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21st > May > 2015 Archive

Call girl gets six years for Googler's drug death

Tichelman pleads guilty in heroin overdose killing

India plans space telescope launch in second half of 2015

ASTROSAT won't trouble Hubble, will excite boffins at University of Leicester

Rand Paul stages Senate filibuster against Patriot Act

UpdateBipartisan effort to kill Section 215

The Internet of Things becomes the Game of Thrones in standards war

Z-Wave thinks it's VHS to opponent's Betamax

Huawei announces tiny 10 KB IoT kernel

LiteOS will be made open source

Google DOG WHISTLING fails to send URLs across the room

I don't like your Tone, Google, try something I can hear

Extreme Networks restructures again, promises SDN pivot

Global workforce to be cut by 18 per cent in search of savings

HP looks set to ditch 3Com-spawn H3C Tech

Tsinghua Unigroup to scoop remnants of once-mighty Ethernet pioneer

Andreessen tips spare change into sensor startup Samsara

Along with World+Dog, Meraki founders reckon IoT is next big thing

Odin (formerly Parallels) bets big on Docker and OpenStack

Virtuozzo to get native support for Docker

Delphix offers a mask for your data

Acquisition protects customer info from dev teams

Mobiles at school could be MAKING YOUR KID MORE DUMBER

Instant messaging and Candy Crush Saga in class creates learning not-spots

Intel wants containers to be alone again, naturally

VT-x virtualisation extensions pressed into service improving container security

Hacker launches ransomware rescue kit

Steady, breathe: The wrong click could turn servers to brick

NASA plots interplanetary cubesat swarms

Lots of small, cheap probes can tell us more than one big, expensive, probe

Dell inserts Hyper-V smarts into its DL backup boxen

Widens range with new appliances and standby VMs

NINTENDO assigns BOWSER to run North American sales. No, really

Turtle namesake recruited for smartphone assault

Daisy Group offers to gobble Phoenix IT Group for £133m

Due diligence done, talks at 'advanced stage'

King's Bounty (1990): Enter the kleptomaniac dragon

Antique Code ShowEmploy a mighty army, locate a symbolic staff

Choose Deutsche Telekom for all your bargain spying needs

Cable company helped NSA spy on Vienna for a decade, says Austrian MP

A good effort, if a bit odd: Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi 2

First LookThe question is, does the Pi really need Windows?

Post-PC era? Surely you're joking, says Lenovo as computers fly out of door

Profits down following acquisitions, though

It pays to fake it: Test your flash SAN with a good simulation

How to measure your storage performance

China spending $182 BEEELLION on net construction by end of 2017

The move away from manufacturing base continues

Belgian telco prepares to tear out last of nation's phone boxes

Shares in public toilet firms reportedly on the rise

Salesforce: Profit pah! We’ll be back in the red before you know it

SAP saps soon to be slapped

Imation CEO voted off board in proxy war bombshell

Activist investor Clinton Group sets up camp at far end of boardroom table

Backpage child sex trafficking lawsuit nixed thanks to 'internet freedoms'

Judge: Communications Decency Act trumps indecent ads

Coho Data spawns all-flash MicroArray with fresh funding help

Not quite storage fishing in the Yemen, but still pretty good

WHOOPSIE! Vast US health insurer CareFirst plundered of 1.1 MEELLION records

But no medical or payment info - it seems

NetApp's customers resisting Clustered ONTAP transition

Wake up and smell the declining revenues

Governance the key if you don't want mobile workers escaping your control

On the move but not on the loose

Apple announces 'Home' iOS 9 app to run the Internet of Stuff

Managing things in the Internet of Things is a thing, y'know

Spotify smashing new media paradigms with something called ‘video’

Swede streamer was once all about the music, man

404 Boss not found — Bye bye ICANN CEO Chehade

Surprise decision will likely see him leave before critical transition

New Windows 10 Build 10122 aims to fix file association hijacking

Smoother and more stable, but Start menu and tablet issues remain

Grand Theft Auto maker lobs sueball at BBC over biopic

Casting Harry Potter as our CEO? The nerve!

SpaceX signs off on another successful mission with Pacific splashdown

Dragon quenched with water landing

Singapore to trial 10Gbps home broadband

Take that Google cable, and weep Australia

City of birth? Why password questions are a terrible idea

Best way not to remember an answer? Lie to yourself

Want to be the hottest thing since Melrose Place? Get these Lycos patents

Who wouldn't want to own IP from firm that peaked 20 years ago?

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