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8th > June > 2015 Archive

Chips can kill: Official

Killjoy food boffins issue fried spud acrylamide warning

Voyager 2 'stopped' last week, and not just for maintenance

15 light hours from home and going nowhere, fast

EU digi-chief to meet ministers and sort out the net neutrality thing

Don't worry, calling neutrality hardliners 'socialists' was just a kooky turn of phrase

The watts in a box that kept West London's lights on

How not to get left in the dark when the unexpected happens in your 'hood

Remake, remodel: Toshiba Chromebook 2

ReviewWith this Glitzy Googletop it pays to be dim

SDN's dream: Use what you've got, not what you're promised

Hardware acceleration – busted

Iomart snaps up SystemsUp for a cool £9m

Consultancy biz receives a Glasgow kiss

Software-defined freedom: A liberating experience for YOU

Breaking through the hardware barricades to a new network state

ROBOTS in sinister public-relations push ahead of coming WAR ON HUMANS

Humanitarian work, ability to generate empathy: Scary

Phoenix IT Group comes back in black as new owners beckon

Daisy Group-bound biz sees a net profit, despite some graphs heading south

Violin posts yet more crappy results as it swaps out sales veep

Ask NetApp what happens when sales are slow...

Verizon splits with carrier-led bonking and invests in SimplyTapp

Breaks carrier convention with investment in Host Card Emulation tech

Au-mazing! Cornwall sold GOLD to Ireland back in the Bronze Age

Irishmen more interested in bling than their unflashy Kernow brethren, says study

The blandness – or madness – of King George of NetApp

AnalysisIs the post-Georgens firm in denial?

Cynical Apple says it'll gouge less cash from iTunes strummers' sales

Keep worrying: This isn't about helping the little guy

Aliyun enlists partners to take over the world's white fluffy stuff

Intel and Equinix first of many to jump into bed with Alibaba

HP will stomp EMC's disks into the dust, babble storage mystics

Spinning rust is a hot topic, mmkay

Engaged to be worried – Verify borks married tax allowance applications

HMRC sighs, installs ways for taxpayers to route around errant ID gateway

Russia copies EU commissars with own right to be forgotten law

For glory of perfect reputation of Motherland, tovarisch

BBC, Facebook steer users to vuln-afflicted Unity Web Player plugin

UpdatedFinnish security researcher sounds the alarm, gets no joy

Virty servers' independence promise has been betrayed

The rise of the fake cluster - and management indifference

Hedvig flutters in carrying $18m in fresh VC greenbacks

Storage storage storage storage storage. Clear? Good

Did you almost prang a 737 jet with a drone over Dallas? The FAA would like a word

Who thought that would be a good idea?

Bill Nye's bonkers LightSail spaceship unfurls solar sails at last

PicPlanetary Society splices the mainbrace after dodgy start

Amazon game dev brain slurp bid revealed in industry back-page ad

Big hires could take the online store to the next level to compete with the big boys

Apple to tailor Swift into fully open-source language – for Linux, too

WWDC 2015Version 2.0 to have free, open compiler and standard library. Hmm

Apple brews new News news to peruse - screws news dudes

WWDC 2015If at first you don't succeed, burn it down and never speak of it again

Screw you, Apple! We're still making phones no one wants – Samsung

Galaxy S6 Active launched during Cupertino's app dev shindig

Everything Apple touted at WWDC – step inside our no-hype-zone™

WWDC 2015iOS 9, 'El Capitan' OS X, Watch apps ... and One More Thing

The thing about Apple's 'one MORE thing'? It's a streaming music thing

WWDC 2015Apple Music reveals endgame for $3bn Beats buyout

Armchair cyber-army vandalizes Uncle Sam's website

While world ogles Apple, e-graffiti daubed on domains

The $60,000 logo: What it costs to change a website

Turnbull details million-dollar NBN branding spend to Senate hearing

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