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4th > August > 2015 Archive

New US cyber laws will hit privacy and security, says Homeland Security

When even the DHS thinks it's a bad idea then it must be time for a rethink

New South Wales to create Ministry of Truth

UPDATEWhole-of-government data analytics centre will fight crime and expanding waistlines

W3C's bright idea turned your battery into a SNITCH for websites

Blame HTML5's battery API – yes, you can read someone's battery status via JavaScript

Bound to happen: BIND bug exploits now in the wild

Tardy on the patch? GET BUSY

OS X remote malware strikes Thunderbolt, hops hard drive swaps

BlackHat videoThunderstrike 2 hack liberated of need for physical access.

QEMU may be fro-Xen out after two new bugs emerge

Five guest-host escalation SNAFUs might be stretching the virtual friendship

Nearby exoplanets circle naked-eye-visible star

HARPS-N search finds rocky planets just 21 light years away

RIG exploit kit scum pop 27,000 machines a day

Version 3.0 gets Flash.

Boffins turned off by silicon switch to TILTING MAGNETS

'Anisotropy': look it up, use it, wear it out

Google's Moto-v-Microsoft appeal denied

Acted 'in bad faith' over WiFi, H.264 patents

Pivotal brings its labs to Asia, starting in Australia and Japan

UPDATETWO agile PaaS Kool Aid Klubs coming to Sydney and Tokyo

Chechen women swindle ISIS via social media: 'We need roubles to join you xx'

Con-artist activities unlikely to temper Islamist misogyny

Hackers use 'cartons' with 'sticks', may be foiled by 'watermelons'

Translation from Russian hack-slang: Credit card, PayPal and secure server

OFFICIAL SCIENCE: Men are freezing women out of the workplace

Some like it hot

We made a new Do Not Track thing – not like you'll use it or anything, huffs emo teen EFF

God, you never understand me

Painfully insecure GDS spaffs £21,000 on online narcissism tool

Navel-gazing gov body flings taxpayers' hard-earned at bot that reads Twitter

Vodafone adopts hydrogen fuel cells to dodge African outages

Avoids the light-fingered criminal element by using a light element

Sony Xperia Z4 4G Android tablet – gift of sound and vision

ReviewThinner, lighter 10-incher now with bundled keyboard dock

China and the cloud sink their teeth into server sales

Tier-1 server suppliers feel the bite as Chinese vendors increase market share

Yahoo! website! ads! spaff! CryptoWall! ransomware! AGAIN!

Unpatched Flash holes exploited to inject file-scrambling nasty

Diving for pearls of data just got easier, thanks to EMC/Hadoop deal

Impaling your data insights with Impala

Do you speak NFV? Time to go back to school and learn

Software – not shelves – is the answer, whatever the other kids may say

Windows 10 Start menu replacements shifting like hot cakes

You had one job, Microsoft. One job

Duncan Campbell: GCHQ and me and a roomful of Reg readers

Reg LecturesLong suppressed video finally makes it onto the web

Hacklands introducing geeks to something called 'outdoors'

In tents coding session for hackers

SDN: It's living the dream – and just using what you've got

Freedom to pick the hardware you want, when you want

Radian ready to replace the flash translation layer

It's all about the speed baby, speed, speed, speed

Intel doubles its bounty for women and ethnic minorities

The queue for the men's toilet is out of control

Allow the merger, please, we'll play nice, NXP begs EU competition chief

Dutch chipmaker submits Freescale takeover bid

Kelway new owner CDW tells staff to rest easy. Job cuts? Nah

No severance or office closures pegged, but Brit firm will have to pull up SOX

MoD splashes £1.5bn on 10-year IT deal to 'keep pace with threats'

Savings of £1bn expected ... yeah, we'll see

Netzpolitik spy journo treason case stalls, chief prosecutor told to quit

UpdatedAttorney General wanted to plough on ... others aren't so sure

HP PC and print channel director quits new role and company

Splitter Boshoff not heading to HP Inc after all... please welcome Neil Sawyer instead

Asian worries for Samsung and Apple as local brands chop up the market

Hometown boys mean big trouble in China

Reclothed BlackBerry Passport launched as Silver Edition

Third time lucky for the Phreak Phablet?

Insight becomes latest victim of global currency conundrum

If it wasn't for that pesky US dollar IT gods would have smiled on us in Q2, yells CEO

Want to avoid a hangover? DRINK MORE, say boffins

Erm, yeah, more Korean pear juice, that is, before you hit the hard stuff

Seagate flaunts 4TB-ish enterprise SAS flash that can shift 1.8GB/s

Micron-assisted with variable endurance ratings

Mac fans! Don't run any old guff from the web: Malware spotted exploiting OS X root bug

Dodgy apps use hole in Yosemite to inject adware

Screw your cutesy plastic art tat, the US govt has found a use for 3D printing: DRUGS!

Epilepsy pill gets OK for public use

Playing with graphene? All the cool kids are using TIN – atom-thick sheets of stanene

Newest nanomaterial could be perfectly power efficient

Sales veep, staff log-off from cluster-cache upstart PernixData

This is fine, everything's fine

Marvell-LESS! Chip giant slashes $1.5bn judgment in CMU patent fight

Or not ... judge calls for new trial

If you read anything today about ICANN taking over the internet, make sure it's this

AnalysisHodgepodge of flawed ideas, bad processes

Wait, what? TrueCrypt 'decrypted' by FBI to nail doc-stealing sysadmin

Do the Feds know something we don't about crypto-tool? Or did bloke squeal his password?

Drone delivery sparks Ohio prison brawl

Geez, you would think they had never seen a heroin-dropping quadcopter before

Epson: Cheap printers, expensive ink? Let's turn that upside down

Razor blade biz model in retreat with more two-year ink tanks

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