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18th > June > 2015 Archive

git commit -m 'Add $200m to GitHub, tweak valuation to $2bn'

San Francisco upstart in series-B round

Strapping strap-on chaps strap in to tap that vat of greenbacks

Fitbit preps IPO to gobble up $730m from investors

Cisco to pour BEELIONS into China

Turnaround strategy: talk to the big boss, pay 'taxes' in form of local alliances and JVs

Windows Server 2016 to inherit Azure's load balancer, data plane

Redmond reveals Azure's FPGA-powered NICs, pledges cloud-grade SDN on premises

US FINNISHes Nokia-AlcaLu acquisition waiting period

Serbia and Brazil give acquisition the thumbs' up too, who's next?

Phone scamming up 30 percent last year: Report

Tech support fraudsters still booming

AssangeTM says Sweden squibbed on promised interview

Application to visit Ecuador's embassy lodged un-diplomatically late last Friday

Fess up: which one of you Galaxies made all that gas?

Square Kilometre Array testbed spots A BEEELLION SUNS' worth of hydrogen

DuckDuckGrow: Privacy search soars 600% after Snowden dumps

Clocks three billion sneaky searches a year.

Firefox preps processor revamp under Project Electrolysis

Sleepy project hits nightly builds

ClusterHQ picks EMC as friend with benefits for Flocker release

Keep your containers close and your data closer

Sharing Economy latest: Women's breast milk is the new 'liquid gold' of the internet

Men quaff lady-sourced 'natural superfood' purchased online

Cisco account managers' sales bonuses slashed

Chuck Robbins 're-goals' socket-slingers, tightens belt on commissions

'No evidence' Snowden was working for foreign power says ex-NSA boss

And claims Uncle Sam would have hacked China's personnel database 'at the speed of light'

Reddit joins the HTTPS-only stampede

Strict Transport Security joins strict new anti-abuse policies

Another Insight exec spotted racing toward exit

Senior veep of operations Simon Taylor quits

Systemax Euro CEO Dale is OUT: Misco man gone by month's end

Perhaps Norris will get his leg over Angelina Jolie after all?

Free ethical upgrade offered as Fairphone launches mobe No 2

Now you can rip it up and start again

Hazelcast adds amped-up caching to its in-memory tech

Company goes NUTS with enterprise add-on to open-source core

JavaScript creator Eich's latest project: KILL JAVASCRIPT

Someday you'll code for the web in any language, and it'll run at near-native speed

Three things you need to break down those company silos

Why soft skills matter in the drive to shared services

Farewell then, Mr Elop: It wasn't actually your fault

CommentElop elopes from Redmond

Data AWOL? Thank God for backup. You backed up, right?

Exposing the hidden crisis of the virtual age

Cohesity looking to consolidate ALL THE SECONDARY DATA

Startup bulging with Google and Qualcomm's B-round cash

MILLIONS of broadband punters aren't getting it fast enough – Which?

Providers hit back: Shut up, you tedious hype merchants

Client-attorney privilege up for grabs in Google fishing trip

Lawyer warns corporate crime fighters: 'Google will come after you'

Feature-rich work in progress: Windows Mobile 10 build 10136

First lookMore polished, but a bit slow and buggy

Samsung spins up its latest rusty rotators for release

Hopes its skinny 4TB USB-powered portable drives will be a big hit

45% of UK data centres have suffered a natural disaster. Really?

A plague on all your server racks

Hey Google, what’s trending? Oh, just the death of journalism

Use of ad-flinger’s search function means echo chamber innovation

US National Vulnerability Database contained ... yup, an XSS vuln

NIST attempts to create some kind of ironic self-referencing meta-vuln

Airbnb beats actual posh hotel chain with stupidly large valuation

Turning the sharing economy air into gold

All-flash array reports aren't all about all-flash arrays, rages Gartner

CommentIt's about SSAs, not AFAs – they reckon flash is not forever

It's OK – this was an entirely NEW type of cockup, says RBS

Banks' 600,000 missing transactions unrelated to 2012 mega-snafu

Twitter joins Skynet arms race with terrifying acquisition of Whetlab

'Employ machines, not people with PhDs,' say machine floggers with PhDs

FBI says in secret that secret spy Cessnas aren't secret

Men in black shrug off criticism of warrantless domestic spyplane fleet

US govt: Am I the only one around here who cares about DNS security and stability?

Will IANA contract handover to ICANN miss deadline?

Joyent and Umbongo union jilts VM at cloud altar

Naked metal performance love promised

Sprint: Net neutrality means we can't stamp out download hogs

Not that we, er, needed to anyway, telco admits

Verizon promised to wire up NYC with fiber... and failed miserably – audit

But telco says report is dirty trick to help unions

FCC hosts Reagan-off as it enters 21st century

Lifeline program expanded to include internet access amid partisan puffery

No, Australian Small business AREN'T flunking out online

New Bureau of Statistics data reveals a nation of pragmatists, not laggards

Graphene sheaths could boost processor signal speeds by 30 per cent

Stanford boffins find yet another use for super-material

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