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27th > July > 2015 Archive

Ubuntu defibrillates 14.10 for one LAST patch

Utopic Unicorn gets another gallop to leap security rainbow

Australia to tax ALL international online purchases

Jeff Bezos, will you please collect the tax for us? We've got our hands full of metadata

Today's smart home devices are too dumb to succeed

You want me to do what? And remember it? On how many apps? Fuggedaboutit

Pakistan bans BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Telcos told to switch off BES-as-a-service in December

Invisible app ads slug smartmobes with 2GB of daily downloads

Boffins say ad industry to be fleeced ONE BEELLION DOLLARS this year.

Oracle storage analytics break Oracle storage appliances

Big Red chap warns of ZFS boxen slowing when you delve too greedily and too deep

Software-defined what? Look at our glorious ASICs says Cisco

Borg betting big that some networks can't be white-boxed any time soon

AT&T: Sorry vendors, SDN is eating your lunch

The cold winds of disruption start to whistle through telco-tin-land

New study into lack of women in Tech: It's not the men's fault

It's just simple mathematics, apparently

Google to block access to unofficial autocomplete API

Yule bee … you'll bee … you'll be butter off … better off without it, says ad giant

'Plague Scanner' controls multiple AV engines, for $0.00

Open-sourcery tries to take down commercial AV frameworks

Gamers Steaming over dumb Valve password vuln

Password reset hole patched, but company stays mum

Unhinged Linux backdoor still poses a nuisance, if not a threat

When is a door not a door? When slapdash coding turns it into a glorified 'off' switch

If Microsoft made laptops, it'd make this: HP Spectre x360

ReviewNeat-looking convertible - not spectacular but does the business

Violin Memory thinks it'll boost sales by copying face cream giants

CommentStorage firm feels the Love and gets Procter and Gamble-ised

Ballmer's billion-dollar blunders: When he gambled Microsoft's money and lost

AnalysisNokia is the biggest write-off yet, but it wasn't the first

Five data centres you can't live without

The Register zooms in to where the Web giants are

We put Windows 10 on a small fondleslab: STILL not ready, 3 days to go

How quickly can Microsoft patch the bugs?

Samsung emits mobe charging monitor. For your 'active lifestyle'

Qi is more than just a neat word for Scrabble

Plexistor's latest box sounds a lot like flash memory as virtual DRAM

CommentWell, it sure ain't a VSAN offering Are we talking about Big Data enough? Should we plug it more?

Never mind Betteridge's Law, you cynical mob

Hawking, Musk, Woz (and others): Robots will kill us all

Opinion'Kalashnikovs of tomorrow' - Yikes

Pope loses grip on Antarctica: Clergy withdraw from austral landmass

Hey, these tiny nuns REALLY like their fish! Wait a minute ...

Email apparently from Home Office warns of emails apparently from Home Office

Trust us: Don't trust us

Zorawar Biri Singh lands Cisco CTO post as firm shuffles its top brass

One-time HP and IBM chap takes reins at Borging firm

EU graciously lets Dutch splurge €33m on 'leccy car charger network

Good news for Schipol's Tesla-tastic taxi drivers

Don't suit up: Microsoft drops dress code for Android visitors

It seems Astoria will allow Windows 10 to run unmodified droid binaries

Google bows to inevitable, stops forcing Google+ logins on YouTubers

Hmm, what's that smell? Yes, Google+, it's death

Hold that upgrade: Critical bug in .NET 4.6 'breaks applications'

Methods get wrong parameters, claim Stack Overflow dev

Got an Android phone? SMASH IT with a hammer – and do it NOW

Up to a BEELLION mobes vulnerable to Stagefright bug

Game over, Ouya, the Android gaming console

Thanks for all that Kickstarter cash – upstart gobbled by Razer

Ahem, FCC, who do you think you are? The FTC?

US Congress to probe new rules on net neutrality, the internet and spectrum auctions

Debian Project holds Sparc port's hand, switches off life support

No more support for bedridden Sun hardware going forward

NSA: We'll move your metadata into /dev/null when you stop suing us

November 29 set as cutoff date for further collection

Software spec slip denies Westpac chance at a MILLION A DAY

That's not a bug, it's a feature

Buy a Tesla for the good of Australia, say country's dino-burners

Save us from declining demand, electricity suppliers cry

Secretive trade pact the TTIP: Death of the web – or a brave new horizon?

AnalysisUm, neither? Doesn't matter. Just shut up and start yelling

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