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30th > July > 2015 Archive

Start learning parallel programming and make these supercomputers sing, Prez Obama orders

If you want exascale toys, you gotta make 'em dance

US to rethink hacker tool export rules after mass freakout in security land

Second draft of Wassenaar to take public comments under advisory

Telcos given a breather to meet Oz metadata retention laws

AG Dept offers rollout extension

Git a load of this: GitHub now valued at $2 billion

Investors pump yet more millions of dollars into online source-code silo

NetApp sees IBM/Cisco VersaStack as 'huge' threat to FlexPod

Competitive intel docs leak to forums, reveal NetApp beaten by SolidFire for Cisco sale

Tired tablets don't tickle the imagination, so sales fall again

Market fragmenting as Apple and Samsung lose dominance, say new IDC numbers

Cisco IOS-XE update time: Squash that DoS bug

Fixes how the daemon triggers error messages for packets it can't reassemble

China announces petascale super for FAST radiotelescope

Big dish will need top-100-sized iron

Critical BIND bug scores PATCH YESTERDAY grading

Easy to hack universal remote BIND DoS hole leaves DNS open to attack

Bloke cuffed for blowing low-flying camera drone to bits with shotgun

Sharpshooter exercises Second Amendment rights

Boffins get the inside dope, craft white laser

If this works, your light bulbs will deliver hundreds of gigabits per second

Octogenarian accused of performing sex act with a SHRUBBERY

SFWPossible inspiration for character of Roger the Shrubber revealed

Rackspace cooking up security-secret-sharing cloud cabal

Top-tier clouds invited into information-sharing club to speed defence deployment

Don't want pranksters 'bricking' your Android? Just stop using the internet, duh – Google

VideoThanks for the top tip, now where's the patch?

SPUD – The IETF's anti-snooping protocol that will never be used

Author Joe Hildebrand explains why a dead-end effort to reinvent networks isn't futile

Google turns cookie monster on AdSense, DoubleClick clients

'Just do what the EU wants and no-one will get hurt' suggests Mountain View

'Fix these Windows 10 Horrors': Readers turn their guns on Redmond

MailbagReadership turns to Microsoft as one and asks 'what are you DOING?'

The Breakfast (Table) of Champions: Micro Machines

Antique Code ShowDesktop gaming in every sense of the phrase

Beyond virty boxen and hyperconvergence: Regard the mighty data centres of the future

Riding that software-defined wave

Contractors who used Employee Beneficiary Trusts are in HMRC's sights

Think you're alright because it was all over years ago? Nope

IARPA: Come, quantum computing boffins. We've got cash for you

Funds for 'logical qubit' development, no less

This is TRUE science: Harvard boffins fire up sizzling BACON LASER

Pork experiment elicits baffled awe from fellow scientists

Never mind falling revenues, BT watchers, look at the footy offering

Consumer monies up, mostly off the back of price-hiked telly packages wants to stop teenagers looking at tits online. No, really

Think of the children! Wait. Er... DON'T think of the children

Download Fest goers were human guinea pigs in spy tech experiment, admit police

Mass surveillance exercise didn't catch a single criminal

What can't sell Galaxy S6s and keeps going down on you? Samsung and its profits

Smartphone giant feeling mobe market saturation sqeeze, suffers after supply shortage

Feeding the XPoint cuckoo and finding it a place in the storage nest

Intel/Micron tech looks to force its way into the memory storage spectrum

And on that bombshell: Top Gear's Clarkson to reappear on Amazon

Rejoice, petrolheads – team of boring old men back to act like prats again

Microsoft Edge web browser: A well-presented mea culpa

ReviewNot perfect, but way better than IE – and it gives Chrome the willies

Strong ARM scoops up Sansa to boost IoT security

Chipmaker adds Israeli company's bolt-on protection to its bulging armoured sack

BT hands £129m back to after beating rural broadband targets

Super generous state monopoly? Fat chance – it's in their contract

French dating sites spanked for laissez faire data protection

Data watchdog advises eager Gallic singles to say 'Non' to naked selfies

Chinese hackers behind OPM megabreach also pwned United Airlines

Possibility of Beijing-sponsored triple hack makes industry sit-up, gulp, take notice

Will the PC glory days ever return, WD asks as its finances slip

Disk units and revenues spin down as desktop market declines

Obama endorses 3D TLC flash. How else can you do exaflop computing?

CommentDisks in large enough numbers are volatile; they break...

Expansion-hungry Equinix posts bumper sales

Results for acquisition target Telecity look limp in comparison

Small number of computer-aided rifles could be hacked in contrived scenario

Year-long publicity effort hits bullseye ... in a way

Derelict TrueCrypt Russia portal 'is command hub for Ukraine spying op'

Backdoored code slung at officials, journos etc

Oracle: Docker container tech will be in the Zone on Solaris

Larry's Unix to support cross-platform containers with unique Solaris features

Alien dwarf 'star' flashes her dazzling brown rear at stunned space boffins

VideoYou won't see that headline in Nature

FCC swamped by 2,000+ net neutrality complaints against ISPs

Avalanche of gripes could come in handy once someone figures how to enforce new rules

Edge out rivals? No! Firefox boss BLASTS Microsoft's Windows 10 browser brouhaha

Mozilla's Beard gets in SatNad's grille over killing choice fears

Giant Facebook SOLAR LASER DRONE to FEED interwebs into YOUR FACE

PicsAquila bird to zap globe with internet access, promises Zuck

Apple gobbles chunk of CNET, ZDNet – report

iPhone giant to get comfy with CBS Interactive in San Francisco, apparently

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