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9th > June > 2015 Archive

Apple's HomeKit: So, you know, it exists and all that. Oookay ...

WWDC 2015Not exactly a big push, reviving concerns it's in trouble

FLYING SAUCER crashes into Pacific off Hawaii - NASA

Chute burst, ask questions later: Space boffin procedure

Vic cops want 'potential radicals' off the Internet

Hand over your modem, son, we don't like your haircut

iiNet probes WestNet breach

Web scum sell database online, bods claim

Power your temperature sensor with this BONKERS router hack

Mod your WiFi to a power source, say Washington boffins

Intel doubles down on Big Data for population health

France lab to embiggen bumpkin bytes as well

Cisco: Nice things you got there. Shame if anything should happen to them

Interview: Anthony Stitt on fixing the dumb world of smart stuff

'Stolen' art found on nearby shelf. Police keep looking anyway

Boston Public Library reveals it has no clue what's in the big pile of things it owns

Use SDN to smash tier one 'oligarchy', hacker says

AusCERTToss DoS, stem MitM

Is that a graphics driver on your shop's register – or a RAM-slurping bank card thief?

Keep your eyes peeled for malware on Oracle-powered tills

The great silicon slurp of 2015 continues: Atmel next on the shopping block

Keeping 'persons close to the matter' busy

Les unsporting gits! French spies BUGGED Concorde passengers

Infosec 2015Ex-RAF security bloke: Would have been dead easy even with 60s tech

Paper driving licence death day: DVLA website is still TITSUP

UpdatedDept unprepared for event they planned months ago

Bitcoin blackmail gang start hurling DDoSes at Scandinavia

Cough up or we'll blitz you again, scum tell hapless marks

Let's kill off the meaningless concept of SW-defined storage

CommentAll in all, all things considered, it’s rubbish

Obama issues HTTPS-only order to US Federal sysadmins

'Browsing should be private' says NSA overlord

Brit plods' post-TETRA radio omnishambles comes home to roost

We won't say 'we told you so' – but we will write it

Has marketing grabbed the IT reins at your company?

CIO ManifestoTell us how you're navigating the omni-channel

Six Degrees love triangle: Final bids for data outfit due tomorrow

Vulture capitalists vie to tuck cash into firm's garters

Undetectable NSA-linked hybrid malware hits Intel Security radar

While Flash malware nastiness detections quadruple – we're all clearly doomed

Competition risk? BT faces rigorous frisking over £12.5bn EE takeover bid

UK watchdog frets about threat to mobile market

A turnaround plan within a turnaround plan for Phoenix IT Group

What to do with Partner Services? Still our problem until we sell up, says CEO

Hyperconvergence: Just where is the technology going?

Just look over your shoulder

Glass door to the ancient past FOUND ON MARS

Red dust-stained geologists now working in vitro

Life in plastic, it's fantastic: Playmobil supremo dies at 81

Farewell, Horst Brandstätter

NSA slapdown prompts Privacy Int'l to file new lawsuit against GCHQ

'Above the law', spooks? Let's test that, say campaigners

Freeparking hit by DDoS, vexed customers scream into abyss

Outage-prone company does impression of whore's drawers

HP coughs up $100 MEEELLION to settle Autonomy lawsuit

Dutch pensions company scoops HUGE payoff over multi-billion writedown

Facebook Disconnect: MS apps thrown under a bus in Graph update

But it seems Windows Phone 8.1 is hardly affected

Nutanix did build 'Acropolis' hypervisor, wants you to bury it

Hyper-upstart wants to manage apps, not virtual machines, without sysadmin help


No restaurants seen as yet

Shouty investor Elliot trains guns on Samsung merger

Lawyers rub hands together as writ-slinging lawgasm commences

Sophos buys cloudy email security outfit Reflexion Networks

Om nom nom. It's buyout season alright

Uber app expands in France despite govt opposition ... and laws

Local taxis not happy, but peer-2-peer looks unstoppable

Facebook tosses creepy Place Tips beacons at stateside retailers

Bluetooth and location turned on? Then watch out, sucker shopper!

The data centre is becoming the cloud file doorway centre ...

Interview... says cloud gateway supplier Nasuni. Quelle surprise

HGST shimmy shimmy shingles its way to a 10TB spinning rust drive

Ten whole terabytes? Yes indeed – but there's a catch...

Adobe to hire security auditor to prevent repeat of password SNAFU

Privacy principles breached in 2013 hack, says Oz privacy commissioner

Solidfire joins the rush to Cisco-flavoured Open Stackery

Yet another UCS tie-up which will serve Cisco's interests well

VMware hypervisor escape via serial port? VMware hypervisor escape via serial port.

Virtzilla patches desktop host code-execution bugs

Microsoft: FINE, we'll help your web sessions be secure, SHEESH

Patch Tuesday adds support for HTTPS Strict Transport Security (like everyone else)

It's 2015 and hackers can hijack your Windows PC if you watch a web video

IE, Media Player, Office, and more, fixed in this month's security patch batch

Nutanix: We're not a storage company, but, er, watch out, NetApp

Scale-out file server coming in Q4 will mean converged boxen do compute, SAN and NAS

Mesosphere's 'data center OS' now free for world+dog (almost)

Community Edition hits general availability, but so far it's for Amazon's cloud only

Warm up the Mega Buster: Next-gen consoles to reboot Mega Man series

And you millennials thought Contra was hard

VMware unleashes Linux on the (virtual) desktop

Hey, boss, there's no reason to keep your penguinistas caged! Or pay Microsoft

TERROR in ORBIT: Dodgy rocket burp biffs International Space Station off track

'Nauts spring into action after Soyuz podule whoopsie

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