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Why did Snowden swipe 900k+ US DoD files? (Or so Uncle Sam claims)

Secret memos snaffled using Freedom-of-Info law reveal govt official talking points

Google blames Flash for hobbling Chrome, says it sucks (too much power)

Selective playback to be the new default

Hackers steal files on 4 million US govt workers

Records swiped from Office of Personnel Management

Facebook Lite: Website strips off to lure in another billion users

Social NetworkTM makes sure it runs on developing world's landfill Androids

FBI: Apple and Google are helping ISIS by offering strong crypto

Yet Fibbie insists he's not a back-door man

Kaspersky says air-gap industrial systems: why not baby monitors, too?

IoT data-harvesting only encourages insecurity

Ransomware-as-a-service business up for grabs to highest bidder

Buy my racket or I DECRYPT my victims, says student scumbag

You've been a Baidu boy! Tech giant caught cheating on AI tests

Looks like they may need to start developing some non-artificial integrity

Windows 8.1 market share grows, Windows 7 slips, Windows 10 lurks

Mac OS about to overtake XP according to Statcounter

ESA shortlists three medium-sized missions for 2025 launch

The Little Mermaid scrying exoplanet atmospheres or Mjölnir in magnetic fields?

The USB Lego, bluetooth coffee cups and connected cats of Computex 2015

The cloud's got consumer tech in a nasty tangle

In the exploit biz? FULL DISCLOSURE is your best friend, boffin says

AuscertYou don't need no broker, you just need game (theory)

HMRC ditches Microsoft for Google, sends data offshore

Tax doesn't have to be taxing for US firm with inside track

ICANN speak clearly now .gay has gone – Council of Europe

And could you sort out the Whois database while you're at it?

Plod IT spending fails to fall down the stairs as taxpayers cough £385m

Honest guv, he hit his head on the way into the server room

Vodafone IS talking to Virgin Media daddy Liberty Global

Plus: If Brexit happened we'd stay put, confirms CEO

EU-US safe harbour talks are lingering just outside port, says US

EU: Look, look, there's a storm coming!

Freeparking web hosting services go TITSUP after migration

Customers complain firm has gone silent and they've been ignored

Gremlins in the first six months? It's the seller's problem – EU court

Sellers now have to assume responsibility in faulty tech disputes

Star Trek's Lt Uhura hospitalised in LA after stroke

The Enterprise's interracial kiss pioneer now recovering in sick bay

Bin bods Brabantia breached, customer passwords trashed

Sorry, some customer details may have been 'compromised'

Acer bags its 4th – yes, 4th – UK boss in just 20 months

Gavin Parish quits to return to HP. Please welcome Preben Fjeld, boys and girls

What hyper-converged storage really means for you

Anticipate the pendulum and avoid the pitfalls

'Whitehall must address creaking IT', says ex CIO big wig

He's also not convinced by digital transformation programme

Camgirls, crypto currency and beer: The Register tours the Dark Net

Reg LecturesJamie Bartlett guides us around the web’s dirty underbelly

Ed Snowden should be pardoned, thunders Amnesty Int'l

Campaign launched to get Obama to drop espionage charges

Fire, flood and vomit: Defeating the Great White Whale of Fail

Got a plan? Better get one quick

HMRC WLTM partner, GSOH, to help it escape the Aspire black hole

Guys, we're really gonna need some strategy now. And a bigger boat

Cisco CEO: Let's toss more execs on the employment bonfire

Getting cold in here, where's my new-look exec team? Feed 'em to the flames! to 'overhaul' hated digital services framework

No more body-shopping, we promise, honest

Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is Shaping our Future

Page FileInside story of the real-life Tony Stark

BOFH: Step into my office. Now take a deep breath

Episode 7A veteran of the bore wars proves very hard to kill

Sacré bleu! Parking machine labels French mayor ‘thieving bastard'

Zut alors! Rise of the machines? Baguettably non

New US bill aims to zap patent trolls with transparency demands

VC club prez complains he doesn't wanna go back under his bridge

Oh no! That's another year you didn't grow, KCOM

Behold, execs have found the solution... it's called the cloud

UK's richest man backs music minnow merger to annoy Ticketzilla

We're after you, LiveNation. Scared? You better be

Private cloud is NOT dead – and for one good reason: Control of data

CommentPrivacy, security, information sovereignty, what we all want, right?

Life in prison not appealing to Silk Road boss Ross Ulbricht – appeal filed

Seeks to overturn conviction

Intellectual Ventures: Toshiba is violating our patent! Toshiba: What patent?

USPTO tosses out claim over memory management

UK NHS IT supplier CSC coughs up $190m fine, three execs in the dock

Financial shenanigans lead CEO to hand back $3.7m bonus

Spaniard sues eBay over right to sell the Sun

Tat bazaar unimpressed with solar punt

China's hackers stole files on 4 MEELLION US govt staff? Bu shi, says China

Maybe Uncle Sam should fix its own security first

HTC execs: Oh dear, did we say we'd sell lots of smartphones? Our bad

Revised guidance slashes sales forecast by nearly a third

ISIS command post obliterated after 'moron' jihadi snaps a selfie, says US Air Force

America takes photobombing REALLY seriously

Everything old is new again: Man mugged in New York, only this time for his Bitcoins

More than $1,000 in e-cash stolen

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