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27th > June > 2015 Archive

Bloke called Rod struck by lightning for second time

Has he thought about changing his name?

Who wants a classic ThinkPad with whizzy new hardware? Lenovo would just love to know

First shove the chiclet keyboard where the sun doesn't shine

That man told me to stuff a ROLE up my USER ENTRY!

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Don’t get feudal with me, sunshine

Mobe encryption guru Charles Brookson picks up OBE from the Queen

Gong for steering engineers through call crypto algos

Subaru Outback Lineartronic: The thinking person’s 4x4

Vulture at the WheelRefined and capable, but useless for driving into walls

So much for rainbows, Zuck: Facebook staff still overwhelmingly male and white

Latest diversity report shows little change at Menlo Park

Robo-car wars: Delphi's near crash, prang, wallop with Google DENIED!

'Nah, they didn't even come close to each other'

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