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9th > July > 2015 Archive

US Homeland Security boss wants nationwide law for reporting network break-ins

Plans to unleash Einstein IDS on all government departments

VXers charge Nintendo fans then p0wn their data

Adware library throws flaming barrels of malware at you from great height

Chromecast gains wired Ethernet dongle

Google wants to get into the bits of your house where WiF fears to tread

Australian Research Council funds clean tech

Telecoms, networking, microelectronics, astronomy also winners

NSA snooped on German chancellors for DECADES: Wikileaks

Merkel, Kohl, Schröder, and World+Dog

Smartphones are ludicrously under-used, so steal their brains

Who needs computers everywhere when the one in your pocket is ready for work?

Link farmers bust Google search algos

And just for a change, PDFs are part of the problem although Adobe's blameless for once

IETF doc proposes fix to stop descent into data centre 'address hell'

Proxy those MACs if you want manageable address tables, suggest Marvell and Huawei

IBM GATE-CRASHES chip world, boldly exclaims: 'We've cracked the 7nm barrier'

When can you buy new wonder processors? Don't ask

It's 2015 and VMware tools break VMs if you open two browser tabs

You won't be needing those hard disks or CPUs any time soon will you?

Brit boffins teach mere PCs to find galaxies in Hubble pics

You didn't think we could sift petabytes of astro-data without automation, did you?

Intel's tablet CPU share to DROP: analyst

Chipzilla will struggle to sell 50 million CPUs into mobile devices says Digitimes

FLYING PIG crash-lands in Utah: Rider survives, bacon saved

Midair prang involved airborne cowboy

Sorry, say boffins, the LHC still hasn't sucked us into a black hole

Apocalyptics sigh and hope something shows up

Mirantis climbs aboard converged infrastructure bandwagon

Turnkey appliances for OpenStack, with help from Dell and Juniper

All-flash is a synonym for a tough market

CommentStartup success not guaranteed

Stay Misty for Me: G-Cloud’s transparency called into question

CommentProcess ‘not suitable for procuring major bespoke IT systems’

Ditch crappy landlines and start reading Twitter, 999 call centres told

Emergency srvcs need 2 use mor social media + txts LOL

Summer breeze makes IT fine, blowing through sysadmins in my mind

CommentTaking a break from those never-ending help tickets

Claranet swallows a couple of tech minnows

MSP buys Linux IT and biz continuity specialist Techgate

British Airways cracks open its API doors for developers

Flying pension scheme dips toe in the water – but nothing else

EU net neutrality deal miraculously keeps everyone happy

Despite zero-rating omission, text closes loopholes and promises level playing field

Oracle and Xamarin flutter eyelashes at suits with native app deal

Come hither, big boys, and C# what we've got for you

Everything you know about OpenStack is wrong

The future of IT infrastructure delivery?

PLUTO: The FINAL FRONTIER – best image yet of remote, icy dwarf planet REVEALED

PicsE-minus six days until flyby by New Horizons 'craft

'I'm COMING for you, DIRTBAG!': Ex-Sony chief Smedley to Kid Lizard hacker

Outraged vic wants to see zeekill back in court

Privacy campaigners question credibility of NHS ‘endorsed’ apps

Health Service must ‘make rigorous checks’ on data collection and usage

Vodafone tests Ericsson Radio Dots on corporate big cheeses

Take your network protocols indoors, guys

A quarter of public sector IT workers have never used the cloud

Worried about Hackers? No, I've got the DVD boxset

Wendi the horny dino named after Canadian fossil hunter. Charming!

Pics'Striking' Wendiceratops weighed over a ton, lived 79 million years ago

Cisco spraying $1bn over the UK, hipsters set for well-earned cash injection

Leviathan looking at finance, retail, cyber security

UK politicos easily pwned on insecure Wi-Fi networks

Thankfully they weren't online doing anything really impor ... oh

HP: We aren't going to ship any products early next month

Logistics grind to a standstill for a week as one becomes two

SatNad's purple haze could see Lumia 'killed'. Way to go, chief!

Microsoft's self-inflicted PR crisis. Note to self: Speak clearly

The END of WINDOWS EVERYWHERE! Is that really what Nadella wants?

Comment'Universal Apps' ... but without a smartphone

Intel Unite: For the workers of the world and their absentee bosses

PicsWanna get cosy and collaborative? We've a chip for you

Pro-privacy titan Caspar Bowden dies after short cancer battle

Former Microsoft gros fromage's death shocks the infosec world

Feared OpenSSL vulnerability gets patched, forgery issue resolved

The latest flaw is bad, but at least it's no Heartbleed

Symantec selling Veritas to private equity firm – report

Absence of CEO for backup biz suggests buyer will bring their own

Never mind the redundancies as Capita splashes cash on Barrachd

It means 'more' in Gaelic, apparently

Apple to end telco iPhone sales monopoly in Britland

You want SIM-free, unlocked Jesus mobes Mr Reseller? You got 'em

Samsung's latest 2TB SSDs have big hats, but where's the cattle?

CommentNo beef with long warranties, but users might have a cow about small data loads

I cannae dae it, cap'n! Why I had to quit the madness of frontline IT

Sysadmin blogWith accountibility comes decent budget

Why the USS NetApp is a doomed ship

CommentOntap for all!

Five lightweight Linux desktop worlds for extreme open-sourcers

ScreenshotsNeed a slim-line work environment? We recommend the best

The Empire Strikes Back: Disney tractor-beams from Brit biz

A domain of evil it is. In you must go.

Microsoft emits Office 2016 for Apple Macs (you'll need Office 365)

Subscribe now or wait until September to buy a copy

Wow, another NSA leak: Network security code appears on GitHub

SIMP(ly) your tax dollars at work

Want to be an unpaid SLAVE for Tim Cook? How to get the iOS 9, El Capitan public betas

You might find the servers a bit chocca

Gartner, Gartner, on the wall? Who is the fairest IT backup biz of all?

It's YAMQ time – Yet Another Magic Quadrant

US govt now says 21.5 million people exposed by OPM hack – here's what you need to know

Security clearance dossiers on millions of citizens stolen

NASA chooses ace SPACE PILOTS who'll take the USA back into manned flight

The 'nauts who'll ride Boeing, SpaceX podules to the ISS

Clever cluster-wrangling proto-boffins told to set their LAMMPS on PyFR

HPC BlogISC’15 student contest pits undergrads against atomic simulation software

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