, for one, welcome the rise of the Infrastructure Endgame Machines

Software Defined Infrastructure – we had it coming

And so it begins... Cleaning up HMRC's £10.7bn Aspire mess

Capgemini to TUPE staff to tax collector as HMRC sets up new company to run IT

STOP! You – away from the keyboard. There's no free speech in our China

Middle Kingdom ramps up ideological fight against non-reds under the bed

Sengled lightbulb speakers: The best worst stereo on Earth

ReviewThe idea, design, software are all great. It just sounds terrible

Major web template flaw lets miscreants break out of sandboxes

Black Hat 2015This type of injection is way worse than XSS

IT security staff have a job for life – possibly a grim, frustrating life

Black Hat 2015Black Hat founder warns of coming crisis

Apple goes to crapple in stock plunge kerfaffle: $113bn wiped off in days

Peak AppleCook & Co feeling the heat as investors fret

Biggest security update in history coming up: Google patches Android hijack bug Stagefright

Black Hat 2015Ad giant, Samsung, LG commit to monthly fixes

Secret US-Pacific trade pact leak exposes power of the copyright lobby

Hush-hush TPP docs out of date but still revealing

Hacking Team Flash exploit leak revealed lightning reflexes of malware toolkit crafters

Black Hat 2015Less than 24 hours from release to attack

IBM and Apple sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g e-n-t-e-r-p-r-i-s-e b-u-y-e-r-s

Macs! People like Macs! And people will like us! Yes, us! scream Big Blue execs

Hey, FBI. Wanna track someone by cellphone? Get a proper warrant, says US appeals court

This one is going to the Supreme Court

DNS chief and wannabe master-of-the-internet ICANN pwned… again

Hashed passwords, email addresses and more exposed

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