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14th > July > 2015 Archive

Q. Why did Nintendo force GitHub to take down an emulator? A. It was stuffed with ROMs

Shocker: Games company not so big on piracy

US yoinks six Nigerians to Mississippi on '419 scam' charges

Not a prince among ‘em

Linux Foundation serves up a tasty dish of BUGS

Lots of important tools get no developer love, which makes Linux a bit more risky

FLASH MUST DIE, says Facebook security chief

It's in a magic bad-but-not-bad-enough hellspot - so just kill it already

HP won't ship PCs with Windows 10 preinstalled until mid-August

Better plan on downloading it ... or just skip it

Pluto revealed as KING of the Kuiper belt

Still too small to be a planet, even though Eris was measured in error

SaaS without an internet connection: what strange magic is this?

A WAN with a plan can make SaaS look like it's on-prem, suggests Equinix

Hackers sell 79,267 Cloudminr accounts for ONE Bitcoin

Was it even a real mine, or a Ponzi scheme, ponder former users

Telegram messaging app cops 200Gbps DDoS

'Someone from East Asia is pissed' say admins, but our cyborgs are fighting back

Huawei: in the world of 5G, we're all Europeans now

Chinese giant joins Europe's 5G-PPP

Alca-Lu clocks 300 Gbps over 10,000 km submarine cable

That's 18,750 grumble flicks spaffed across your preferred ocean each second

Ireland loses entire airport amid new postcode chaos

€27m system has no idea where 72-yr-old facility is

Rackspace to resell and support Microsoft's Azure

OpenStack? Didn't we have something to do with that once?

Adobe: We REALLY are taking Flash security seriously – honest

Read their Lips – get our tips

Been hacked? Now to decide if you chase the WHO or the HOW

AnalysisMarketers want the bad guys named. Security pros aren't sure they're right

Arrgh! It's Device-a-pocalypse, Gartner yowls: 11 per cent drop foretold

No XP, smartphone saturation and tabs? Hollow laugh

Delphix is in a DaaS for cash after sponging up $75m

Gartner’s quadrant gives a timely seal of approval


Great! Even your wallet will be dependent upon a battery you can't swap

My top three IT SNAFUs - and how I fixed them

Dave Cartwright shares his war stories

Sixty-five THOUSAND Range Rovers recalled over DOOR software glitch

Yes, door software - like on the Heart of Gold, presumably

Tech talent scout Braund scouted by troubled Coms Plc

'We've found a CEO' thunders B2B connectivity biz, hope it's better than last time

Gazing at the future: Taking a look at two $20m storage upstarts

CommentJut and CoreOS spend their cash differently

Android Wear 5.1: A more enduring wristjob for your pleasure

ReviewUpdate breathes new life into Reg man’s strap on

Imation's CEO races to exit door, grabs $4.8m golden goodbye

Not bad for a lad that masterminded monumental top line shrinkage

Police, firefighters, ambulances, hospitals: 20 per cent still rely on Win Server 2003

ExclusiveEnd of support today. Try not to get ill

Cell division: The engine of life – and of CANCER. Now some of its secrets are revealed

Boffins chuffed at chromosome activity breakthrough

Account at HSBC? BAD LUCK, no iPhone bonk-banking for you

You'll have to get your wallet out, like some sort of Stone Age SAVAGE

Microsoft customers on the great (hybrid) cloud migration

Office 365 leads the way

The Great Barrier Relief – Inside London's heavy metal and concrete defence act

Geek's Guide to BritainWaves against the machine

China looks to gobble Micron, acquire its own RAM and flash chipper

Uncle Sam may have something to say about that, though

Microsoft suspends Windows 10 new-build downloads ahead of launch

Temporary measure to 'stress and validate' delivery system

Peak Google? Chocolate Factory cuts costs amid dwindling growth

Justify your travel and supplies, Oompa-Loompas told

Uninstalled Google Photos? Thought your pics safe from slurping? WRONG, bozo

Whoops, sorry, did we not make that clear - Google

Mozilla loses patience with Flash over Hacking Team, BLOCKS it

'Temporary pending a patch'. Until the next time

Proxyham Wi-Fi relay SUPPRESSED. CONSPIRACY, yowl tinfoilers

Cool it chaps, fed-dodger kit is hardly a major innovation

Acer still rumbling along toward end of runway - but no sign of liftoff

Shih and Huang sweatily heaving on controls but can they get airborne?

Hacking Team spyware rootkit: Even a new HARD DRIVE wouldn't get rid of it

No amount of scrubbing could shift UEFI BIOS nasty

Tour de France leader's cycling data may have been hacked by doping critics

‘We’ve got legal guys on the case,’ says Team Sky

Nokia will indeed be back 'making' phones – and it's far from a foolish move

AnalysisFinns reaffirm arms-length hardware plans

GET PATCHED: Adobe plugs Hacking Team Flash holes and more

Software portfolio looks like a nicotine addict's buttocks

BT Global Services UK pres put out to special project pastures

Ashish Gupta to become the new Emer Timmons

Lustrous scarlet drawers with plenty crammed into them: Get a load of DDN's box

With these data building bricks you could build a data ... shed?

Large Hadron SMASHER: Boffins BLOW OPEN the PENTAQUARK's secrets

PicMighty Collider traps squealing ultrateeny thingummy

Do you pay your Office 365 cloud rent in Euros, or Aus/Can/NZ bucks? It's going UP

And kroner. But NOT sterling - Yippee

Seagate wins HP as ClusterStor array reseller, bolts on IBM Spectrum Scale

Ha - that made ya think, didn't it?

Twitter shares soar after buyout story appears on bogus Bloomberg site

UpdatedHow someone was able to buy and, er, move the market

Citizenfour director Laura Poitras sues US for years of border security harassment

Snowden's pal SSSSick of getting TSA shakedowns

Google joins Bluetooth snoop pals with iBeacon rival tech Eddystone

Apple isn't the only one that wants to track your smartphone

Microsoft kills TWO Hacking Team vulns: NOT the worst in this Patch Tues either

Office desktops, RDP servers, Hyper-V systems, all hit

New Horizons: We've got a pretty pic of Pluto. Now let's get our SCIENCE on

CommentWhy this three-bn-mile journey was worth it

ACLU wants to end NSA mass spying forever – good luck with that

Bulk phone record snooping is no longer allowed, privacy watchdog cries

Suse preps for ARM-ageddon: Piles up cans of 64-bit Linux code to feed server world

AArch64 build aimed at testing and development

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