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Oz goes mad with the ban-hammer

240 games banned since March

Telstra wi-fi hotspots go dark ahead of commercial roll out

Will return sometime later this year

SGI to flick switch on new Japanese super

2.65 petaflops for Uni of Tokyo

Mellanox wants to prise OEMs loose from Broadcom

Spectrum targets 25/50/100 Gbps Ethernet

Cupertino GIVES IN to Taylor Swift, will pay Apple Music royalties

Singer bites fruity firm, Eddy takes Cue

NIST issues 'don't be stupid' security guidelines for contractors

How's that OPM data going, then?

Dev probes bad proxies, writes white hat checker, black hat DIY guide

We munch your cookies and inject ads but look HERE'S YOUR NETFLIX!

Police robot duo storm Colorado house, end four-day siege

Tin cops first through all the doors ahead of meatsack lawmen

Phishing gone: eBay patches to block session-jacking Magento holes

XSS, CRSF, and input holes fixed

US is the world's botnet mothership, says Level 3

Not the way you want to lead the globe

Tower of BT Bubbly: Fancy nibbling atop a strategic data hub?

Restaurant reopens for birthday bash, 1,400 lucky diners selected via ballot

Oi,, your Verify system looks like a MASS SPY NETWORK

Academic eyeballs architecture, screams in horror

How Music Got Free and Creatocracy

Page FileWhat happens when an entire generation commits the same crime?

Post Office launches mobe service for aged greybeards

Counters brace for complaints that customers' TV remotes won't make calls

Can Said Ouissal really cut Violin’s sales mustard?

Will he be able to shift gear, despite no direct sales experience?

Facebook SSD failure study pinpoints mid-life burnout rate trough

Burnouts peak early, then fall, before increasing with age. Like journalists, then

Failing to zap bogus reviews about your biz is illegal, snarls regulator

You're a fake, baby, you (probably won’t be able to) conceal it

Giganto French telco merger: Altice makes eyes at Bouygues

EU and French anti-trust watchdogs play whack-a-mole with merger proposals

Polish airline LOT was grounded after 'IT attack' took hold

Surely we can't be stuck in Warsaw? You are, and don't call me Shirley

So what are you doing about your legacy MS 16-bit applications?

Buy time with Server 2008 or bite the 64-bit upgrade bullet?

Ecobee3: If you're crazy enough to want a smart thermostat – but not too crazy – this is for you

A cuckoo in the Nest

Docker-ed vessel Portworx takes three Ocarina folk aboard

Container-aware storage startup unveils boxy software product

Tim Worstall dances to victory over resources scaremongerers

Reg lecturesEconomist emerges triumphant at Reg summer lecture

Anakin Skywalker chased by cops, crashes podracer into tree

Not so much 'Luke, I am your father' as LOOK WHERE YOU ARE GOING

Gaming's favourite fly by night. Batman: Arkham Knight reviewed

Game TheoryHoly franchise finale!

Not in front of the CIO: grassroots drive Linux container adoption

It's indifferent at the top

GCHQ didn't illegally spy on Brit NGOs, tribunal rules

But spooks behaved unlawfully with intercepted data of two foreign outfits

Phone-home service Lebara launches prepaid TV offering

Roll up for Bollywood and Nollywood ... but no IPL cricket

Windows Phone is like religion – it gets people when they are down

BlackBerry users fleeing doom-ridden devices land at altar of Microsoft

Virgin Media starts its broadband-of-the-gaps fibre rollout

£75m investment in Manchester, and 500 new jobs

Facebook and Twitter queen Taylor Swift: Facebook and Twitter are RUBBISH

Refuses even to Tweet or Facebook her opinion of them

US students prevail in rocket-powered egg challenge

Brits second as Paris stages international ovum-elevation showdown

Breqwatr breqs hyper-converged mould with all-flash box

Trnqey applianc builds on OpnStac for prvat clod deplymnts

Fujitsu shrinks SMB file transfer metadata traffic jams

WAN optimiser weeds out extraneous duplication – and everyone's a winner

Docker and chums unveil standards org for software containers

DockerCon 2015Linux Foundation to oversee specs for containers and runtime

Docker unfurls software-defined networking, plugin blueprints

DockerCon 2015New add-on system opens doors

Cheeky upstart Mangstor hungrily eyes Fusion-io's pots of gold

Some seriously supercharged speedy server SAN

Even Apple doesn’t mess with Taylor Swift

AnalysisIt takes a pop star to clean up Silicon Valley

Pluto plastered in what looks like 1970s orange wallpaper – proof

PicsFirst color snaps reveal retro-tastes of alien world

June 30, 2016: The day the US will hand over control of the internet

Better late than never

Inside the Open Container Project: Docker sings kumbaya

DockerCon 2015Linux Foundation-led effort promises a single spec for all

Uber app will soon maybe track you 24/7, cry privacy warriors

EPIC fail for taxi app upstart – if claims come true

Australia gets its Internet filter after Senate vote

Opposition? We've heard of it

VMware builds a magic mirror for containers and a desktop cloud

Developers see containers, ops teams see VMs, VMware sees possibilities

Incoming! Linux 4.1 kernel lands

Crypto, power gobbling, performance and more tweaked

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