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15th > July > 2015 Archive

Google: Maps editing is back – but, please, no more p*ss-taking robots!

Chocolate Factory asking users to police themselves with edits

Salesforce unleashes red-tape-as-a-service for regulation-heavy users

Compliance-conscious folk get SmsSaaS: Slightly-more-secure-software-as-a-service

Reddit CEO U-turn: Site no longer a bastion of free speech – and stop posting so much hate

New boss is fed up of 'reprehensible' garbage

Google adds Windows Server to Cloud Platform

Non-penguins finally allowed into Chocolate Factory's cloud club, with hybrid options

India ponders home-baked chips for defence and nuke plants

A little bit of Snowden paranoia and a whole lot of economic stimulus

Pluto Pic: Is it a DOG? Is it a HEART? Or is it ... is it ... BIGFOOT?

Probe survives flyby, data now beaming in

Microsoft nixes A-V updates for XP, exposes 180 MEEELLION luddites

XP rump now carrion for hackers as malware removal tool pulled, A-V updates cease

IBM to offer breast milk elivery-as-a-service for staff

New mums will be able to ship nature's finest food to junior

Commodore PET lurches out of its 1970s grave – as a phablet

VideoRetro-gamers rejoice: There's an Amiga emulator too

nbnTM plans for future backhaul upgrade to FTTN cabinets

+commentBetter to rebuild later than over-invest now, says network builder

Microsoft boffins borrow smartmobe brains to give wearables 9x kick

Redmond wants to work where the grunt is, not where power is puny

Ex-MIT prof jailed for 'making experimental film' about bank robbery. In a bank. Without saying it was a film

Or giving the money back

Content delivery network CloudFlare's court order count soars

50 legal letters land in six months as spooks seek insights into traffic

'Progress made' as EU aims to get new data protection laws ASAP

Brussels moves like striking cobra, looks to achieve October agreement

Micron re-furtles its data centre SSD offering

Your customers' cat vids will be safe and dispatchable aboard this

Former spook bigwigs ask for rewrite of UK’s surveillance laws

‘New legislative framework’ needed, says RUSI report

Did MARS once have OCEANS? Curiosity discovers continental crust

Latest rock-zapping by nuclear laser tank yields strange results

Dive deep into our liquid cooling chat. Just the thing for sticky summers

HPC blog + vidBenefits, costs and performance

New Google APIs: Point your phone at a telly like a streaming hose of vid

Splatter your digital fluid all OVER than screen

Speaking in Tech: Reddit makes a train wreck even worse

PodcastThe next stage in China’s world domination plans – buying Micron

Run Windows 10 on your existing PC you say, Microsoft? Hmmm.

Believe it or not, torching existing stock and starting over may work out cheaper

Cisco is ready to axe workers at its Ubiquisys small cell unit

Sources: Brit-based biz in start-up mode for too long, got lost in Cisco machine

Crims and politicians using RTBF to scrub themselves from Google? Not quite

Actually just ordinary folk getting some privacy rights


'Doesn't taste like seaweed at all,' enthuses boffin

Apple proffers FREE iCLOUD SUBS to tackle Greek debt crisis

No food or job? Well, at least your playlists are safe

Hyperconverged upstart Scale slurps $18m from cash-happy VCs

One thousand customers a good base for a business build-out

Samsung promises win over hedge fund Elliot as investor shrieks 'NO'

Cheil merger wrangles set to continue

Nokia Networks is going to make zer Vaterland's trains run on time

GSM-R base station deal covers frequency updates and new hardware

Mozilla's ‘Great or Dead’ philosophy may save bloated blimp Firefox

Moz shop's rebuild-the-fox plan begins to take shape

Unredacted: ICANN's hidden role in fierce battle over .Africa rights

Damning review was censored – but we've seen the full report

Malwarebytes slurps startup, hopes to belch out Mac malware zapper

Aims to charm fanbois with adware removal tool

Epic Games, Epic Fail: Forumers' info blown into dust by hack

Company sorry for the inconvenience caused. Great

Everything I see is Windows 10, says Microsoft's SatNad

Mobile strategy 101? 'What I mean is...'

Data centre OS upstart Mesosphere flutters eyelashes at devs

Clustered, cloud crew

Infosec bigwigs rally against US cyber export control rule

Coalition formed to oppose 'misguided' legislation that will help hackers, hurt research

Hey, Spotify! Why do you internet companies hate competition?

Guest opinionSongwriters aren't asking Uncle Sam for help. So why are you?

Dotcom's file-sharing hive Mega 'sues for copyright infringement'

Fat man bites dog

iPod dead? Nope, says Apple: New Touch has iPhone 6 brains

PicIt's alive! It's alive!

Toyota recalls 625,000 hybrids: Software bug kills engines dead with THERMAL OVERLOAD

Prius owners look less smug

Free software fans land crucial punch in Ubuntu row – but it's not over

They'd like Canonical to make still more changes to licensing

Neil Young yanks music from streaming services: 'Worst audio in history'

'It's not because of the money' says Down By The River star

Telstra vid downloads getting SLOWER says new Netflix speed test

Remind us again who owns half of Foxtel? Telstra? Really …

China reveals home-grown supercomputer chips after Intel x86 ban

ISC 2015The speeds and feeds of the Middle Kingdom's custom HPC DSPs

Free internet for kids! Obama's offering free internet to kids! (Yes, there's a catch)

A sad catch

Intel beats earnings estimates (because nobody expected it to earn much)

Another glum quarter as customers shun PCs

Europe a step closer to keeping records on all passengers flying in and out of the Continent

Privacy activists alarmed by profiling implications

Behold: Pluto's huge ICE MOUNTAINS ... and signs of cryovolcanoes?

PicsBoth the dwarf freezeworld and moon Charon are active – that shouldn't happen

Microsoft sprints to finish, emits possible Windows 10 RC build

Ready or not, here it comes

Merger-killer Netflix: We're actually OK with Charter's TWC gobble

So long as they keep up the sweetheart interconnect deal, that is

Wi-Fi Alliance ushers in new era of intrusive apps

First 'Wi-Fi Aware' chips pass certification

It's official – HP really will get you a Windows 10 PC on July 29 (barely)

Better order early, though

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