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25th > June > 2015 Archive

NOD32 AV remote root wormable hack turns corporate fleets to meat

ESET spits patch in three days

Red Hat: PaaS or IaaS, everything's about CONTAINERS now

Red Hat SummitNew private cloud offerings go all-in for Docker and Kubernetes

Australia leads Asia Pac in mobile broadband speeds

But only at the peak, our average mobe download is only so-so

The slow strangulation of telework in Australia

We need uploads if we're not just watching TV

D-Wave promises chip that could search the whole universe

1k-qubit chip late, still controversial

Facebook frees Messenger from its gilded cage

Fruits of the WhatsApp acquisition

How to turn application spaghetti into tasty IT services

Unscramble your systems

OOH, it's so HOT in here! All my ATMOSPHERE is coming off

Red dwarf's emissions strip away exoplanet's coverings

Flushed with success: No bog standard Canadian goldfish these

Well, at least they’re not alligators, eh

We need to know about the Internet of Things, say US Senators

Your TV is your enemy, says Eugene Kaspersky

BlackShades privacy raiding web rat gets five years in US cooler

US says remote access trojan had thousands of victims

Dyre banking VXers LOVE Mondays, Symantec says

Hard-working scum maintain 285 command and control servers

Get your WELLIES to MARS: Red Planet reveals its FROZEN BOTTOM

Scarlet globe was covered in water 500,000 years ago

Pure's mass disk drive killer lays out plans for flash hegemony

CommentAll-flash array pusher is agin' retainin' rusty rotators

Shadow of the Beast: Amiga classic returns from the darkness

Antique Code Show16-bit showcase game that was just too tough to be fun

Google meets more EU apparatchiks than anyone else in Brussels

It's lobby central as the Chocolate Factory leans on the lawmakers

GoFundMe shows users how it's done, cashes in with $600m valuation

Convincing people to give money to other people is a lucrative business

In search of an easier life: Do IT converged systems fit the bill?

Automation for the Common (Sysadmin) People

Bank of England CIO: ‘Beware of the cloud, beware of vendors’

Old Lady grumbles about new thingy

Will a data centre be driving your car in 12 years' time?

Keep your hands off the wheel, sir

FeedHenry now Red Hat Mobile App Platform, gets OpenShift cloud integration

Red Hat SummitCompany makes play for mobile app devs

UN corruption cops commence probe into domain-name and patent body WIPO

Worry Gurry, super scurry, call the troops out in a hurry

Pirate MEP pranks Telegraph with holiday snap scaremongering

Torygraph skiing correspondent spun by wild Facebook lawsuit claims

Beyond the Grave: US Navy pays peanuts for Windows XP support

It's $9m a year - whatever

'Backronym' crowdfunds itself into Oxford English Dictionary

Reg favourite joins 'meh', 'twerk' and 'yarnstorm' in bulging lexicon

As the US realises it's been PWNED, when will OPM heads roll?

‘Most devastating cyber attack in US history’

SCC: Look at our bulging figure(s). We're fatter than some MSPs

Ignore crashing product sales, that was planned... honest

Dell cooks up cloud recipes with Microsoft, VMware and OpenStack

Would you like a sprinkling of finance on that, sir?

US SaaS firm bows to Snowden concerns with UK-based datacentre

Clarizen sets Euro customers' minds at rest

BT: Let us scrap ordinary phone lines. You've all got great internet, right?

Deregulate! But let us keep all the hardware, of course

Capita: Call centre workers, can you fall on your swords? Please?

Voluntary redundo for staff managing O2 clients

Courtney Love in the crossfire! Paris turns ugly over Uber

How will you stop us! Mmm, with baseball bats

Logicalis takes wrapping off shiny Brit-based SMC practice

Euro boss: I said we'll push into services, and by God we will

Hi-res audio folk to introduce new rules and weed out impure noises

Inaudible or ineffable? Industry bods address 'misperceptions'

Yahoo! displaces Ask in Oracle's Java update crapware parade

Desperate tactics from the Purple Palace

Hey devs. Forget Siri – Amazon's Alexa will show you a $100m good time

Online bazaar provides APIs and SDK for voice assistant

Apple pulls Civil War games in Confederate flag takedown

App Store nixes banner amidst controversy over symbolism

ICANN's leaving the nest, so when will it grow up?

CommentThe org that will run the internet still acts like a teenager

Cisco in single SSH key security stuff-up

Patch NOW, people

Apple apes Microsoft with iPhone BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH

Fanbois on T-Mobile US confounded by mystery crashes

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