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17th > June > 2015 Archive

Airbus to build 900 mini-satellites for OneWeb's orbital internet system

Getting them up there will be the next problem

Australian biz will have MERE DAYS to patch for FY15/16 tax changes

Oracle's patch with new tax updates just landed, MYOB says it's in the mail

Google to shell out up to $58k for new Nexus epic pwnage

Remote low level attacks plus patch to be answered with cash

How to hijack MILLIONS of Samsung mobes with man-in-the-middle diddle

Touchscreen keyboard update leaves handsets vulnerable to remote-code execution

Vapourware no more: Let's Encrypt announces first cert dates

Free certs for me and all my friends! In September! For Freedom!

Raspberry Pi guys want you to go topless in the heat

Official case revealed, complete with removable lid, and year-long plastic hassle

Bezos' bozos swing ban-hammer at media player

Amazon blocks Kodi software, still flogs Kodi hardware

Trans-Pacific Partnership stalled says Australian trade minister

Hillary Clinton's stand means Europe's TTIP also likely dead in water

AdBlock aims to send filthy malverts on one-way LSD trip

Sysadmins unlikely to appreciate new large-scale deployment tool in current form

YOU ARE THE DRONE in Amazon's rumoured new parcel delivery plan

It's like Uber, but for picking the delivery driver's pocket

If I get hit by a bus, Linux will go on just fine says Linus Torvalds

Penguinista succession is secure, says Linux Lord

Three exposed Brit's privates with sloppy survey code

Dumb API spewed too much information says security chap

Noshing moth menaces misled into male-on-male mating

Unveiling the ultimate lepidoptera prison shower soap plan

Apple CORED: Boffins reveal password-killer 0-days for iOS and OS X

Keychains raided, sandboxes busted, passwords p0wned, but Apple silent for six months

Philae warms up nicely, sends home second burst of data

Mission boffins say lander is getting three hours of sunlight a day

British Library publishes Digital Magna Carta – written-by-web-vote because it's 2015

Guess what? We don't like governments snooping

VMware doubles the VM count for EVO: RAIL systems

Ramps up RAM, shovels in storage, piles on the performance

Brace yourselves: Public cloud is coming. When? Er... soon, possibly

Will still be a fraction of overall spend by 2018

Facebook Moments app NOT COMING to a mobile device near EU soon

Crumbs, Zuck – pesky data watchdogs still hate facial recog

The insidious danger of the lone wolf control freak sysadmin

He's got your back... along with your passwords, your contacts and your work

Employees love their IT departments (almost very nearly true)

...While trying to do their own IT support

For fax's sake: Medic chaos as e-Referrals system goes offline

Sorry, we have 'technical' problems

Six Degrees separates: Sold to Charlesbank Capital Partners

US VC crosses pond to commandeer managed services outfit

Furious Flems fling privacy rule book at Facebook

Free content ad network faces Thursday court date

A testing time for storage – it's VMware from Nutanix, by a nose

Chuck Hollis chucks (possibly simplistic) price bomb into the mix

Commish: Pssst, wanna see that Google chargesheet?

This stays between us, right, at least until the first media leak

NatWest IT cock-up sees 600,000 transactions go 'missing'

'Nothing but problems with this bank, going to change'

Pwned so many times - but saved by the incident response plan

Sysadmin blogIn IT paranoia is never a bad thing

Foxconn's going to 'exploit' Indian labour? SCORE! Bye, poverty

Worstall on WednesdayNow the Indians will get rich too

Banking trojan besieges Bundestag … for the second time

Swatbanker malware appearance seems politically motivated

VMware buddies with Bitnami to hybridise cloud app templates

Virtzilla's third-party build-out brings it an apps marketplace

Disk is dead, screeches Violin – and here's how it might happen

AnalysisDeath by NAND acronyms: 2D MLC, 3D TLC, 3D QLC

Lenovo waves bye-bye to UK channel director Phelps

Sources cast doubt on vendor's claims he quit for pastures new

Dynatrace and Keynote are Borging into a super-APM outfit

Private equity family merger targets specific biz bods

Downing Street secretly deletes emails to avoid exposure to FOIeurs

Aide reckons self-destruct policy made work 'a Mission: Impossible'

Microsoft unzips $120,000 in FREE gizzits for cloudy upstarts

Shove over, AWS and Google Cloud – it's all about Azure

BOOM! Stephen Elop shuffled out of Microsoft door

Redmond: 'We are aligning our engineering efforts'

Speaking in Tech: LastPass hack was a total HASH, amirite?

Podcast'Password expert? What's a password expert?'

Symantec announces latest grand fromage prior to split

Gives everyone the Bird as ex-Check Point man climbs on board

United Nations sends peacekeeping forces to Internet of Things war

New ITU study group hopes to make sense of cluttered, confusing world

Super Cali goes ballistic – Uber says it's bogus (even though its contract is something quite atrocious)

Driver must be treated as employee, says labor commish

Version 0.1 super-stars built the universe – and they lived all the way over there, boffins point

PicSuper-bright galaxy CR7 spotted by 'scopes

Chrome, Debian Linux, and the secret binary blob download riddle

Browser snuck proprietary voice-snoop code into distro

AT&T fined about 3 days of profit ($100m) for limiting 'unlimited' plans

Miss Bell vows to fight watchdog's tap on the wrist

Google-owned smart-gumble-maker Nest snubs Google's smart-gumble OS Brillo

PicsThermostat biz rolls out new gear

Australia's Senate demands access to NBN business case that doesn't exist

Upper house, upper case and on the outer limits of political stunts

US Air Force drone pilots in mass burn out, robo-flights canceled

Top Gun, this is not

Canadian government websites hosed, Anonymous takes credit

DDoS hacktivism over Bill C-51, apparently

'Oracle, why are your sales f-' CLOUD CLOUD CLOUD, blasts Larry

Business is way up – 5.4 per cent of it, that is

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