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12th > June > 2015 Archive

You need one cloud computing provider - and this is why

Telstra sets out stall for procurement consolidation

OpenSSL releases seven patches for seven vulns

Flood of fixes to clear LogJam flaw

4 new twists that push the hacker attack on millions of US govt workers into WTF land

You Really Won't Believe What Happened Next

US Navy wants 0-day intelligence to develop weaponware

In the Navy, you can sail the seven seas, in the Navy, you can p0wn your foes with ease

Google wants you to buy Nest CCTV, turn your home into a Brillo pad

PicNetworked security webcam details ahead of launch

Vintage Ask toolbar is malware – and we'll kill Jeeves, says Microsoft

Redmond, in the butler's bedroom, with the iron pipe

It's 2015 and Microsoft has figured out anything can break Windows

Win 10 anti-malware analyser will peer into memory to kill IM-and-game-borne viruses

Europol operation crushes phiendish global phishing ring

Man-in-the-middle diddle seared in legal griddle

INTERNET of BOOBS: Scorching French lass reveals networked bikini

No e-mankini yet in the ranks of IoT clothing, complains nobody

Use snooped data in court? Nah, says - folk might be cleared

No benefits to us in levelling the playing field, said Tory minister

Microsoft picks up shotgun, walks 'Modern apps' behind the shed

Windows 8.x users to receive ye olde desktoppe Skype, cos it works better on PCs

Poison résumé attack gives ransomware a gig on the desktop

Multiple rival researchers warn of Cryptowall delivery ruse targeting employers

ECJ: Hey Belgian telcos - don't bother serving the huddled masses

Confirmed - 'at a fixed location' is not 'mobile'

Don't panic. Stupid smart meters are still 50 years away stats suggest £11bn scheme still a loooong way off

Denon delivers low-cost DTS:X AV kit. Finally Dolby Atmos gets some competition

Breaking FadMultichannel 3D audio? Sounds great to us

'Nothing to see here', says ECJ as Safe Harbour opinion delayed

Austrian angry, no explanations given, rumour mill in overdrive

POO-bomber space station 'nauts swap orbiter for rural Kazakhstan

Space aces now back on Earth after extra-long space sojourn

Bad Baidu boffin boss banished for bypassing bot body's bylaws

Chinese biz fires team leader after competition banishment

Carbon nanotube memory tech gets great big cash dollop

Forget NAND, this here carbon tube stuff is the future, baby

BlackBerry ponders putting Android on future mobes

Firm may focus on device management instead, reports newswire

Confusion reigns as Bundestag malware clean-up staggers on

Watchdog fears it would be easier to throw away whole IT system and start again

Wholesale price cap: Take THAT, BT, says (now toothy) Ofcom

Regulator wants telco giant to play nicely over fixed leases

Crossroads Systems takes wrong turn. Is it running out of cash?

CommentLooking to litigation as a saviour could be risky

Cheaper Apple iStuff? Foxconn eyes costs-busting Indian move

China’s wage inflation finally prompts action

ISP Level 3 goes TITSUP after giganto traffic routing blunder

Explanations spread way faster than Level 3 users' packets

Germany drops probe into NSA's Merkel phone-hacking

Secretive US spies wouldn't cough up spying secrets, says German attorney general

Not Boxing clever: non-paying customers still hold sway

Profitability a long way off, despite growing user base

GAZE upon our HI-RES DWARF PICS of Pluto, beams proud NASA

Photos fell off the back of a LORRI

WOW! BOOM! The Brit server market is back ... in a way, sort of

'Some general market strength, not enough to excite people'

Google – you DO control your search results, thunders Canadian court

Us? Comply with the mere laws of pre-digital man? Nah

Activist shareholder Elliott spotted lurking on Citrix parade route with rain cannon

Stockmarket Tasmanian Devil issues share price pump plan

Brace yourselves: Facebook plans MORE PHP jiggery pokery

Zuck's world is predominantly mobile, so he's looking there

Hey kids, who wants to pwn a million BIOSes?

IT security bods warn of 'dysfunctional ecosystem, fraught with vulnerability'

Microsoft says its latest, dodgy Windows 10 build is good for (almost) everyone

Just not if you have a Surface 3

Dossiers on US spies, military snatched in 'SECOND govt data leak'

China said to have stolen detailed info on employees in sensitive federal positions

BlackBerry on Android? It makes perfect sense

AnalysisSecure, well-managed, compatible with apps – think about it

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