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4th > June > 2015 Archive

Dotcom keeps assets, for now

NZ court says Megaulpload defendants can fight forfeiture

Hubble spots Pluto's moons are a chaotic mess of tumbling rock

And you wanted to call this pile a planet?

Security sleuths, sniff out the stupid from your Oracle DBs

DBAs and hackers, you can learn to get along

Waiting for the new Apple TV? No? Good, because it's not coming any time soon

Thing that was never announced won't be announced for a bit longer

Piston to power Cisco Intercloud

Borg goes shopping, again

Port of Hamburg to pave its roads with Cisco things

How smart is your road?

LTE will catch up with 3G by 2020: Ericsson

M2M? Lots of things with not much to say

Half a billion for BLOODY BIG telescope in Chile

Giant Magellan 'scope a 'venture into the unknown'

Spaniards get that cinking feeling

That's enough crowdfunding, marketing and texting, I'm off for some cervezing

SpaceX asks to test broadband in SPAAACE

Musk seeks FCC license for antenna tests

New Firefox, Chrome SRI script whip to foil man-in-the-middle diddle

Hashes to stop sly CDN tampering

Oracle, Intel team on server with a dimmer switch

Big Red looks to be in custom Xeons for the long haul

Quiet, please – HP waves baton for 'composable' IT

HP DiscoverNew API seeks to let admins conduct infrastructure like a symphony

Ruskies behind German govt cyber attack — report

Source code gives the game away, Comrades

We stand on the brink of global cyber war, warns encryption guru

Schneier: Sony hack ‘high skill, high focused’

LG G4: Be careful while fingering this leather-clad smartie pants

ReviewRemovable battery, micro SD expansion? Walk this way...

Don't believe the hype: When that DATA seems just too good

Life lessons from medical science

Lonely Pirate cheers on Big Copyright-bashing EU commissars

We don't need geoblocking, shrieks party's sole MEP

IBM thinks inside Blue Box with OpenStack private-cloud purchase

While Cisco makes its own acquisition and gets Piston champagne

Lenovo UK boss exits for EMEA supply chain glory

Marc Godin splits as HP gets act together on PCs – Dave McQuarrie named as successor

Toshiba-Microsoft IoT collaboration wins at buzzword Bingo

Samsung and Telefónica's Thinking Things spiel comes a close second

Your servers are underwater? Chill OUT, baby – liquid's cool

Submerge the servers in OIL? Are you COMPLETELY out of your mind?

Virgin Galactic will get into space 'within 18 months to two years'

Maybe sooner, says bullish company chief exec

Mad John McAfee: 'Can you live in a society that is more paranoid than I'm supposed to be?'

Infosec 2015What was the pocket action about, Mike?

HP is 80 per cent closer to breaking up. Now, about the IT estate...

2,800 applications and 75,000 APIs? Ah, that'll be a doddle

MS scolds businesses for failing to eradicate 7-year-old malware

Cutpurses, blackguards and scofflaws thrive due to medieval patching

Passions run high in EU parliament debate over air passengers' privacy

Warring MEPs do battle over proposals to collect data for state security agencies

Virgin Media wins ELEVENTH patent case against Rovi

£850,000 costs bill doesn't stop patent firm, though

Telenor Norway projects 2020 switch-off for its 3G network

But M2M connectivity requirements give 2G network a reprieve until 2025

Microsoft spunks $500m to reinvent the wheel. Why?

CommentBaffling costly mobile app acquisitions don't add features or IQ

Rackspace sees future in cloud mgmt services – even on others' setups

Rackspace Solve LondonCTO: We might have run your AWS or Azure setup

T-Mobile has a network, Dish has spectrum it can't use. Oh, HELLO

Potential marriage partners look for scale to fight market giants, quad-play

Infosec turns 20 to face battle with BSides, RSAC Unplugged

Infosec 2015Security rock stars make up for the absence of booth babes

Doom, Mario, Pac-Man level up to video gaming's Hall of Fame

But Space Invaders wasn't good enough? How about Minecraft?

Wikileaks publishes TiSA: A secret trade pact between US, Europe and others for big biz pals

This one covers Western countries and telecoms, e-commerce, foreign workers

Open source? HP Enterprise will be all-in, post split, says CTO

HP DiscoverIt's in 'the fabric of everything we do,' exec says

DARPA unTerminators gather for Robotics Challenge finals in Hell*

* Aka Los Angeles

Gasping for an Apple Watch? You'll have to tremble and shake for two more weeks

But seven more countries will soon be able to join the queue

Latest Snowden leak: NSA can snoop internet to catch 'hackers' – no warrants needed

And it all depends on what you call a hacker

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