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6th > June > 2015 Archive

What's broken in this week's build of Windows 10? Installing it, for one

Windows Update errors prompt Microsoft to release ISOs

Google: Our self-driving cars would be tip-top if you meatheads didn’t crash into them

First progress report pins blame on dumb humans

Oh, shoppin’ HELL: I’m in the supermarket of the DAMNED

Something for the Weekend, Sir?El Reg reruns one of Dabbsy's greatest hits

Festival tech: Charge your mobe while you queue for a pee

Product RoundupGadgets for Glasto and other sun-kissed muddy mayhem

Closet Queens, Quicksand and Book of Numbers

Page FilePolitical peccadillos and fascinating fiction

The weapons pact threatening IT security research

AnalysisWe speak to infosec experts worried by treaty changes

Spy: Acres of comedy talent make this smart spook spoof an instant classic

Film ReviewPaul Feig scores another subversive gross-out hit

Stand-up and be counted²: Nerd is the funny word

Comedy ReviewA geek, a boffin and a dork walk into a bar ...

Dre-stic measures: Apple Beats retreat from iTunes brand – report

Covers to be ripped off newly-named Music streaming service at WWDC

Microsoft makes Skype beach body ready with web browser beta release

Joy of joys! Stay in touch with relatives from your hotel

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