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10th > July > 2015 Archive

How many top-level domains are there now? 300? 500? No, it's 1,000

And you probably know about six of them

Microsoft starts switching on paid Wi-Fi service with latest Windows 10 preview

Latest thing for sale in the Windows Store: internet access

Host privilege escalation vuln bites VMware in the desktop

Upgrade Workstation, Player and Horizon View client at your leisure, or risk internal attacks

Apple's iOS 9 public beta lands: El Reg pops it on a slab, strokes it up

First lookCupertino's unfinished update – hey, the price is right

Petabyte punting Panasas pushes punchier performance product

Swoops on media and entertainment market

Number 5 is alive! VirtualBox the fifth debuts

There's not many product categories in which improved drag and drop still matters

Hacked Hacking Team team – like everyone in security – read The Register

If only they'd paid more attention

GIGANTIC galaxy-chomping black hole rips boffins a new one

Megamouth is mouthing off at astrophysical theories

AWS opens gate to fondleslabs-as-a-service farm

Sorry, devs, you just lost a reason to buy one of every phone and tablet you fancy

China wants to build a 200km-long undersea tunnel to America

And it'll take a whole day to get there. Sort of

Microsoft tries to paint VMware azure with disaster recovery detour

Redmond's cloudy DR can now handle Virtzilla-styled VMs

One MEEELLION users download Facebook-pwning droid game

Yeee-haarrrr! Cowboy Adventure rides off into sunset with saddles full of passwords

PC sales go OFF A CLIFF to under 300 million a year

Everybody went backwards – some by 20 per cent – during Q2

OCP supporters hit back over testing claims – but there's dissent in the ranks

CommentDon’t like the message? Then don’t listen to it

Ericsson seeks cat-herding jacket, attempts EU 5G standardisation

METIS project is about what works, not intellectual property

ISC 2015 offers up an architectural clash, so let battle commence

HPC BlogARM, x86 going head-to-head in student cluster battle

Robot SHOOTS into the air with hot gas from its soft round behind

'Lends itself to abuse' comments proud boffin

Trebles all round: The BBC's won this licence fee showdown

Luvvies' wailing about cuts masks Auntie's lucrative future

BT issues formal whinge to Ofcom over Sky dominance in pay telly

Look! A huge, oppressive monopoly! screams huge oppressive monopoly

Loneliest Pirate's EU copyright report secures MEPs' approval

Panorama drama resolved, but real proposals are still to come from Oettinger

Emergency-service comms omnishambles worsens as HP dives for the door

Two of three deals now have only one bidder. DOOM

EU squashes bogus copyright scare as red-faced Guardian slaps down Wiki's Wales

Thing that would never happen hasn't happened after all

Thinking of adding an SSD for SUPREME speed? Read this

FeatureThe fast and curious world of PCIe Flash

QLogic issues mournful prognosto ahead of next numbers

It's like they farted in a taxi and sent it into the storage market - analysts

Cheesy vid from inside Microsoft seller milks Office 365 for larffs

VidLast Christmas, I gave you my Cloud, the very next day you gave it away

China's STILL holding up the full WD-HGST integration. Why?

CommentThere's an elephant. In this room, with us

What? EMEA PC sales dropped by HOW much?

Figures plunge into toilet with sufficient force to drench bathroom

New X-IO boss Miller saddles him up a new sales posse

Fresh asses smack leather as crew gets ready to ride into the channel

NASA pops open a big can of red planet whup-ass with Mars Trek

Stand on Olympus Mons, tallest mountain in the Solar System

WD silently murders Arkeia backupware

Rumours of its continued existence have been exaggerated

Europol knocks out mobile cybercrime gang in Spain

International revenue sharing fraud still going good and strong

Barracuda billings blunder: Blair bloke bullish

Too much jaw-jaw not enough grasping for cash, says sage

Google says its AI will jetwash all traces of malodorous spam from your box

Squeaky clean and pine fresh email, thanks to the Machines

US OPM boss quits after hackers stole chapter and verse on 21.5m Americans' lives

Katherine Archuleta bows out after two years in the job

Bernie Sanders wants FCC to probe broadband prices (but wait, is there an election coming?)

Senators send Tom Wheeler dreaded 'strongly worded letter'

Papa don't breach: Wannabe singer jailed for hacking Madonna

Email, cloud accounts infiltrated, unreleased music leaked

Brit teen who unleashed 'biggest ever distributed denial-of-service blast' walks free from court

Spamhaus was smashed by 300Gbps DNS reflection gun

Uber to drivers: You make a ton of dosh for us – but that doesn't make you employees

Super Cali court suspicious of Uber's hocus-pocus

Microsoft giving up on phones? Naaahh ... Windows 10 Mobile lumbers toward release

'Core quality' the focus of latest preview build

KERR-PAO! Reddit interim CEO Ellen quits amid Redditor revolt

Now she can spend more time with her lawsuit

Install OS X El Capitan update – or your apps may do an Ellen Pao

32-bit software quits unexpectedly, Apple warns

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