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22nd > July > 2015 Archive

Disaster-gawping cam drones to be blasted out of the sky in California

Firefighters, cops etc should take down flying gizmos without fear of lawsuits, say politicos

Pirates also buy content legally, Australian gov study finds

Opposition party wakes up with hangover to find brand-new net filter tattoo on face

BREAKING NEWS: Apple makes money

It's a close one, really close

$50bn AT&T-DirecTV GOBBLE almost at BELCH stage: DoJ, FCC boss give nod

Home stretch for home entertainment mega-deal

Australian carriers try to head off government telco security bill

Sys admin/attorney-general George Brandis not welcome in the data centre

Google, Facebook and chums launch web blacklist to nail ad scammers

New tricks nix fake clicks

Microsoft open-sources Sora software-defined radio

Project throws CPU cores where RF wonks put ASICs

Joomla Helpdesk Pro remote code exec vulns lead to server pwnage

You want to download config.php? Sure, why not?

Oi, #tubby! You are what you Tweet, boffins find

'Lexicocalorimeter' suggests if your socmed feed is full of fat, so are you

Cisco re-orgs marketing to hide the brand, EMPTY YOUR WALLET

Awareness? But everyone knows who we are!

Yahoo! reverses! reversal! FLIPS! profit! into! loss!

Purple Palace blows $200 MEELLLION on buying goofy eyeballs

VMware sprawls across the data centre to post 'solid' Q2 results

$1.6 BEELLION revenue, 2,000 VSANs now in production but no mention of EVO:RAIL

べーコンはどこですか? demands post-pub nosh fan

And while we're at it, what exactly is a 'smidge'?

Beaten blokes hate the women who frag them in online games

But bat their eyelids at women they think pose no threat

Nigerian prince swaps the sweet talk for keyloggers and exploits

Their emails still reek, but non-English natives don't notice

PEAK PLUTO: Stunning mountain ridge snapped by New Horizons craft

PhotosPlus jellybean moon Nix in fresh pics

UK's Crown Commercial Service creams off £72m from frameworks

Bureaucratic body has year of 'intense activity'

The French want to BAN .doc and .xls files from Le Gouvernement

Ditch Office for more open standards, says DISIC

Greece? Zzzz. EU bank says TWEETING can move the stock market

Worstall on WednesdayIt must be true, Big Data says so

Lockheed Martin's bored with IT and going back to fast jets

So, military hardware is more interesting than tech procurement

Spanish judge dodges the ultimate question – is Uber a taxi company?

ECJ not expected to rule until autumn next year

SPECTRE-tacular: New trailer out for Bond 24. But where's the pussy?

A bit light on white Persian cats, it must be said

Silicon-happy ARM engorges its profits by a third – so its shares dip

Apple 'woes' push price around despite firm doing rather well

Keep your stupid drones away from piloted aircraft, rages CAA

Alarmed authority notes near miss between passenger jet and quadcopter

Windows 10 on Mobile under the scope: Flaws, confusion, and going nowhere fast

In DepthAre you serious, SatNad?

Speaking in Tech: Some douchebag put a bike rack on Tesla's new motor

PodcastPlus: VMworld's like a 'high school reunion'

Google swallows, but won't digest, mobile app prototyping biz Pixate

Chocolate Factory seeks to extend design capability

MariaDB seeks home-grown CEO for Oracle bout

ExclusiveSilicon chief to face money men in Big Larry's Lair

Catch 'em while you can! Presenting Druva's virtual open door detector

Sounding alarms over sensitive info exposure

NHS England backs down over another data extraction scheme

Body denies it had plans to slurp more info

Cut-throat cloud pricing not as cut-throat as you'd think

Look away from the static pricing for services...

Pakistan wants to copy GCHQ and eavesdrop on world+dog's comms

Spies gonna spy, no matter where in the world they are

Report links alleged US, Israeli cybercrims with JPMorgan MEGAHACK

Pump-and-dump buck stops with arrests in Florida and Israel

AI finally understands primitive sketches – aka marketing presentations

Welcome to our Hell, computers

Storage slump? Dunno what you're talking about, beams EMC

But infrastructure refreshes are slowing, warns top man Tucci

ATTOboy, says Nexenta as it lets you HA-ve a FibreBridge or two

Storage firm adds city-wide disaster recovery to its storage

Neat but narky at times: Pebble Time colour e-paper watch

ReviewMight lose on style, but wins on longevity and practicality

Open Container Project renames, says standard is just weeks away

Linux Foundation, Docker and friends opt for Open Container Initiative

Hark, the Hacking Team angels sing, it’s not us who’ve actually sinned

Even that Sudan stuff wasn’t actually a weapon

Lottery IT security boss guilty of hacking lotto computer to win $14.3m

Bloke rigged systems so he knew which numbers would come next

'Apple lures labels from free streams – and why is no one doing anything about it' shrieks group

Rabble rousers demand FTC, DoJ probe Music service

Security tool bod's hell: People think I wrote code for Hacking Team!

Now he wishes there was an anti-snoop clause in the GPL

Get root on an OS X 10.10 Mac: The exploit is so trivial it fits in a tweet

Code diveIf you want it fixed, upgrade to the El Capitan beta

Storage unicorns and their hyped-up horns

CommentFacing impalation on their own bony proboscii

Dear diary. Gotta axe 15% of staff, it's like I'm cracking up – Qualcomm

Top investors pour on pressure as latest financial results disappoint

You can secretly snoop on someone if they butt-dial you – US judges

No right to privacy in an accidental one-way chat

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