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Google to axe TXT reminders for Calendar events

Smartphones killed the SMS star

Veeam's plan: Ignore MBA marketers, don't covet magazine covers

And don't panic about the cloud, because every platform has gaps that need tools says CEO Ratmir Timashev

NBN must limit downloads to 12 Mbps downloads until copper handover

'Transition period' between ADSL2+ and FTTN to force sensible hand brake

LightSail mission stalled by .CSV log file embiggenment SNAFU

Cubesat reboots after discovering that in space, no-one can press CTRL-ALT-DEL

Mac bug makes rootkit injection as easy as falling asleep

Apple hacker reveals cracker 0day rootkit whacker

Gigabyte and Cavium team on super-dense ARM servers

Computex 2015384 cores in a 2U chassis will give scaled-up Atom-isers something to ponder

Cloud Foundry takes first steps into Azure

Preview available no, beta real soon now, then …. wake me up when it's live, okay?

Android Bitcoin wallet Blockchain was briefly borked

Non-random Bitcoin user gets $8k worth of bug-addressed freebies

Trial halted as Kartoon defence attorney arrested after warrant discovery

That's why you're the 'judge' and I'm the 'law-talking' guy

Amazon reveals KiddieKindle and pocket money scheme

'It's not screen time, it's book time' so do your chores or I'll take away your NOVEL!

56 MEEELLION credentials exposed by apps say infosec boffins

Bad implementations of login services leave your details hanging in the wind

ASUS reveals 'Zensational' style-over-substance kit

Computex 2015This year's smartmobes and fondleslabs are trying to look like handbags

Xiaomi gears up for phone-free UK launch

But Chinese mobe firm has at least hired a phone-fixing outfit

Strap-on fiddle factor: We poke ten Apple Watch apps

Product RoundupExtracting the most value from a pretty expensive wristjob

Phished IT bod opens door to 40,000 finance folks' personal details

Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment sits on naughty step

NSA dragnet domestic phone records slurp halted after key spying powers lapse

But 'irresponsible' Senate now backs Freedom Act

It's FREE WINDOWS 10 time: 29 July is D-Day, yells Microsoft

12 months of free downloads barely WEEKS away

Where’s the best place for your infrastructure bottleneck?

Living with the inevitable

SanDisk speeds up CloudSpeed Eco, raises capacity

Endurance still an issue though

Naked cyclists take a hard line on 'aroused' protest participant

Canterbury residents spared 'horrible sight' of public engorgement

Woman dumps ultra-rare $200,000 Apple 1 computer in the trash

Mystery Californian could claim $100k for venerable old box

So, EE. Who IS this app on your HTC M9s sneakily texting, hmm?

HTC, EE and infosec bod all agree: We have no idea

What sort of tit builds non-bird bird boxes? Vodafone

Repeater retweets mobile signals so hamlets don't have to wing it

Case for drone usage now overwhelming as Enrique Iglesias concert almost stopped

Spanish crooner's tongue and vocal cords intact, though

Docker death blow to PaaS? The fat lady isn’t singing just yet folks

Could they work together? Yeah, why not

AQL looks for Ofcom approval, maybe more blue hotspots to come?

There’s high speed broadband up north

Nosy Brit cops demand access to comms data EVERY TWO MINUTES

PLUS: They slurp up phone and email records in 96% of cases, FOI request reveals

Nokia declares war on data centres to win back telco customers

‘We’ll act and think differently’

Intel gobbles up chipmaker Altera in $16.7 BILLION splurge

Flirty firms stop sniffing each other's asses and get down to business

Co-op Bank's creaky IT should be flogged off, growls

Not confident plans to address tech woes are enough – sources

Bank: Without software mojo, Android OEMs are doomed to 'implode'

AnalysisSamsung ponders thwarted efforts to climb up the stack

Pure Storage pushes all-flash array purification

Three-way boost as hardware, software and service get updated

OK Google, how much of my life do you observe and disturb?

Choc Factory: Don't be in the dark, dear netizen – use our privacy tool. LOL

Bundestag hack origin still a mystery as techies pull out their hair

Extended metadata retention? If only it stops one ... etc etc

HP pings out a super souped-up all-flash StoreServ system

Hybrid flash/disk system, fatter SSDs, federated systems and replication

Windows 10 upgrade ADWARE forces its way on to Windows 7 and 8.1

Upgrade for free offer may catch out unwary users by wiping apps

Hackers target Japan’s legion of pensioners, stealing wads of data

A ‘team’ being established to investigate cause. Phew

Facebook flings PGP-encrypted email at world+dog. Don't lose your private key

Hands-onA step in the right direction, though

American Idle: Seacrest keyboard startup Typo goes nowhere after BlackBerry bust-up

Copying the selling point of a dying company? Not ideal

New kid on the blocks: Lego Worlds game challenges Minecraft

Danish plastic-block giant fancies its luck in 3D virtual arena

Silicon Valley, episode 8: Larping, mogging and losing its way

RecapWhite Hat/Black Hat, where have the writers gone?

Microsoft: Here's what you'll cough up for Windows 10 next year

Retail pricing revealed

Georgens out at NetApp – new chairman, interim CEO named

Turns out one of Tom's layoffs ... was himself

Chlorine gas horror leak at Apple data center puts five in hospital

Green server warehouse one of the world's largest

Will Apple reveal a $10-a-month Spotify rival next week? Yeah, yeah, probably

We mean, it's not a massive leap of faith, is it?

Third Pirate Bay founder freed from clink, vows to fight domain seizure

Fredrik Neij says government had no right to confiscate torrent site URLs

What a Zuckin' drag! 'Frisco queens protest outside Facebook HQ over 'real names' policy

Performers protest social network over controversial rules

Script tool a Docker shocker blocker

Security push underway.

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