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20th > July > 2015 Archive

Hacking Team hackers questioned over Hacking Team hack

Reports say authorities considering possibility of inside job

Australian Government hopes to untangle NBN migration mess

'User focussed' and 'industry led' effort to stop folks coming a cropper post-copper

Magic quadrant of four squares, who's the virtualisation Mayor?

VMware in the lead again, despite vSphere 6.0 missing the cut

America helps ease Ericsson's pain

Q2 results beat forecast

Oracle bins virtual compute appliance, reveals identical private cloud appliance

Same box, but marketers are paid more than you

Marshall wants to turn your phone UP TO ELEVEN

'Loudest phone' is an Android with a sound card for FLACing good sound

STARS SNUFFED in massive galactic whodunit

Coma Cluster's 'dead galaxies' are 99 per cent dark matter, boffin says

BT's Openreach plots end-user trials

ISPs line up for 'superfast' services

Crims bait phishing hooks with Flash, cast at US Gov agencies

State targeted after tech, aerospace, transport campaign

Spamquake subsides: less than half of email is now processed pork

Best results since 2003 as Phisherfolk stop dangling their bait

German police ARREST SQUIRREL for stalking woman

Tree-rat crimewave as another furry hellraiser goes wild, wrecks pub

Dwarfworld PLUTO may not have a real DOG on it - but it does have a TAIL

A plasma tail caused by the solar wind, natch

North Korea's Red Star Linux inserts sneaky serial content tracker

Hermit Kingdom activists can feel more secure with Open Office

Reg reader? Work at the Home Office? Are you SURE?

It's ‘playing its part in reducing the budget deficit’, apparently

Seagate pumps up EVault capabilities to enterprise level

Check out the 4X speed increase, and 5X capacity increase

Here's why Whittingdale kicked a subscription BBC into the future

AnalysisEven the 4King Germans are doing it better

Fancy signing into Windows 10 with Office 365? WHOA there, my friend

Hands OnFrustrations remain with Azure Active Directory

Flash in the pan? Dell 3D TLC AFAs are cheaper than spinning rust

First enterprise arrays to run on Samsung's chippery

Ashley Madison hack: Site for people who can't be trusted can't be trusted

Bin site or we spaff everything, say hax0rz

Fragmented Android development creating greater security risks

Some flaws exist on over a ‘hundred phone models and affect millions of users’

Windows 10 Edge: Standards kinda suck yet better than Chrome?

The best thing for the web since Mozilla forked Netscape

Oi, Europe: join in the sharing economy fun, yells

Dept publishes important 'non-paper' on the sharing economy

Project Morpheus VR headset hands-on at the Sony Summer Showcase

VideoPlus The Reg strikes back! Gaming on Star Wars: Battlefront

Microsoft sets end date on Windows 10 support. Hey, wait, WHAT?

Like facing hackers alone? Prep now

Norton for Windows 10 is NOT a box-borking beta, insists Symantec

Beta? More like Betamax with a snagged tape, howl customers

Russian billionaire: GET me the ALIENS ON THE PHONE. Do it NOW

Here's $100m. Now put me through to ET

VMware flushes away unbelievers with its new VSANitation unit

Say hello to SABU chief tech office's new gang

Microsoft hurls out Visual Studio 2015, .Net 4.6 ahead of Windows 10

They're here – you now have nine days to write your apps

British spooks wave through Samsung S6 mobes for UK govt bods

CESG KNOX on wood – certifies vendor's encryption tech

The Ruskies are coming for you, NSA director tells City bankers

GCHQ's Sir David Omand and Admiral Rogers talk up cyber and economic war

Americans find fantastic new use for drones – interfering with firefighting

Please move, so we can dump this water. In your own time

Microsoft: Hey, you. Done patching Windows this month? WRONG

Yet another serious vulnerability emerges from leaked Hacking Team archives

Spyware-spewing Wi-Fi drone found on Hacking Team, Boeing's to-do list

Air-to-surface malware missiles

Comet-invader Philae goes silent, mothership Rosetta forced to retreat

It's almost as if the strange rock doesn't want to be conquered by humans

Grooveshark cofounder Josh Greenberg dead at 28

Former music-sharing boss was looking for fresh start

The US taxman thinks Microsoft owes billions. Prove it, says Microsoft

Redmond: It's been years. Get in court and show us the bill, or get lost

Neil Armstrong's MOON spacesuit: One small donation from you - one giant leap for Mankind

Smithsonian wants to raise $500k for spacesuit exhibit

What goes up, Musk comedown: Falcon rocket failed to strut its stuff

SpaceX chief explains how duff member betrayed him

What's dying on the vine and rhymes with IBM?

Unlucky Big Blue suffers 13th straight quarter of decline

Snowden to the IETF: Please make an internet for users, not the spies

Whistleblower addresses Prague meeting of 'net engineers

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