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19th > June > 2015 Archive

Most SAP HANA installs poppable with default keys, hacker says

What's the key? Just check the manual

Open-source Linux doesn't pay, said no one ever at Red Hat

Penguinistas made it rain again

Are ALIENS hiding on Jupiter's Europa? Let's find out, cry NASA bods

PicBlack monolith detector ought to be in probe's package

WikiLeaks slips out YET MORE Sony SECRETS

More than 275,000 docs available for the prurient, freedom-lovers and YOU

The world .sucks at a minute past midnight on Sunday

Nasty domains go on sale to world+dog, registrars brace for frenzy

Heinz cockup sees Ketchup's QR codes spurt saucy sites

Sauce-maker surrendered domain name and the smutmeisters moved in

LinkedIn reveals invitation-only bourgeois bug bounty

Proven: Researchers are signal, the rest of you are noise

Google endures wobbly Wednesday in the cloud

Three brownouts in one week looks bad, may not be a major drag

Drupal flicks fix to nix OpenID admin account hijack hole

Verisign, LiveJournal and StackExchange members are your unknown admins

Arkansas Kum & Go onanist did just that

Springdale PD: Facebook, help us catch local owner-operator

Oracle confirms David Donatelli hired to head hardware unit

'Competitors in chaos' says former HP and EMC enterprise strategy man

Ubuntu daddy Mark Shuttleworth loses fight to cancel $20m bank fee

That's gotta sting

BIG RED BUTTON exploits Redis flaw to fix Redis flaw

File under 'To save the village, I had to destroy it'

MOUNTAIN of unsold retail PCs piling up in Blighty: Situation 'serious'

We'll be burning them in fireplaces instead of coal

California über alles? Is MEP Reda flushing Euro copyright tradition down the pan?

Interview + updateBarriers, rights and a bit of a squint

CISOs' newest fear? Criminals with a big data strategy

CIO ManifestoReg roundtable disses pen testers and security theatre

Vicious vandals violate voluminous Versailles vagina

Controversial orifice sculpture attacked with yellow paint

Post-pub nosh neckfillers: Reader suggestions invited

Got a wobbly dining fave? Let us know

Pew, pew, pew! Sammy shoots out updates to plug mobile keyboard snooping bug

We'll fix this problem that isn't actually a problem, no problem

Apple! and! Yahoo! fight! the! man!, claims! EFFing! daftness!

Who has your back? Trying asking a we-don't-disclose-our-donors lobby group

MS privacy policy website subverted to pimp gambling sites

Unseemly blog spam quickly purged by embarrassed Redmond staffers

Major Colt Group investor bids to take sickly biz private again

Fidelity offers 190 pence per share, values telco at £1.73bn

At last, switching between rubbish broadband providers now easier

Ofcom regulatory wand means consumers only a bit locked in

Cambridge’s HPC-as-a-service for boffins, big and small

However, a ‘step change in data storage’ needed

Donatelli's Oracle arrival leaves Fowler in corporate no man's land

None of Hurd's people are talking

Take that NATS! Jocko IT is also totally rubbish. BOOM!

Forever joined in a union of substandard tech

E3 2015 in a nutshell: Hurry up Hoth, and plenty to Unravel

Game TheoryComing to a console, PC or mobile near you

OK, forget DNS for a sec. Why not shift IP addresses and protocols away from Uncle Sam?

Can we please just get out of this mess and on with our jobs?

Webmail password reset scam lays groundwork for serious aggro

I didn't ask for this verification code, but here, you have it

Attenda for sale this year? Not on your nelly, says CEO

Equity backer eyed exit but is holding off for better 2015 financials

Yep, it's true: Android is the poor man's phone worldwide

Apple milks fashion-conscious bourgeois cash cow in top economies loses crucial battle in home-taping war with musicians

Legal challenge to copying music for private use

Sun like it hot: Philae comet probe wakes up, phones home again

ESA shifting Rosetta 'craft for better comms with lander

John Fowler survives latest chapter of Oracle's Game of Thrones

He will report to Ellison, focus on engineering

Brace yourself, planet Earth, says Nokia CEO – our phones ARE coming back from mid-2016

Boss goes public with brand license pledge

Parting is such sweet sorrow: eBay sells fat stake in Shakespeare-crazed Craigslist

Unhappy marriage ends in divorce

Google: Help us! Our search engine is STUFFED FULL of your 'revenge smut' pics

We'll kill unauthorized nudes ... if you ask nicely, says ad giant

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