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29th > May > 2015 Archive

And then the Google lad says: Of course you can use Android Wear without a smartphone

Google I/OTake that, Apple! Now they'll fly off the shelves

Thar she blows! Actual DEV TOOLS spotted at Google's dev event

Google I/OA C++ IDE, cloud-based app testing, Polymer 1.0, and more

Google spins up 'FREE, unlimited' cloud photo storage 4 years before ad giant nixes it

Google I/OProve us wrong, nerds, prove us wrong

Small businesses trashed in big malware campaign

'Grabit' malware isn't subtle or clever, but it's working

Libre Office comes to Android

Read all you want, but editing's a science project

Australia to develop STEM education plan any month now

Education ministers decide the time is right to drink the techno-Kool-Aid

Google launches native Android Smart Lock password manager

Google I/OLook out LastPass: Devs can shunt creds into OS vault

Free Windows 10 upgrades from Microsoft will FLATTEN PC sales

Punters will take the upgrade, trouser the cash and buy an Apple Watch, says IDC

BRAIN STORM: Nine mislaid cerebra found near railway line in New York

Should have used the brain depository

IT service management as an enterprise-wide service

What’s good for the IT goose is good for the business gander

Yay for Tor! It's given us ransomware-as-a-service

A simple but TOXic attack emerges from the onion

Hyperloop tube trains, killer AI, and virtual skydiving: Yes, it's the Pioneers Festival

Vienna's annual gathering to explore future technology and sell bright idea

Fumbling Feds lose control of seized MegaUpload domains – to saucy vid slingers

Someone forget to renew their DNS name server domain

EU reduces science cuts as Juncker finds €500m down back of sofa

Commission Prez hopes handful of dusty change will keep boffins happy

DataCore conducts its SANsymphony a little more... allegro

Update introduces SMART support and some Veeam va-va-voom

Wearable fitness tech: Exercising your self-motivation skills

Breaking FadDo health trackers really keep you in good shape?

High-flying LOHAN fan raises ale-filled tankard

Glider pilot Martin Gregorie enjoys a quick spaceplane livener

Germany licks lips, eyes new data gulp with revised retention law

Wrong in 2006, 2010 and 2014, but it's now fine

Softcat preps for IPO, closes in on brokers

Credit Suisse, Jefferies tipped to run the process for reseller juggernaut

Equinix moves into Europe by slurping up Telecity

Interxion left weeping as UK firm is swept off by hunky US suitor

Colour me bad: Kraken time or damp squid with Splatoon

Game TheoryWater way to fight a war

NASA hands Boeing first commercial crew contract for SPAAAACE

SpaceX likely to get second ISS crew contract later this year

The time on Microsoft Azure will be: Different by a second, everywhere

ExclusiveRedmond's time-bending cloud adopts its own local leap-second answer

Surging dollar value brightens Tech Data’s European revenues

Overall sales down 12 per cent on year, but better than estimates

UK's data-snooping regulator steps down five months early

UpdatedIOCCO head quits to recover from car accident injuries

Gold to bind Phoenix IT, Daisy, Cisco

Certified Daisy tables formal bid, shareholders ready with a ‘My Precious’ opens kimono to SMEs in Tech Services framework cash spaff

Usual suspects also in the running for business worth £200m

Mozilla signing vetted add-ons as thoughts turn to security

Fox ready to bite bad developers

Red-inked Crossroads goes straight on with rights issue

CommentRevenues fall, losses continue, and law suits...

'Free' VPN Hola is LITERALLY flogging access to users' devices

Selling something to you, or selling you to something?

Man sparks controversy, fined $120 for enjoying wristjob while driving

Put it away, Macesin! Do you have a solicitor, Macesin?

'The Internet of Things is like the Cloud 8 years ago' ... Boss of Dell's new IoT biz spills beans

And pushes out first gateway for $500

Siri, please save my iPhone from the messages of death

Apple's iMessage bomb bug blasts iOS versions of Snapchat and Twitter, too

'I thought we were pals!' Belgium, Netherlands demand answers from Germany in spy bust-up

Coming over here, taking our secrets, giving them to the NSA

Hardcore creationist finds 60-million-year-old fossils in backyard ... 'No, it hasn’t changed my mind about the Bible'


MIT's robo-cheetah leaps walls in a cyborg hunt for Sarah Connor

VidSomeone's been watching way too much Terminator

Tossed all your snaps into the new Google Photos? You read the terms, right? ... RIGHT?

Ad giant can turn everyone into ads – a friendly reminder

NSA eggheads tried to bork Nork nukes with Stuxnet. It failed – report

There's an advantage to being medieval

Silk Road boss Ross Ulbricht to spend LIFE in PRISON without parole

Judge: 'You wanted it to be your legacy. And it is'

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