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29th > June > 2015 Archive

Blackhats using mystery Magento card stealers

eBay shop platform targeted

Guest-host escape bug sees Xen project urge rapid upgrade

Xen hypervisor v.4.5.1 offers over 100 fixes and improvements

Ransomware slinging exploit kit targets Flash remote code execution

CVE-2015-3113: Patch or pay.

Cloud storage is a three-way race with no contenders

AWS, Google and Azure in front, but archiving not core workloads are the sweet spot

VMware, Microsoft in virtualised Exchange blog battle

Virtzilla accuses Redmond of requiring silos and running a dicky calculator

Turnbullnomics trashed as Oz regulator cuts telecoms prices

Order for 9.6 per cent cut in wholesale prices is BAD NEWS according to comms minister

Android's sun sets on Eclipse

Devs told to move to Android Studio

Microsoft says Oculus Rift distorts world, grinds corrective lenses

Free-to-download CAD file makes for better virtu-blinker goggles, insists Redmond

Giant male member spontaneously ejaculates over Norway

Man shoots glittery seed indiscriminately on unsuspecting public for charity

Sophos' putrid patch snuffs Citrix kit, kills call centre

Web appliance update can't be rolled back, takes portal down for 48 hours

Windows 10 is due in one month: Will it be ready?

AnalysisIt's do-or-die for Microsoft's new operating system on 29 July

Github's 'Atom' text editor hits version 1.0

Emacs' self-appointed heir heads out into the world

Is that a FAT PIPE or are you just pleased to stream me? TERABIT fibre tested

Trials conducted over a 1,000km long link

Smart meters set to cost Blighty as much as replacing Trident

'Significant issues already exist' with spybox tech, too

Ditching political Elop makes for a more Nadella Microsoft

CommentGetting the Redmond you need?

Windows 10 Mobile is shaping up nicely – now Cortana can send emails

Microsoft's next phone OS looks to be in better shape than the PC version

Ofcom: We need 5G spectrum planning for the future’s ultramobes

We’ll just have to make decisions based on ‘imperfect knowledge’

Sky bangs on Ofcom's door – demands BT competition probe

But former state monopoly claims Openreach split would harm UK market

Tech Mahindra posts profit warning: The end for Indian outsourcing?

‘Seasonally weak’ mobility business to blame

'Private' biz Xiaomi sets up Communist Party exec committee

It's 'almost unheard of for the party to hinder the private sector', so shut up

HP one of the fairest, claims Gartner's magic quadrant on the wall

Dell, HDS non-inclusion could be seen as a distortion

China's best phone yet: Huawei P8 5.2-inch money-saving Android smartie

ReviewSleepless in South Korea

We’re in bed together, admit Intel Security, Trend Micro and NCA

Infosec firms confirm they're dating – but not exclusively

The Great Windows Server 2003 migration: How to plan your trip

Making the most of your end-of-life experience

Linux bids for UAV world domination by enslaving future skybot army

Dronecode initiative gains momentum

Get READY: Scientists set to make TIME STAND STILL tonight

Tuesday might – but probably won't – bork all the clouds

Google harms consumers and strangles the open web, says study

Plurality? Diversity?

French Uber bosses talk to Le Plod over 'illicit activity' allegations

Euro nation targets not-a-taxi-firm-honest's chiefs

Apple Music available on Sonos by end of this year

No word yet if they'll go all the way up to eleven

Apple's mystery auto project siphoning staff from other divisions

Cook and Co still want to take to the roads – but how?

US police to throw big balls in criminals' faces

VideoBounce cameras map out dodgy situations

Rogue IT is shadow of its former self

We are all partners now, CompTIA study reveals

Chap slapped in Dogecoin crap app flap

Much FTC! Very mislead! Such settlement!

Supreme Court ignores Google's whinging in Java copyright suit

Sound of Larry Ellison rubbing his hands heard all the way in Mountain View

Redmond Uber-alles: 100 Bing staffers driven to dial-a-car developer

Microsoft offloads mapping outfit to San Francisco auto-pusher

Microsoft to release Visual Studio 2015 ahead of Windows 10

The question: how much new stuff will still be in preview?

WikiLeaks docs show NSA's 10-year economic espionage campaign against France

Details of every business deal over $200m slurped

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