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13th > July > 2015 Archive

Airbus plots exit from government comms biz

Defence mobile, spookery, cyber-sec on the auction block

Mighty CHASMS, craters FOUND ON MOON of Pluto

'Featureless ball of ice'? Au contraire, says space probe boffins

China makes internet shut-downs official with new security law

If it threatens security, China reserves the right to switch off networks

Satoru Iwata, Nintendo chieftain and gamer titan, dies aged 55

Cancer claims popular Wii man

DEA agent slugged a MEELLION dollars for Silk Road snipe

Hopes for release from solitary

Microsoft again offers free certification exams to failures

If at first you don't succeed, keep it (your credit card) in your pants

Forget lasers: how about sharks with frikkin' VOLCANOES?

VidYou're a long way from home

Java jockeys join Flash fans in the 0-day exploit club

No Flash, no Java makes web a dull, but safer, place

Police investigate strange case of doughnut-licking pop singer Ariana Grande

Chanteuse apologises after tonguing rings in shop

Someone at Subway is a serious security nerd

I'll have a 12-incher with the lot, hold the p0wnage

Mathematician: sunspot could mean mini ice age from 2030

New 'double dynamo' theory for solar debate

Google makes new hires ONE pay offer. 'Negotiation'? What's that?

'Irrelevant to Google's compensation philosophy'

Dodgy mobe dealer jumps on VAT carousel, gets 13-year ban

UK govt 'committed to making directors account for their actions'

BZZZT! NHS e-Referral system flatlines again

Four minute load time? That's half a GP's appointment slot!

Amazon moves nearer Platform as a Service concept with new developer tools

Point-and-click API wizard for mobile backend services

Hey WD. Are you killing off Arkeia? 'Solutions... contracts... burble'

Firm sends us impenetrable managementese, we decipher it

Benchmark bandit: Numascale unveils 10TB/sec monster

Supermicro scores again, bringing massive compute power to bear

Keep 'em coming, folks: Huawei snaps up Amartus SDN division

That's just wizard. Chinese giant heads for the Emerald Isle

Windows Server 2003 support deadline is TOMORROW – but thousands don't care

Security risks? Well, yes, maybe. We'll take our chances

Shapps launches probe into Wikimedia UK over self-pluggery allegs

ExclusiveOne-time Tory party chairman asks charity to hand over documents

PLUTO FLYBY: Here's your IT angle, all you stargazing pedants

Part ITop astroboffins brief El Reg on space, storage and thin interstellar pipe

Download Festival face scan: You’re right to be annoyed, said UK surveillance commish

We drew focus from Slipknot. Our mistake

Teradata Hadoop appliances now under a little Cloudera cover

Hortonworks and Haswell also get in on the act

Asimov's ghost! Oil and gas rigs could be taken over by robots

Roboboffins punt ExoMars Rover-based droid into ARGOS challenge

Yes! Windows Phone lives: Microsoft to pump the device Kool-Aid

WPC 2015Mobe juice with slices of Surface coming

Union confirms two-day strike over Universal Credit's pisspoor IT

But, erm, nobody uses it anyway, so…

Seagate bleeding sales as PC downturn starts to hit hard

Just $2.9bn expected for its fourth fiscal 2015 quarter

Hacking Team's snoopware 'spied on anti-communist activists in Vietnam'

Yet more revelations emerge from email trove

Foxconn to hire a million Indian staff in major base shift

Firm insists it 'has no plans' to downsize Chinese workforce

New Horizons mission to Pluto prepares for terrifying silence on Tuesday AM

Because the fun won’t start until the evening

Microsoft's Surface Hub mega-slab DELAYED 'cause you demanded it

September 1 ship date is off, no new date in sight

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata was MORE than a suit – he was a CODER

ObitPokemon co-programmer dies of cancer, aged 55

Judge says some top Dell shareholders are plum out of luck in share buyout beef

Rules they didn't actually own their shares after all

Apple's chip, firmware security demands behind HomeKit delays

iGiant expands control-freak tendencies into smarthomes, forcing hardware redesigns

Swimming in smartmobe profit? Let us guess, you're Tim Cook?

Pretty much all the paydirt goes to Cupertino these days, says analyst

Brandis' metadata retention recipe doesn't prohibit USB drives stored in a garden shed

Guidance to carriers says crypto's a must, but storage and physical security details scanty

'Save the teachers!' 184 cryptologists send Oz Govt cleartext petition

'Clear exemptions' sought for researchers caught in crypto export net

Practice makes perfect: NBN fibre deployments accelerate

Fibre passes more than a million homes, just before it's killed off

Hacking Team: We’ll be back in the spyware biz before you know it

Meanwhile countries sue for the right to snoop

Comcast: We're twice as fast as Google's 1Gbps Fiber (for x4 the price)

Plus $1,000 in installation and activation fees, plus TV costs

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