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31st > May > 2015 Archive

The rare metals debate: Only trace elements of sanity found

Worstall @ the WeekendKnow what a mineral reserve is? No. There's your problem

What does it take to find the Antikythera Mechanism? Underwater robots, of course!

I worked on ...Meet the chap behind the controls

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV: The new common-as-muck hybrid

Vulture @ the wheelPlug-in SUV that takes i-MiEV tech into the mainstream

'You wanted Silk Road to be your legacy. And it is. Now enjoy your life behind bars'

QuoTWPlus: Who taught the killbots how to jump?

Fedora 22: Don't be glum about the demise of Yum – this is a welcome update

ReviewRetreat from the dark side

Apple: Relax, fanbois! We never meant to read your heart rate during wild wrist action

Be still, my beating ...

Welp, PEAK GIF is upon us! Facebook now supports animated images

Yay, be even more annoying with your pals

Intel Altera gobble is back on say money men

Grip 'n' grins expected Monday with about US$15bn of cash on the table

Airbus confirms software brought down A400M transport plane

Badly-configured software, that is, not badly-written software

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