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16th > June > 2015 Archive

Devs to pour Java into Amazon's cloud after AWS Lambda update

Event-driven model not just for JavaScript anymore

Elon Musk pours more Kool-Aid into Powerwall

Output doubled, but capacity and likely poor user experience remains the same

Ericsson snaps shut wallet, damps down acquisition speculation

Sorry, speculators, we're not buying Juniper or Ciena

Westpac buys stake in Canberra crypto king QuintessenceLabs

Quantum key distribution kit to be deployed internally, bank says

Bing to encrypt search traffic by default

This HTTPS thing is catching on

Hating on 'Like Farms': boffins trawl for Facebook fakes

How to spot-the-bot on The Social NetworkTM

Belgium privacy commish ambushes Facebook with lawsuit

'Cannot continue to negotiate' with ad-slinging stalker

Samsung slings simoleans at Sigfox for things-on-cells standard

Yay, another connectivity-for-things protocol

Zionists stole my SHOE, claims Muslim campaigner

'Of course, I cant prove anything ... that's part of the intimidation'

British banks consider emoji as password replacement

All the cool kids are doing it and better security would put a ಠ_ಠ on your face

Asigra's fast BaaS on-ramp for Cloud Service Providers

Customers can get payback 'in a few months'

Blackhats exploiting MacKeeper hole to foist dangerous trojan

Peskware now net nasty

VMware's got SaaS – and you – surrounded with SSOaaS

That's Single Sign On as a Service from the cloud, to your mobe, and in IBM+Apple's face

Testing Windows 10 on Surface 3: Perfect combo or buggy embuggerance?

Desktop friendly release makes you wish for Windows 8

Euro Commish OKs €3bn German broadband aid scheme

Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit — und Internet natürlich

A server apocalypse can come in different shapes and sizes. Be prepared

Plan Bs, from corrupted data to pandemics

Corrective lenses needed for Gartner's flashy array vision

CommentDell and HDS missing from excessively proscriptive market snapshot

Ready to go again, soldier? Final Fantasy VII remake revealed

E3 2015Square Enix unveils PS4 reboot of revered series

EU legal eagles to vote on lonely pirate Reda's copyright report

Yarr! There's 550 amendments seeking to water down me beauty, says MEP

Cinnamon 2.6 – a Linux desktop for Windows XP refugees

ReviewDual monitor support, better panels, and improvements in speed

Why are there so many Windows Server 2003 stragglers?

The strange afterlife of an unsupported operating system

Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 launches – and gets Android in on the act

PicsShrinks time, enlarges your wrinkles and gets hazy

Nokia to LG: You want our smartphone IP? Alright, you got it

A technology swap? That's very thoughtful, but we'd prefer cash, please

Blighty wants to ‘strengthen links’ with Huawei via the begging bowl

Whittingdale plays Twist to Ken Hu’s Bumble

'It’s irrelevant whether Elon Musk is a dick or not. At least he’s trying to make things'

InterviewMusk biographer on stalking Musk

Flexible PRAM: Not a bendy baby carriage, but infinitely cooler

Look IOWT, Gromit - it's memory you can wrap round your arm

Apple seeks fawning 'journalists' for in-house 'news' self pluggery

And they'll rip off random blogs too – unless the ungrateful gits complain too loudly

Huawei and Vodafone saunter to bed together, making eyes at big biz

Old flames rekindle romance amid push for new biz

The NHS pays up to NINE TIMES over trade price for commodity kit

Funding crisis? What crisis? Look over there, charities get stiffed like this too!

Google on Google: The carefully collated anti-trust truth

Never leave a baby in charge of this sort of thing

Did climate change scare off vegan dinos for millions of years? 'Yes'

Terrifying beasties couldn't find a nice salad to chomp on

Vodafone hikes prices to 37.5p/min – and lets angry customers flee

Grudgingly hands users keys to Ofcom-mandated escape pod

Phone hacking blitz hammers's poor VoIP handsets

If I ever get my hands on those phreaking kids who hacked my phones...

Go fac' yourselves: US privacy bods walk out of visage recog talks

Nowt to show for a year's jaw-jawing with spy tech industry

EU MEPs accept lonely Pirate's copyright report – and water it down

Full vote in July, H-dot’s draft law on table by September

Network Services delayed AGAIN. Suppliers: Oh FFS

Time is an abstract concept in the mind of Crown Commercial Services

PRATCHETT chats to Oz from 31,000m above Planet Earth

Pics + vids + graphsAndrew Tridgell tunes into LOHAN avionics test flight

MapR and Typesafe put Apache's Spark to work on big data

Hadoop and dev duo deliver cluster wrapping

Chinese snoops try tracking VPN users with fiendish JSONP trickery

Never mind your bank account. Tell me your name

Apple no-pay-for-plays streaming risks indie boycott

The best things in life are free – well, they are for three months, anyway

Pirate Party founder: I wanna turn news into a series of three-line viral gobbets

Your Bitcoins will be in the post just as soon as we've got any

Flash is fallible. But you'd rather have an AFA than spinning rust

A touch of the SSD magnetic

FBI to 'aggressively' probe St Louis Cardinals in baseball 'hack' storm

Who had the passwords to Houston Astros' database?

When your ISP flouts net neutrality rules, here's who you should contact

FCC names Parul Desai as new ombudsperson

How swearing at your coworker via WhatsApp could cost you $68,000

Pro-tip: Don't be in the UAE

News website deserves a slap for its hate-filled commentards, say 'ooman rights beaks

+CommentNo breach of freedom of expression – ECHR ruling

'Get your ass to Market Street!' Arnold Schwarzenegger to give drive-by directions

Governator will show you around town with Waze plug-in

Hacked US OPM boss: We'll fix our IT security – just give us $21 million

Firewall here, firewall there. Two-factor auth under there. Job's a good 'un

There's a new build of Windows 10 Mobile, but you can't upgrade to it

Sorry, faithful testers, you'll need to roll back to Windows Phone 8.1 for this one

Auto-playing video ads? People love auto-playing video ads – Twitter

Profit-free tech darling bats eyelids at advertisers, rattles empty tin for change

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